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  1. the salamander

    I actually don't know why people expect this to be released before at least 10 or 11 months, especially after all the time we had to wait for Rebel Heart Tour...
  2. anyone here uses musicboard?

  3. the salamander

    maybe here
  4. working on something new

    Captura de Tela (147).png

  5. yep, the one from Rio
  6. sundays are naturally sad and depressive, but today..... DAMN!

    1. Voguerista


      Are you doing ok? I hope so. Hang in there. I hope and pray these turbulent times are over soon. 🙏

  7. Now remembering how I was a happy gay kid, watching this dvd, trying to replicate that outfit with pieces of old fabric tied to my body


  8. the salamander

    I would even say that this is my favorite track from LAV, i would love if Madonna remembered of it's existence some day in the future...
  9. the salamander

    That Devil Pray/ I'm a Sinner got me curious
  10. the salamander

    "Would it sound better if I were a man?"
  11. the salamander

    What you Need performed by Main Source
  12. anyone here knows Dorian Electra?

  13. the salamander

    I was going to post this just now [Hidden Content]
  14. after almost one year, I'm back doing the eras dvds, true blue coming soon

    1. madonafrk


      This is exciting!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!