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  1. diesel6888

    Probably but the company that made them, or Steven Klein lol!
  2. diesel6888

    This seller is a good reliable seller but his prices have really escalated in the last few years. I bought lots of stuff from him about 10-15 years ago. ...
  3. diesel6888

    are the no us quarantine laws? Just asking as she was in London a week ago? If she returns here she has to isolate for 14 days now by law...
  4. Its is now actually in the UK when you cant socially distance. The attitude of those not caring is totally selfish. Having seen first hand what this virus does I urge everyone to protect others... just saying!
  5. Yes shes tested positive for antibodies, that means she may have some immunity, its not proven, its not sure how long it may give you immunity if any. She may well still be a carrier and potentially give it to others. This is why she should wear a mask for those around her. I am in the UK and this is against what the government is asking. I think shes being totally irresponsible and somewhat naive. And people who have had covid 19 have then tested positive at a later time.
  6. diesel6888

    This is a really good site that explains all the releases and the cat numbers this may help. https://madonnadiscography.pl/articles/rhino-vinyl-releases
  7. diesel6888

    MTV Did a special at the opening of the US leg of the show and broadcast live from Miami on the 26th July, they broadcast Open Your Heart, lucky Star White Heart Causing A commotion and a small part of the Look of love.
  8. diesel6888

    Ciao Italia, believe it or not, is made up of the RAI Uno Broadcast, Florence her last show and the Mitsubishi Tokyo Broadcast. The Into is actually a helicopter flying over Tokyo and her arriving at the Tokyo Baseball stadium! It has been a mystery to many fans for many years why exerts from Tokyo are included. But you can see from the audience, her hair and the gold trousers in Causing a Commotion that this is the case. The necklace that appears and disappears is the necklace that was her mothers and she wears in the last Florence show. The MTV awards used the Rai Uno CAC live version that was broadcast on September the 4th. The video contains the full Who's That Girl show, produced using footage from three different shows: Tokyo on June 22, 1987, Turin on September 4, 1987, and Florence on September 6, 1987....
  9. diesel6888

    I bet you they are.... as there is always b roll footage professionally recorded for the first 4 songs of any tour she has done, these are then released to media channels for publicity... I would imagine you maybe right for the older tours but in the modern age of digital I would bet there are complete recordings of nearly all her shows from recent tours...
  10. diesel6888

    Hi does anybody have Johann's email address at Icon? If so please PM me. Thanks P
  11. diesel6888

    The tour is done, France has banned any public events of more than 100 people. It would seem last nights shows was indeed the finale!
  12. diesel6888

    I expect nothing for 6-months to a year TBH. I cant see her wanting to create Music for a while! I expect she will need major therapy to undo the physical damage of the tour maybe even surgery, who knows? I expect she will write a screen play for one of the movie projects that were put on hold before MX dropped. I doubt we will get any new Music until 2023-2024...
  13. diesel6888

    Me too! Was at every UK show since 87 but did one show this time. The whole PR and management of this tour has been shocking. Im sure Freddy D is horrified! LOL