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    burning whoever did the Celebration "remastering" job, dragging the hell out of Emily, protesting outside Madonna's home for her not to snub Bad Girl for a 4K video, long walks on the beach, seafood, bus, another bus, another bus, another bus... oh, and video and audio editing
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  1. Is your comparison video for the HD version of Express Yourself/Deeper & Deeper coming any time soon? :)

    1. Roy


      Hello there! I am currently struggling to upload the comparison video as of the moment. Last December 16, our region in the Philippines was severely hit by a super typhoon and it affected everything from internet connections to electricity and homes. However, I am doing fine and hopefully soon, once we have electricity in my home, I can upload the comparison video.

      Hope you are doing well too. :)

    2. Curtains


      @Roy wish you the best and send you lots of strength.

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