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    Best bridge ever!
  2. how can we find your stuff on ebay?
  3. MykelMad13

    Erotica and Music are in my top five Madonna albums so it's sad to see them not on this list. But I get it... I guess.
  4. MykelMad13

    I was a kid in the 80's and had some cassettes of hers. But when I saw the Blond Ambition Tour, I became obsessed. Madonna was everywhere. Literally! On the radio (Vogue), in the movie theaters (Dick Tracy) and live on stage (Blond Ambition Tour). This is still my favorite era of hers. With regards to the Erotica era, things were very different. I was 15 y.o. and still a totally obsessed fan but not everyone shared in my adoration. The thing about this era that I look back so fondly on though is how brave I was. Despite the backlash, I would always wear a Madonna tshirt. Once I wore a shirt that said S E X with Madonna's image in the letters to a baseball game! I used to always wear Madonna tshirts to the Jersey Shore Boardwalk! Hahaha. People would call me names and heckle me. I was called a faggot and everything. But I didn't care! Erotica era Madonna made me feel so empowered!
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  6. MykelMad13

    Holiday - Immaculate Version - the album version is a bit long Lucky Star - Album version - her ad libs are everything! Borderline - Immaculate Version - I like the arrangement better Like A Virgin - Album Version - I hate how the end cuts off the "can't you hear my heartbeat..." part on the Immaculate version Material Girl - Immaculate Version - I like how it has the hard ending instead of the fade Crazy For You - No preference Into The Grove - Immaculate Version - But the fact that they left out the "NOW I KNOW YOU'RE MINE!" part is a travesty! Live To Tell - Album Version - too edited on the immaculate collection Papa Don't Preach - Album Version - I like all the strings at the end that the immaculate version fades out Open Your Heart - Album Version - again, I love the ending and the immaculate version fades out too soon La Isla Bonita - no preference Like A Prayer - Immaculate Version - makes me think of the blond ambition performance which is amazing Express Yourself - I reeeeeeeeally like both! Cherish - Album Version - too edited on Immaculate ​Vogue - Immaculate Version - longer intro and outro makes the song more dramatic. And who doesn't want a longer,more dramatic vogue? So for me, the Immaculate Collection isn't perfect, but it's pretty damn close!
  7. MykelMad13

    @ @stevie-jw YES! You both are right! I hear it now. How high are...the stakes! Thank you thank you thank you
  8. MykelMad13

    Before that. In the mixed album version, it's the first sounds you hear. Are those words? It sounds like she is saying something, but I can't make it out.
  9. MykelMad13

    Hello everyone! This is my first topic post. Long-time Madonna fan here. Anyway, I was wondering what is Madonna (?) saying in the opening of How High (the mixed album version)? It's like a robotic voice that sounds slowed down. It definitely sounds like words, just not sure what those words are. It's repeated again in the middle of the song. Can anyone help?