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  1. its a possibility she is not playing vegas again till the 8th
  2. I think Kylie is in the UK as she just filmed an Audience with special at the Royal Albert Hall I saw... not sure what days her vegas shows are?
  3. As I said ths may be a back up as if anything happned to her health and she had to postpone or cancel then this would be saved for that. I still think NYC will be the offcial release
  4. How can you cancel a pit? Plus I already sat in the area we have been moved from.
  5. Im think they will record it but it will be NYC tthat is used for a commecrical release, this may be a back up should she get ill or suffer an injury
  6. So I have just had an email to say that my seats that were along side the Catwalk where she performs Open your Heart and Burning up are no longer available due to production issues. We have been moved to infront tof the catwalk. Last time this happended to me was because they were filiming the show. It would make sense they are covering all basis for a recording before she starts the US leg, just in case?
  7. I do find it odd that for a 40 year milestone celebration tour there is no sign of a tour programme? Rumours are that it contained a set list that changed very last minute i teh final stages of the UK rehersals in manchester! Unless the plan is to create a Biopic picture book that includes the tour after ? Who knows but its really dissapointing!
  8. So it was only staged at the Detroit show? As it clearly didnt happen at the Dallas show?
  9. Is it? Maybe he's just a fan that followed her and was photographed with her. The only other full concert of the Virgin Tour is the Dallas bootleg and it does not accur in that show? Or maybe it was staged just for the Detroit show?
  10. Great review The last bit needs a bit of the show needs work in my opinion! Its a mess unless thats what she wanted? Love the Electronic section before..
  11. For years fans have been complaining she never uses the original tracks, and for once she used the original studio multitracks.. its sounded amazing!
  12. Pretty appauling... and what happned to the tour Programme there were non available. For Madame X they did mail out the books so never say never
  13. I read that due to the technical issues Sorry hold tight and Oh father were cut, well we shall see tonight
  14. The music was anything but cheap lol! The fact they are basically the original song versions or 12" mixes is incredible...
  15. I bought the red and black version which is made in the US and it remains sealed. Bought the US and Europe (Czech) versions of the rainbow edition. Opened the UK (Czech version) to play
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