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  1. Pedro Kisuco

    Thanks to everyone! I missed this forum so much, even I'm not really active like the rest but I'm here everyday
  2. All this would be a real mess if we hadn't the LindebergBoy and G_O_N_E to help us. Thank you guys.
  3. Please do it!! It will be very useful for many people. I have some versions that seems fakes. It will be interesting to know what has leaked and what is fake. And bring information about each song in one place is great.I will be waiting for this. Thanks for your amazing job.
  4. La isla bonita dubplate leaked in full. What a night
  5. Pedro Kisuco

    Rebel Heart Deluxe was leaked
  6. Pedro Kisuco

    I don't care about the Deluxe tracks division. My only thought is: Deluxe tracks will have less chance to be part of the setlist of the tour (I hope I'm wrong)