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  1. KaitoXD

    Rebel Heart Tour flashbacks. XD
  2. KaitoXD

    *cough cough Sticky and Sweet World Tour*
  3. KaitoXD

    The Nice footage actually looks very good and clear but it's a LaserDisc source so it makes sense. Also, WHO IN THE WORLD COMPRESSED THE AUDIO? I need a word with them.
  4. KaitoXD

    Let's just all hope and pray that the Madame X Tour captures the magic and art of the shows. I am pretty positive that it will turn out good.
  5. KaitoXD

    I never knew that he made a reply song to Papa Don't Preach. :(
  6. KaitoXD

    1. Incredible 2. Incredible 3. Incredible 4. Incredible 5. Incredible 6. Incredible 7. Incredible 8. Incredible 9. Incredible 10. Incredible
  7. Does anyone have the Steven Klein pictures of Madonna wearing that transparent black dress (the one she wore in the deluxe edition of the album) in highest quality possible. I need those pictures because those were my favorites. :D

  8. Day 674: I still do not understand why Never Love a Stranger was a DEMO song for Ray of Light. I just don't.

    1. Bel



    2. madgefan


      I don't hate the song but thank God Madonna ditched Babyface :oi:

  9. She will gag the media with this. This is "What It Feels Like For A Girl" but more political. I sense a ban from MTV and an outcry from triggered people.
  10. So God Control has a music video, Faz Gostoso will have one soon... what was the song wherein they were on a beach somewhere with a group of women? Also, I am praying that Extreme Occident will have a music video. I want her to spin in the middle of a dessert as she will be surrounded by people doing an interpretive dance, Suspiria 2018 style.
  11. So we're ranking albums now? Okway! 1 [9.9] - Erotica (the undisputed) 2 [9.8] - Madame X (she's close to dethroning Erotica) 3 [9.7] - Ray of Light 4 [9.5] - Rebel Heart 5 [9.4] - Confessions on a Dance Floor 6 [9.1] - Like a Prayer 7 [8.8] - Madonna/The First Album 8 [8.7] - American Life 9 [8.5] - MDNA 10 [8.4] - Like a Virgin 11 [8.2] - Bedtime Stories 12 [8.1] - True Blue 13 [8.0] - Music 14 [6.5] - Hard Candy (sorry, but even to this day I still have to sit with her and understand her)
  12. KaitoXD

    1. Extreme Occident (my freaking song I called dibs on when I heard it in the Madame X trailer) 2. I Don't Search I Find 3. Ciao Bella 4. God Control 5. I Rise 6. Back That Up To The Beat 7. Killers Who Are Partying 8. Crave with Swae Lee 9. Funana 10. Dark Ballet 11. Future with Quavo 12. Medellin with Maluma 13. Looking For Mercy (the ballad I deserve) 14. Batuka 15. Bitch I'm Loca with Maluma 16. Faz Gostoso with Anitta 17. Crazy 18. Come Alive (she's cute, would listen to her again too) Honestly, I am having a hard time to rank the songs since they are so freaking good but Extreme Occident is and will always be my number 1. <3
  13. UK radios don't play her because she's too old but she performed there when she was still becoming the bad bitch we all know and love.