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  1. The reasons for using the matador trope are really straightforward, it immediately visually represents “the star” without resorting to the actor cliche and Michael Haussmann had recently worked on a project filming bullfights and that piqued her interest.
  2. If you’re together you can get in using your phone, my other half and I used my phone to get in
  3. That’s good to know, I’m D15 on Thursday so the other end of that row. The plan shows two seats between me and the aisle, if I recall from my other London show, that’s the aisle she exits from during I Rise. Let’s hope my end loses a column too 😂
  4. I can’t, I’m already attending on the 13th but just wanted to vouch that’s a really great seat, I was row C 28 last week and second row in Lisbon, the central section of the royal circle offers an amazing view of the whole show that you don’t get on the floor. If I wasn’t going I’d snap it up.
  5. She’s really pissed at not hearing the count into the walk, seems like it was covered by applause. I make out something like this (I’m guessing that “Mike”is Mike McKnight): Ok stop Did not hear that count on ...let’s do it with the count on, OK? So what happened Mike? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE COUNT ON? I’m not ready because no one’s ready for me Well put Mike on mike so I can hear them You changed the volume, Mike, right? Oh the applause did that. Then you’ve gotta get it louder Shall we have the applause...are you guys doing something out there
  6. I think it's "The Devil loves flesh"
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