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  1. Mr X

    VPN that's all i'll say
  2. I bet this isn't the final product and it's been put up there (Public) by accident.. With it saying V4
  3. I hope we get the full broadcast of this , I would love the introductions in proper quality too.
  4. Mr X

    I'm VERY confused about this!!! How the hell can Madame X be in the charts it's not even out yet. Surely all the presales figures would apply to the first real release week?
  5. Well I think the big comment she made was she's not seen the documentary.. So it's hard for anyone to actually comment.
  6. has it really leaked?
  7. actually listening to something else he's done is voice is ok..
  8. There were different grades i believe and don't think classic counts.. It has to say Lifetime Legacy :(
  9. Mr X

    Similar thing happened to me..
  10. Mr X

    Could well be cell phones won't be allowed.. They wouldn't be in a theatre generally.
  11. I've just started a poll on this out of interest.
  12. Mr X

    I'm getting confused by this In the email sent to Icon Legacy it states :- Icon Legacy members may request up to four (4) tickets per show, for up two (2) concerts.. Do these 2 concerts have to be in different venues.. As it’s not clear in the email. But on the site it says 2 cites? Can I buy for 2 nights in the same location?
  13. Can't understand why it was so popular terrible single.
  14. Mr X

    oh god i can't wait