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  1. LOL yeah. What did he do? NM i didn't see the article.
  2. Well i think if she tours at all it will be small theater tours. I don't think she will do stadiums anymore specially after all the drama and stress she wen't through during the rh tour.
  3. I think the opposite I think if anything she would stop going on tour because it's so exhausting I think she will continue to do albums.
  4. I don't think Madonna will ever stop making music Stevie Nicks is in her 70's still making music. I think because Madame X is such a masterpiece it just got people thinking about her next album nothing wrong with that. I forgot about the movie she is going to direct.
  5. Happy Mother's day to Madonna. All the pics and video's are so cute she posted.
  6. Celine Dion looks horrible. she's so think she looks emaciated. I heard she said that she thinks the way she looks is sexy. just gross.
  7. I sure hope she goes she usually does go every year. I'm so excited for the month of May!
  8. sounds like a weird glitch. Her site is trying to say something here. lol
  9. I hate saying anything bad about M but that pic with the glitter on her face is just not a good pic. IMO
  10. it looks good! the actress that plays her looks a lot like M in the early days.
  11. I love her new hair style with the cute braids.
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