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  1. Come through Madonna! I am ready.. now we're talking! A return home to Warner Bros. Records and a potential new Biopic! I'm sure there are plenty of surprises in store! #preservethelegacy
  2. My, my, my! What a time to have been alive! No Facebook, no Instagram and no internet! MADONNA ruled the 80s and 90s. So glad I was able to grow up with the Queen of Pop. That time was truly her imperialism period. Everything she did became a story, every new single, new album, new video, new concert tour, or new lover (LOL)! EVERYTHING was covered! She knew how to play the media for her benefit! A true Svengali! I was in love with her since 1985 when I saw her performance of "Dress You Up" on the "Virgin Tour." I was HOOKED! Soooooo many great memories, from MTV to HBO. When I really got in her was during her 1989 showstopping performance of "Express Yourself" on MTV's VMA. WHAT! LOL....."Vogue" followed and then "The Blond Ambition Tour" and "Erotica!" MADONNA WAS SO BAD ASS! You hear me? None of her contemporaries would deared do 1/4 of the stuff she did! She may have had some valleys but she is a survivor and that's why she will always have my unwavering support and love! I remember waiting in line at HMV in Philadelphia at midnight in March 1998 for the sale of "Ray of Light!" The line was wrapped around the block! Record store was packed! She is and will always be that GIRL! She has earned the title of Queen of Pop rightfully so. I am excited for her new album. Madonna is simply and inspiration to many of us. I know she is for me.
  3. Madonna: Physical Attraction Like A Virgin: Dress You Up True Blue: Live to Tell Who's That Girl Soundtrack: Causing A Commotion You Can Dance: Spotlight Like A Prayer: Oh Father I'm Breathless: Vogue The Immaculate Collection: Rescue Me Erotica: Erotica Bedtime Stories: Love Tried to Welcome Me Something To Remember: You'll See Evita Soundtrack: Don't Cry For Me Argentina Ray of Light: Skin Music: Gone American Life: Easy Ride Confessions On a Dancefloor: Get Together Hard Candy: Candy Shop MDNA: Best Friend Rebel Heart: Living For Love This was a hard exercise (LOL). So many tracks to choose from. Long live the Queen of Pop!
  4. It's time for my girl to get back to basics! Drop all of this generic sounding dance music, call Patrick Leonard and Stephen Bray up, start writing music that connects to the listener, and create a masterpiece reflecting the place you are in now! I have been a fan since 1985 and stuck with you through it ALL. I want Madonna to regain the respect from industry peers and contemporaries as the songwriter and musician! You have outlasted them ALL! Its time to reflect, celebrate and give us MADONNA! No collaborators, rap cameos and other nonsense! You did it many times before, Mo (True Blue, Like A Prayer, Erotica, Bedtime Stories, Ray of Light, Music, Confessions on A Dancefloor)! I'll be waiting! Your legacy is undeniably forever cemented my dear. #madonnanewalbum2017
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