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  1. Gabvinet

    I don't mind the vocoder when well executed. I loved it on Impressive Instant, Nobody's perfect, paradise not for me, Die Another Day, Nobody Knows Me. I can tolerate it on Medellin, it sounds alright. But I hate it on I rise, it ruins the sons for me. The song would be a thousand times much better if she sang it naturally like she sang on Nothing fails, or intervention. Future is a complete mess. you don't recognize her and you can,t understand a word. I dont think it will get better, the snippet Extreme Occident that we heard is autotuned. I feel like autotune takes away the emotions that she tries to deliver. And I love her normal signing voice it has a lot of texture to it, it's rich and warm and full of emotions. I miss her voice from Music/American Life/Confessions.
  2. Looking for nice wallpaper of Madonna or Kylie for a background picture for my iphone. Anyone can point me in the right direction ? or wanna share theirs ?

    K thanks byyyye

  3. Gabvinet

    I just wished she'd slow down papi on the auto-tune. Her voice sound heavily processed and edited in Medellin, I Rise and even the snippet of Extreme occident heard in the introduction to Madame X video. She has such a lovely voice, she can sing in high and low registry and it sounds wonderful
  4. there's a french canadian radio called 105.7 Rythme FM that plays a lot of Madonna I would hear songs from her on a daily basis. Often from her 80's catalogue. They often Play Borderline (heard today), Holiday, Lucky Star, La Isla Bonita, True Blue, Papa Don't preach (heard today), Open Your Heart, Like a Prayer, Express Yourself, Vogue, Music, Hung Up.
  5. Can't wait to hear the HQ iTune release
  6. the trap beat really reminds me of Break Up With your Girlfriend, I'm bored from Ariana.
  7. It actually reminds me of Ariana Grande. It could totally feature on her thank U next album (which I LOVED) it's like if Miles Away, Across the Sky and Break up with your girlfriend I'm bored had a child. Crave would be it
  8. I love love love it ! you wouldn't expect Madonna on a song like that, its really mainstream with the trap vibe, but the guitar is lovely and i think thats reminescent of the portugal influence. love how melancholic and laidback it is. Swae Lee isn't too overly present, he hads a nice depth to it by doing the back vocal. The ooooh are infectious. her voice isnt heavily autotuned like the previous track, but she delivers differently than she used to. I do miss her Music/American life era vocals.
  9. Gabvinet

    What I like with her is that you can really interpret it the way you want, and gives it many twist, it has a different meaning for everyone. I have a different approach. the Chacha instructor scene, the in bed with Maluma Scene and wedding scene are dreams, they are colorful, surrealist, follows lyrics that says she had a dream, she dreamt of an alt life in Medellin. and the rest : the praying scene and runnin scene in B&W, and the scene where she seems to ''Wrestle'' with the horse in what seems to be a night gown is real life. She does say at beginning she's been abducted, abused, etc, she's tryingto escape from it and fight it. Now you can decide what she is running away from and fighting. And i think next videos will complete that narrtive, shed light on more cryptic parts of the music video and show us more of Madame X and her story. This seems like 1 piece of the puzzle and i think its a work of art that's more beautiful and make more sense in it's whole.
  10. But there is an english version of ''Pour que tu m'aimes encore''. it was on falling Into You and titled ''If That's what it takes''
  11. Gabvinet

    So much better than the standard and deluxe version. But i have to admit that I like the cover where she's with a guitar on a blue background
  12. Gabvinet

    can't see it :`(
  13. Hands down the best review of that song ! your writting is AH-MAZIN !
  14. Gabvinet

    I wish that was the standard or deluxe album cover. Love that pic
  15. Hard Candy is one of my fave, even tho she has other artist with her it feels like her and for me the album is a classic. i like the rnb fresh vibe on it while still very pop. her voice sounds good too. But i know that it's not everyone's cup of tea