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  1. rebelheart29

    The harpers bazaar pic i love that photoshoot.
  2. rebelheart29

    Well i think if she tours at all it will be small theater tours. I don't think she will do stadiums anymore specially after all the drama and stress she wen't through during the rh tour.
  3. rebelheart29

    I think the opposite I think if anything she would stop going on tour because it's so exhausting I think she will continue to do albums.
  4. rebelheart29

    I have to say i liked the promotion for RH better. I miss the week on ellen, the shows which she performed in italy, and France. this era it seems mostly interviews except the BMMA'S, and Eurovision. JMO
  5. rebelheart29

    I don't think Madonna will ever stop making music Stevie Nicks is in her 70's still making music. I think because Madame X is such a masterpiece it just got people thinking about her next album nothing wrong with that. I forgot about the movie she is going to direct.
  6. rebelheart29

    thanks for sharing it's so beautiful.
  7. rebelheart29

    did anyone notice the cd's on target are gone? i can only find the deluxe which i already ordered.
  8. does anyone that the target deluxe yet? i'm curious to see the booklet and the cd.
  9. yea. that's right i made a typo it's more like 13 hours i will get it on ituned then go to the store in the morning. lol
  10. i don't like the 3 extra bonus songs i dunno why. i can't wait for to listen to the album on itunes 9 in a half hours.
  11. rebelheart29

    that's ridiculous why don't you get on on itunes? I haven't ordered anything from her store this era because the prices and shipping is crazy.
  12. rebelheart29

    IKR? i don't know what I would due if we couldn't get the digital.
  13. rebelheart29

    target hasn't shipped yet it's so annoying! it says if you pre-order you get it on the 14th or the day after but it says estimated delivery June 17-to June 20th.