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    burning whoever did the Celebration "remastering" job, dragging the hell out of Emily, protesting outside Madonna's home for her not to snub Bad Girl for a 4K video, long walks on the beach, seafood, bus, another bus, another bus, another bus... oh, and video and audio editing
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  1. Did anyone try the chicken? I thought the chicken was lovely.

    How's your chicken? :D

  2. I am just glad that some of my favorite remixes ended up in the compilation. The Above and Beyond Remix Edit of WIFLFAG, PHYSICAL ATTRACTION (of course), Tracy Young's Remix for Crave and Honey Dijon's remix for IDSIF. Kinda wished that they would replace the video edit for OYH with an extended remix but that's my only complain. :D Although I have to wonder: how can they remaster the new remixes? The old remixes, I understand but the new remixes?
  3. At this point, Madonna can milk my dry ass wallet even drier. WE WANT IT.
  4. I wonder how that remix would sound like when it's just "up, down, up-up-up, d-d-d-d-down." Interesting.
  5. YES. YESSSSS. Finally, I have found someone who's team Bad Gril all the way!
  6. YESSSSS. I only knew of Die Another Day because I was a kid when the music video was aired on MTV Philippines. I was scared because of the part where she bled on her stomach suddenly. XD
  7. SHIT. The commitment of LITERALLY delivering a frozen Frozen single CD is just amazing. Madonna and William Orbit must be cackling when they were brainstorming for the marketing and promo.
  8. All three Frozen remixes on a ice vinyl. If it melts, then you by another one. Money money moneeeeey!
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