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    Horror movies, pop music, weightlifting, traveling, jogging, photography, professional wrestling, documentaries, cooking foods I'm more than likely going to hate, cats, accents, cinnamon scented items, Halloween, pop music and meeting new people.
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  1. Let Down Your Guard for me. I remember having it as my profile song on Myspace back in 2010.
  2. Shout Factory is releasing a Blu-ray edition of it. Not a whole lot of bonus features but yes, coming this week.
  3. I don't think we ever got it on DVD. It'd be cool if they could find the missing performances and film masters of the show and remaster it. But probably, we'd get a transfer from the DVD master (for the canceled 03/04 boxset if it was done) if a release ever happened.
  4. Batuka The Celebration Tour or The Confessions Tour?
  5. The way we'd get a Candy Shop limited edition vinyl from Icon before a reissue. still me checking this thread when news drops though.
  6. What a great way to conclude this tour! Music was a nice surprise and how she managed to bring the show to Brazil despite not having the window lift for some songs but glad they got a great show tonight! The way one swore nothing new would be added.
  7. I love this theme of Madonna and her friend, Rio, it's fantastic, I love it a lot! Jk! I was surprised when it auto changed, it's gorgeous!
  8. I'm glad you got to see this show so many dates and give us amazing videos, reviews and photos!! Let the others seethe from behind their screen.
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