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  1. I wonder when will we ever have a good quality Die Another Day file, it doesn't even need to bee in full hd, just a good bitrate

    1. MPowered


      Are you talking about the video?

    2. the salamander
  2. Dreaming about the day someone will leak the masters for Die Another Day and the Bedtime Story backdrop

    1. Justify My Candy

      Justify My Candy

      like why is it hard for anyone to get their hands on them!!!!! i just want them so bad especially  future lovers backdrop in HD

    2. the salamander

      the salamander

      (It doesn't even need to be the original master, just a decent quality one)

  3. I'm already waiting for the dvd/bluray cause even if she come to Brazil, there's no way I can attend to a show

  4. The Frozen Sickick remixes (contains irony) The Movie House Mix of Causing a Commotion
  5. came here just to say that the doc is perfect and those who disagree can kiss me ass



    1. MartineX


      I would kiss your...if you were Mont Pittman kkkkkkkk

  6. inspired by the mdna world tour cover (don't let her see it)
  7. Like, Ariana Grande's sweetener tour film was released 1 year after the tour ended, and people really seem to forget all the time we had to wait for the RH dvd/bluray...
  8. Today was the first time I've realised that there is a tiny "GHV2" written on her eye in the cd cover... How did I never noticed that before???

    1. Kosmmik
    2. me1981


      Yeah it took me a few years to notice it

    3. R3B3LH3ART


      as soon as i found out i could never not notice it LOL

  9. if the only the official dvd looked just like this... 


  10. I absolutely love the God Control picture in this one, but in the cover she looks like a wax doll
  11. So... no one is talking about Secret new "HD" version...

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      So....Why do people now have to say 'so' before they say anything online ?

    3. DickTracy


      So... a needle pulling thread

    4. Enrico


      Actually there is a lot of discussion in this thread:



  12. since allaboutmadonna is apparently gone, anyone knows where can I find complete lists of all of her performances, commercials, interviews, etc?

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