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  1. rebelheart29

    it's ridiculous how long stuff takes to ship out on her site since the shipping is so expensive too.
  2. rebelheart29

    gessh. that's horrible. you would think for there outrageous prices they would pack the merchandise better. This reminds me when I bought a rebel heart pillow when I got it the font on the pillow was backwards it was all messed up.
  3. rebelheart29

    i know! it took ages for the other medellin remixes. lol
  4. rebelheart29

    oh yay. i can't wait but when is soon?
  5. No way is she done! She will never be done she will keep surprising us and great music.
  6. rebelheart29

    i want it now! what is taking so long? lol
  7. rebelheart29

    that's crazy! it probably took 10 cents to make. I love Madonna but i rarely buy stuff at her online store the prices are way overpriced.
  8. rebelheart29

    was the i rise poster for sale? it's gorgeous. Everything there is awesome!
  9. rebelheart29

    I haven't played a cassette player in YEARS. I honestly don't know why the released cassette's? I guess people still like to listen to them.. It's a pain because if you want to skip to a song you have to press the fwd button unless they have newer players where you don't have to do that. lol
  10. rebelheart29

    have you tried target? I saw some on ebay but they are overly priced.
  11. rebelheart29

    The harpers bazaar pic i love that photoshoot.
  12. rebelheart29

    Well i think if she tours at all it will be small theater tours. I don't think she will do stadiums anymore specially after all the drama and stress she wen't through during the rh tour.
  13. rebelheart29

    I think the opposite I think if anything she would stop going on tour because it's so exhausting I think she will continue to do albums.
  14. rebelheart29

    I have to say i liked the promotion for RH better. I miss the week on ellen, the shows which she performed in italy, and France. this era it seems mostly interviews except the BMMA'S, and Eurovision. JMO
  15. rebelheart29

    I don't think Madonna will ever stop making music Stevie Nicks is in her 70's still making music. I think because Madame X is such a masterpiece it just got people thinking about her next album nothing wrong with that. I forgot about the movie she is going to direct.