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  1. Hey guys, 

    I know I may not know a lot of you and was gone for a while. Was dealing with a lot of personal demons and being assaulted by my recent ex (in many ways, physically, sexually emotionally) and have been trying to adjust to living a normal life again.

    I'm not a big fan of religion or anything in particular but I like coming here to see us excited about new Madonna music, videos, discussing even if we tend to disagree. I remember butting heads with Liam and before he left, he gave me advice about possibly getting help.

    This isn't a pity post but I just wanted to let you guys know I'm glad to find a place and be among great Madonna fans that even on the worst day of my recovery, it makes me feel good seeing you all get excited and enjoy tracks, rumours, news, photoshoots. 

    1. Bel
    2. PatrickSamuel


      Hello thelioncourtheart_ I understand what you're going through, it will take time to process and heal, but I hope you are finding ways to express yourself, whether it's through talking therapies or creative therapies. I found those two to be helpful.

      Yes, Liam left quite a space when he departed. I come here quite often, mainly just to feel like I'm part of a conversation, even if I don't always know what's going on :)

      Glad that you're back. Stay safe. Always happy to chat. x

    3. Fighter
  2. thelioncourtheart_

    Images from Bounce Magazine
  3. I stream the audio video from her page. The changes in sound in the music video is distracting on loud speakers.
  4. thelioncourtheart_

    The Sphinx remix makes for a good running anthem.
  5. thelioncourtheart_

    DEAD at her response to La Isla Bonita's origins.
  6. thelioncourtheart_

    Medellin, one of the few times I heard it played on radio.
  7. thelioncourtheart_

    I love the glasses and trenchcoat look the best. I hope it appears in a video of some sorts aside from the hologram she used at the BBMA's.
  8. thelioncourtheart_

    It's a toss up between BAT, CT and RHT but I went with Blond because it's so iconic and I love the arrangement of it.
  9. thelioncourtheart_

    Would a greatest hits work now with streaming and making your own online? Unless she supplements it with goodies or bonuses, if it's another Celebration or GHV2, I don't see it happening.
  10. thelioncourtheart_

    It's funny how on Instagram each time she posts about Crave and pigeons, she posts a penguin emoji.
  11. thelioncourtheart_

    Did Aldo design this?
  12. thelioncourtheart_

    Blond definitely. I'm tired of her performing variations of the same dance remix. It'd be nice to hear something along the lines of the album version. Shame she's never performed it or anything similar to it. I do like the Sticky and Sweet remix.
  13. thelioncourtheart_

    Medellin minus having to see obnoxious Maluma. I like Crave too but it doesn't have much replay value though I do love the spoken bits.