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  1. deleted.

    I heard them through skype last saturday...having the cd is still a dream!
  2. deleted.

    Has to be 1 (Sounds like "if you go away" style, is a very beautifull piano ballad, Not as cool as "Has to be 2" is more like a BJORK tune Frozen has alternate lyrics in the 2nd verse. Never love a stranger for me is the best "Never love a stranger, never put your love in danger"..."Never fall in love with someone you don't takes time to grow" You'll Stay ("In my heart you'll never go'l stay. you'll stay. you'll stay."
  3. deleted.
  4. deleted.

    Shame!!! another sad loose!! Time to discover his hidden treasures!!! hope they release his artists's hidden demos
  5. deleted.

  6. deleted.

    All my support for all the people death and injured..and please stop the attacks
  7. deleted.

    What a big tease!!
  8. deleted.

    Latte tv tracks are nor real
  9. deleted.

    All these LATTE versions are made from the PROTOOL session wich is 237 tracks Any of these Latte tracks posted is real all are made from the protools multitracks
  10. deleted.

    There are more Holiday sticky and sweet Dress u up sticky and sweet Rain sticky and sweet Die another day sticky and sweet Itg sticky and sweet stems Mysore style orbit multitrack Mysore style orbit stems DIe another day rit studio stems Late Tutr mdna tour studio stems and band stems I don't give a mdna studio stems True blue remix master multitrack Give it to me pro tools 4 minutes She is not me pro tools Papa don't preach lp version 24 tracks
  11. Never Love A Stranger

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    2. madgefan


      Madonna demos from that time were really depressing.

    3. stefo


      There are tracks there wich are some of my most wanted

    4. Enrico


      What do you mean it is out????

  12. Is there anything better in world than "MUSO666"? Im still dreaming about his posts!

    1. Enrico


      Unless Madonna is MUSO666...

    2. poserdemadonna


      I'd say lychee & ginger haagen-dasz ice cream

    3. deleted.


      Muso we miss you...

      hope you're preparing more goodies for us...

      you rock our world

  13. I also want to adopt

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    2. deleted.
    3. manoba


      But do you got a lawyer and a manager, an agent and a chef. Three nannies, an assistant, and a driver, and a jet. A trainer, and a butler, and a bodyguard, or five. It's a lot of work.

    4. deleted.


      but i dont have a boyfriend!