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  1. In the days before in ear mics.. there are mic boxes strategically placed around the stage so she can hear herself and the band.
  2. Sorry, I know she can do whatever she wants, but in my opinion that was all a hot mess, awkward and to me she looked far from comfortable.
  3. Not much to tell, there were rumors flying around that should would attend, Lawrence Malice would not confirm nor deny . Then this group of people turned up and an the middle a really short woman with Baseball cap and sunnies on, turns out it was M and crew and she stayed a few hours. Back in the days before smartphones and social media so she was less hounded.
  4. I was lucky enough to be at Trade in London (Turnmills) when madonna turned up and hit the Dancefloor!
  5. She's too close to the project. The Elton Jon and Queen Biopics worked because they took a step back and had a say as consultants rather than Directors!
  6. Totally, she needs to step away ! God help the actress she's casts lol! I'm sure there will be several by the time the project is completes!
  7. Guys can somebody help me find the best free [picture hosting for forums? Wanna share some stuff, but the TINY PIC site I used to use, no long is active? The other just let you post a link. I want to embed the pic? Thanks
  8. I saw the madame X show in London and unfortunately thought it was her worst show. This is just my opinion. I have seen Madonna Live in every tour she has ever done since the WTGWT in 1987 and normally am taken on a fabulous journey. The use of auto tune and the lack of successful theater stage production was plain to see. We also know that by the time the tour started she was not 100% happy with it and described it as an "organic" show, meaning that it would change and adapt as the tour progressed. I think her re-shoots are because, deep down she was never fully happy with it. It had potential but without the huge production of her normal shows, certain areas of weakness where exposed. I expect it will be over produced and over edited , yet I thought the whole point of this type of show was its rawness.... ?
  9. Hey Betrand, Ill happily put in 20 dollars if that helps?

    1. bertrand


      Absolutely, thanks!
      I've PM'd you the info.

  10. I don't get to have an opinion (actually I do as it's my opinion!) I sound like an asshole, oh wait that's your opinion of me ( you are entitled to have, but maybe but not by your rules?). I love the fact that the younger generation ( I assume you are?) cannot cope with any opinion that does not match theirs? Personally I think her butt looks absolutely ridiculous. I didn't say she shouldn't do it, I said It looks, in my opinion, unnatural. The same way I might comment on a shirt doesn't look good or a hair cut! I am so glad as a 50 year old man I have an opinion, I know how to have a constructive conversation, and most of all I respect and allow people to have opinions that are totally different to mine.
  11. that butt though is one of the worst things she has done to her body, and yes I know her body she can do what she wants... but my personal view (which I am entitled too) Is all too much and has made her unrecognizable and will only get more intense the older she gets... again I know she is entitled to do whatever she wants...
  12. Personally I don't want a look alike , it needs a strong talented actress that can get across Madonnas personality, drive, ruthlessness etc. Someone that looks like her could just cheapen the whole project.... it needs to be credible not a pastiche...
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