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  1. After a long time of not physically collecting anything, I'm lucky I found like 6 Madonna singles at Half Price Books for $2 each!! Very excited to have found those in the wild lol

  2. I don't want to make a thread just for a request, but the Human Nature S&S stems would be a dream, or even just the mixdowns that people have been posting. That version of the song is amazing.

  3. I Know It deserves so much more, it is honestly such a good song
  4. I actually work in stage production, so I can tell you that it is very common to have 3-4 spotlights that are hand controlled in a show. This is so that the light will be on her no matter what, so that she can move around through the audience or on the stage and always be lit up.
  5. I definitely don't understand why the leaker has been attacked. There are SO many things they've shared with us, I'm glad we got anything from the LA show at all. No one made them post anything, and people are accusing him of "teasing" us..... I wouldn't call 3 songs in wav a tease.
  6. Maybe that is true, there were only one or two shots that felt like upscales to me though. The biggest giveaway for me normally is faces from a distance, and they weren't messy blobs in this, and even the best AI upscale has issues with faces that are at a distance.
  7. I'm not positive but this kind of looks legitimately HD...
  8. Soooo what happened to the Ray Of Light b-roll that was gonna leak any second half a year ago?

  9. I'm sorry, this remix is horrendous. Absolutely awful. I was really excited and... There's nothing even happening in it. It's the original song, except they took out all the melodic things, and replaced it with a shitty bass loop that lasts the ENTIRE song. For everyone who keeps saying this is a "club remix"... Madonna has a lot of those. Almost all of them are fantastic. Nothing Really Matters (Club 69 Mix)? ALL of Junior's mixes? C'mon. If this leaked as an outtake from years ago and charting wasn't a possibility, it would not be received well on here.
  10. I don't like Levitating and don't really care to hear Madonna on it, BUT... While I really like Hallucinate, I was hoping Love Again would be the next single :/
  11. I like Nobody's Perfect. Definitely not a favorite but I don't hate it by any means!
  12. I GENUINELY don't understand the hate towards I Deserve It, it is one of my favorites from Music. I also love I Know It, I think people are far too mean to that one.
  13. I actually work as a stagehand, so I could answer this pretty well. After the final show, typically most things from any tour will go back to the warehouse it was rented out from, and as users have stated above, some pieces get rented by other tours. It's a relatively unceremonious thing, and the company that rents it sends it back to the shops they came from (kind of like warehouses for stuff like this), and they all get put away until they're rented again.
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