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  1. Den991133

    Happy birthday! I always wish health and happiness, because we are able to create everything else ourselves?
  2. Den991133

    True Blue LP was the first thing I got. It looked like a plate someone used before me. The envelope was marked with the name of Anette Aspenberg from London (don't know who she is) and date 17.06.86 if I'm not mistaken. Disc was in perfect condition (maybe the owner had carefully addressed with this thing). I'd like to see the previous owner, and thank her for it. Can you hear me, if you're here...
  3. Den991133

    The Virgin Tour (It's crime!) Dress You Up Holiday Into The Groove Everybody Physical Attraction + interlude (lines of backing vocalists during the end of the song) Gambler Borderline Lucky Star Crazy For You Material Girl introduction with drums then Burning Up Like A Virgin Love Don’t Live Here Anymore…
  4. Den991133

    Come on,let's celebrate, just one day out of life, it would be so nice
  5. Den991133

  6. Den991133

    Why for the sins of the politicians must to pay innocent people? How about the children?
  7. Den991133

    Like A Virgin
  8. Den991133

    I'm the only one who thinks that the album "Hard Candy" is completely disgusting ? And more than half of her future works too?
  9. Den991133 - Madonna | The Party’s Right Here – The Blond Ambition Tour Live from the Reunion Arena Dallas, Texas [iTunes AAC]