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  1. anyone with an extra copy of encyclopedia madonnica who wants to do a charity?gretchen base GIF

  2. the salamander

    Not necessarily on an order, but here are mine: Angel Pretender (yes, two from LAV) To Have and Not to Hold I'd Rather be Your Lover Gone
  3. the salamander

    madonnaonline is famous for posting fake news, like, they have "confirmed" the celebration world tour back in 2009/10...
  4. the salamander

    Killers of course, since I've heard the slowed-down snippet on the madame x teaser I fell in love with it
  5. "YouTube Music unveiled Wednesday it has remastered over 100 classic music videos in the highest available video and audio quality, including visuals for Gaga’s 2009 smash “Bad Romance,” Gwen Stefani’s chart-topping single “Hollaback Girl,” Katy Perry‘s “I Kissed a Girl,” and the 1996 Spice Girls hit “Wannabe,” among others."


    While we still have videos in 240p in madonna's channel :(

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    2. rescueme


      Could've been worse, she could have been slut dropping in the shopping trolley and singing Erotica.

    3. professormouse


      I'm not exactly A.Fan of ms.Perry either.
      She was shagging that Professional English Tit is all I know about her.
      "The taste of her tongue on my lips ?"
      Kids repeat things.
      'She Bop' is called that for that very reason.

    4. professormouse


      At a a V Dull party.
      I somehow became the DJ.
      With some girls [it was a bedroom] mini-hi-fi, I put some thought into what had been just a noise.
      FF to my assistant DJ....some little girl handing me a CD single 'Horny, horny, horny'  and Demanding IT goes on NEXT !
      Maybe not child-line but I did flash my best 'UH-HUH ?' to her Mother stood beside me.
      "Aye it's OK, they just sing the words...they don't know what it means...", was her reply.
      On it went.

  6. the salamander

    not sure if this is the best quality available [Hidden Content]
  7. the salamander

    i was reffering to what you said about her hair
  8. the salamander

    I love this girl, and she's reacting to all madonna's albums and music videos, the last era was music
  9. the salamander

    ok, that was a very unnecessary commentary
  10. the salamander

    Do you live in Brazil? I'm already used to things like that in here
  11. anyone here have the encyclopedia madonnica or know if there's a place to download it?

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    2. the salamander

      the salamander

      1 hour ago, DickTracy said:

      I have two copies in a box somewhere. Funny stuff. Q is for Queerdonna. 

      if you knew where they are I would ask a favor

    3. DickTracy


      Whatcha need? I know one is on a shelf at my mother's house, I could prob get you a delayed response haha might take a month though!

    4. the salamander

      the salamander

      i was in need of pictures of some texts of the book

      well, not some, a lot of them

      like, for each single and album

      i know it's too much stuff, but could you help me? only if you can and want to, of course

  12. I just noticed that the eurovision backdrop had somes scenes of the dark ballet music video

  13. the salamander

    all this people asking for PMs and download links... you guys really can't wait one more day?
  14. the salamander

    what kind of paper or other material is that?