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  1. At the time I was working with Adobe Creative Suite, some hand coding, and Excel. Excel used to work quite well for capturing and transferring info into the creative suite without compromising the content, so I started work and completed the design and look of the website fairly quickly. I think I was able to do that in a couple weeks, but the content obviously became the most challenging part, which is where Excel worked beautifully. With two other websites I was working on and other established fan sites expanding their discography sections, it just didn’t make any sense for me to do it anymore. Around 2006/7, I finally deleted everything. It just wasn’t meant to be. I should have started a New Radicals discography. Pretty sure I could have completed that in a couple years.
  2. dhrbb03

    Bitter queens everywhere.
  3. I take back every semi-negative thing I said yesterday about this song. It just needed to settle and I’m living. My brain had to work around it all, but I got it and it was more subtle than I was expecting and I think that was my only real gripe. I just need a good summer bop on this album.
  4. dhrbb03

    As I expected, the first verse should have been just Madonna.
  5. dhrbb03

    That’s one way of putting it.
  6. The chorus is the only place where it doesn’t really sound disjointed. He just kills the verses.
  7. dhrbb03

    I can’t believe I can actually take part in this one!! (And I can’t believe we got an official teaser today.)
  8. dhrbb03

    I actually like mice, surprisingly.
  9. dhrbb03

    The fuckery is real...
  10. I’ve thought for years about putting together a website like that for Madonna. I started a couple of times, but it’s just way too much work for one person. I just wanted to be able to look at my collection by release and individual track, but alas...
  11. And every time a download would stop, it was anywhere between 95-98% complete. By the time you could get connected again you'd reach a bandwidth quota for the day. Infuriating. I remember calling a few people I knew on our ISP and asking if they'd mind not being on the internet for about 45 minutes while a 3.5mb RealAudio file attempted to download. Most of the time it would take days and countless attempts for one three minute song to successfully complete. MP3s were a different nightmare. Quality be damned, there wasn't time for that....
  12. https://youtu.be/jJOVIKTGDKc I died. I had a friend with DSL, which was very rare around our area at the time, she downloaded it for kicks expecting it to be some joke or just random musings, but neither of us expected this. It was a genius moment, really.
  13. dhrbb03

    I can’t believe I’m in the majority for once. Taste.
  14. dhrbb03

    Be Careful seems like the single out of the bunch.
  15. dhrbb03

    So sad. Seemed like a stand up guy. An ally and icon.