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  1. thelioncourtheart_

    It was pretty much both Tears of a Clown shows. She'd dust off old album tracks, personal favorites and a few classics/covers.
  2. thelioncourtheart_

    Is this even a question? Give me her screaming why isn't it in the computer than a endless repeat of time, anticipating, fuzzy dreams any day.
  3. thelioncourtheart_

    PM me if possible.
  4. thelioncourtheart_

    Is the orchestral HBC still the low volume version that surfaced years ago?
  5. thelioncourtheart_

    Most of the time that's all these people are given. You can get snippets from collectors or people who own things like demos, tracks, stems, b-rolls and are purchased with the intent of being legit before buying the full thing. It's indication B-Roll footage exists of "Like a Prayer" and the fact it was shared was a good thing, the length of it is up to a person. Sure, we'd all love the full thing but it'll materialize eventually. At the end of the day, it's a business, a very expensive one and those fans deserve some credit, not rude comments.
  6. thelioncourtheart_

    At least its indication it exists!
  7. The shift to quick cuts and scenes not lasting longer than a second has been dreadful. Videos are almost seizure inducing coupled with the bad editing, numerous quality issues and videos not being a priority for her anymore. Since Hollywood, it's been a mixture of glamour shots, dancing in front of wall and other patterns she frequently uses. RH definitely showed she has the magic (no pun intended) to give us something great this era. Though, I understand some videos being pressed for time or in the middle of a tour schedule.
  8. thelioncourtheart_

    We been knew, sis. I'm saying having to do 13 edits because you want to still keep GP friendly but want to highlight the best of the show and it makes it harder to toss some songs out.
  9. thelioncourtheart_

    DWT 1. Drowned World/Substitute For Love 2. Impressive Instant 3. Ray of Light 4. Paradise (Not For Me) (Interlude) 5. Frozen 6, Sky Fits Heaven/Mer Girl 7. What It Feels Like For a Girl (Remix) 8. Don't Tell Me 9. Secret 10. Lo Que Siente La Mujer 11. La Isla Bonita 12. Holiday 13. Music MDNA 1. Girl Gone Wild 2. Gang Bang 3. I Don't Give A 4. Express Yourself/Give Me All Your Luvin 5. Turn Up The Radio 6. Open Your Heart 7. Masterpiece 8. Justify My Love (Remix) 9. Vogue 10. Candy Shop 11. I'm Addicted 12. Like a Prayer 13. Celebration/Give It 2 Me Rebel Heart Tour 1. Iconic (Intro)/Iconic 2. Bitch I'm Madonna 3. Holy Water/Vogue 4. Messiah (Interlude) 5. True Blue 6. Deeper and Deeper 7. Like a Virgin 8. Living For Love 9. Dress You Up (Medley) 10. Rebel Heart 11. Illuminati (Remix) 12. Music 13. Holiday Hard to limit to just 13, just release the full show on CD.
  10. thelioncourtheart_

    I detest Maluma and it's not here in this forum but other places where fans attack you if you don't fawn over him and M's choice to collaborate with him. I'm sorry but the man is a douche and his looks are extremely overrated. The questionable lyrics and how he views women are very off-putting. I get Madonna's always wanted to be controversial but of all people she could have collaborated with, this flavor of the moment is very subpar.
  11. thelioncourtheart_

    Whatever amount of tracks she releases, fine, bonuses, fine, special editions, fine. This "Less tracks equal better" or "More ruins the cohesiveness."
  12. Don't know if this has been posted or come across but I was searching YouTube and the second half of the Iconic backdrop is on there. Good fans please go download it and post it here!


    1. Andymad


      My darling it has already been posted here :) isn’t it beautiful??

  13. thelioncourtheart_

    The fact Maluma is apparently on her record.
  14. thelioncourtheart_

    Agreed. He's overrrated, overhyped and I don't find him attractive but every female and gay man acts like he's God's gift or something. I remember him making problematic remarks a while back.
  15. thelioncourtheart_

    I honestly see some sort of tease coming towards late December in some capacity with a cheeky Instagram post saying "Surprises for 2019" and it'd be a snippet of an album track or her even posting the album cover or announcing the first single release date etc. It's so Madonna to tease as she's done and she seems in a more giving mood. We got the Met Gala performance on her birthday so I wouldn't put it past her to drum up interest in some capacity. I wouldn't put it past her to go the dual single route. Release the solo version, a few weeks then the remix featuring Anitta, though it makes you wonder if the solo or remix will be on the album. I know with "Slumber Party" all the solos were deleted on streaming platforms and the remix took its place only the album featuring the original track on "Glory." I do hope she's either shot the album artwork or the video to some capacity so if there happens to be a leak it isn't like "Living For Love" where we had to wait until she shot it for it to do anything chart and YouTube wise.