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    Horror movies, pop music, weightlifting, traveling, jogging, photography, professional wrestling, documentaries, cooking foods I'm more than likely going to hate, cats, accents, cinnamon scented items, Halloween, pop music and meeting new people.
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  1. Sorry all if I have been MIA. The breakup has been harder on me than I thought especially with my ex partner moving on so quickly with some one night stand and flaunting it.

    It's also been difficult to accept I was also assaulted and since we are a community of M fans here, I feel safe enough to tell you all, I was assaulted by my ex and a reason why I've gone for sometime. I appreciate all the love and kind messages some members have sent to me and I will reply to all.

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      This happens quite a lot in our "community" and I can attest to how horrible it is! Needless to say, this is a  new beginning for you. I've experienced kinda the same this year and the only solution was to say NO and cut it off completely. 

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