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  1. Hello everyone. I’m looking for old charts in Brazil. Brazilian fans it’s time to show up I want to know when the album & the singles were broadcast on radio and how many copies were sold. Based on some research, I have found that : Everybody/dub version was aired from March 1983, but released in November 1982 Physical Attraction/Burning Up was broadcast in July 1983 Holiday/I Know It was broadcast in October 1983 Borderline/Think Of Me ? Lucky Star/I Know It ? I think the album was out when Lucky Star was released (in 1984) ? ... Thanks for your help
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    I hate children
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    4:48 version has never appeared on CD because this version appears "normally" only on the first pressings of the album MADONNA. In USA the second press of this LP contains the 3:45 version (certainly to promote the video of BURNING UP) But the movement did not follow on the publishing vinyl in Europe. So all the other press in vinyl contains the 4:48's one, even THE FIRST ALBUM in 1985. For the CD, they all contain the 3:45 version because the first CD appeared in 1984, one year after its initial release.
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    01. Ray of Light 02. American Life 03. Confessions of a Dancefloor 04. Rebel Heart 05. Music 06. Like a Prayer 07. Like a Virgin 08. Madonna 09. True Blue 10. MDNA 11. Bedtime Stories 12. I'm Breathless (I never understood why it eventually isn't considered as one of her albums) 13. Erotica 14. Hard Candy
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    Great stuff. I think that there should be a section collection in this forum so that every collector can expose his beauties
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    I have too many records to be able to show them here... Just for the first single :