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  1. Material Girl

    So we can consider that these two records were released in October 1984... right ? But... Their reference numbers are not so close, other promotional EP of this type were pressed for other artists between these two editions, which questions me as to their timing. These kinds of records, weren’t they intended for clubs rather than radio stations? I’m guessing the radios were getting 7" at the time, they didn’t mind playing a twelve-inch format on their turntables, did they?
  2. Material Girl

    I have a question about the release of the single LIKE A VIRGIN in the USA. Does anyone know if this title was broadcast on radio before its commercial release on October 31, 1984 ? I wonder when these two promotional editions could have been sent to the DJs...
  3. impossible to dissociate all my records... (I have 800!) and I can’t find one that is sentimental... Usually it’s the last one bought that makes, even though I love them all... So the last one is the "This is nothin' but" promo from Japan.
  4. Material Girl

    Well, HARD CANDY is for me the first album that wasn't a real Madonna album. For the first time in a 25-year career, Madonna follows the trend and does exactly what works, without an ounce of innovation. This record is the first to have so many collaborations: two duets with Justin Timberlake, a featuring of Kanye West, the vocal participation of Pharrell Williams. The sleeve that I find particularly horrible, she's integrated on an enlarged candy background, and the name M-Dolla is integrated on the belt with the original title of the album. I don’t know what happened but Giovanni Bianco seems to have done a sloppy job... ! I don't like INCREDIBLE and for me the production is awful on VOICES. But it's Madonna so... even if she sings shit I’m gonna join... pfff And the worst part about it is that this album is the best memory of my life: the meeting with my husband! She could make me a Madame X instead!!!
  5. Material Girl

    Thanks for the link
  6. Material Girl

    Okay, good new question with the Brazilian discography. It seems complicated in this forum or elsewhere to have information about the release of Madonna’s first singles in this country. I have, I think, managed to find the approximate periods of their releases but there is one point that I do not explain about the album MADONNA. Would there be a Brazilian collector fan in this forum who could answer my questions? or someone who answered this observation? This first album appears in Brazil with the mention of three titles on the cover indicating that are included LUCKY STAR, PHYSICAL ATTRACTION & EVERYBODY. It is presented with its identification from the single BORDERLINE, so it is clearly available from that moment, in 1984. Although some presses of HOLIDAY clearly showed its visual, it did not indicate that the titles were extracted from it, implying that it should not yet be published. Anyway, this album does not mention on its sleeve neither HOLIDAY nor BORDERLINE but the first two singles of Madonna that were marketed in this country… and so those who then seem to have had the most success…! No trace of HOLIDAY or BORDERLINE, and why LUCKY STAR?? It questions me.
  7. Material Girl

    47 in 2 months here. I buy vinyls & CDs when there is one, I never buy computer files... and I don’t even have spotify or any of these horrors. I have a problem with dematerialized music: for me it must be accompanied by a packaging or a support. I find the concept very practical, but I can’t bring myself to buy a simple sound on computer file. So I’m getting old and I love it!
  8. Material Girl

    Okay, so I have confirmation: BORDERLINE was released on June 8, 1984 in Germany and on January 31, 1986. I have just realized that its B side presents PHYSICAL ATTRACTION in a fade a little longer than the one appearing on the English edition. I have had these two editions for 30 years, and I am only now reporting on this difference. This collection teaches me every day
  9. Material Girl

    My experience has taught me to be wary of Discogs informations. Marketing dates are not always reliable. you can find on Discogs the single with a flyer that was given in the promotional edition. This booklet indicates the release date of BORDERLINE : 31/01/1986 BORDERLINE is not on the best-selling singles chart in either 1984 or 1986, which doesn’t help my business
  10. Material Girl

    Does anyone know if BORDERLINE was marketed in Germany in 1984. I have a doubt. I think it was out in 1986 only... Am I right ?
  11. Material Girl

    Thanks fot your words Well, For this one... Would this special edition have appeared at the same time as the release of the maxi BORDERLINE/LUCKY STAR ?
  12. Material Girl

    So it wasn't when it was out. So you don't be able to tell that it wasn't a promo one.
  13. Material Girl

    I don’t think that’s what they planned, Sire Records had no interest in publishing a title that did not sell in another countries were it was out. In my opinion, BURNING UP was for them the best song to discover Madonna on television. The lyrics could be provocative as well as Madonna’s singing style. This is what the record company wanted to play on from the start. Madonna didn't want to be a singer like the others but to rule the world. In this sense, I think the firm simply felt that this title was more provocative than the others and released this video to distinguish Madonna from the other singers. The album LIKE A VIRGIN was already planned at that time so it follows the same marketing logic...
  14. Material Girl

    Ok but when did you buy it ?
  15. Material Girl

    And the poster pack of Borderline has a picture taken from the same session of the photographer George Holtz serving the BORDERLINE/LUCKY STAR maxi-single Would the releases be the same for these two records in the USA?