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  1. I think this story has been told many times In short, it appeared during the second printing of the first album in October 1983. This new version has appeared to promote the Burning Up video on MTV that the record company had ordered to praise the first album.
  2. Curious coz Madonna hasn't have promotion to do in France before march 84. Burning Up wasn't a hit and HOLIDAY was'nt released befor march 9th.
  3. As a vinyl collector, I am very excited about this release.
  4. Pre-order available in lucky records https://www.lucky-records.com/madonna-everybody-maxi-45-tours-exclu-black-friday-c2x38645323
  5. Poor Stephen Bray must be fed up with always being questioned by fans on the same subject. I can understand that after a while, embellishing things or sometimes avoiding subjects must be instinctive. It reminds me of Mark Kamins and his never-released demo. I think Stephen Bray has a much more interesting artistic activity though
  6. It will be limited when the record company sees that they no longer sell...
  7. The damage is fixed. I have an extraordinary husband who went to buy it for me. When he left the store where there was only one picture-disc, he realized that there was a slight defect in it (print scratch) and since he did not know if he had to bring it back, he went to buy another one in another store where there was only one too
  8. Possible but maybe also that we expect too much from these birthday dates, because in the end... why absolutely wait for an anniversary date? the main thing is that it appears
  9. Emily must be the one who created the Madame X picture -disc too...
  10. It's not a scratch but a printing problem. Sadly there are many of them like this one, with a more or less strong scratch.
  11. This is the first time I’ve seen a documentary speak positively about Madonna in France. Not a criticism, not a false rumor. Just analysis and fact. Perfect. I loved it
  12. Like many of you, I live in a horror movie In addition to that the PVC sleeve arrived torn on the side, what had already happened to me with the picture disc of the First Album during the RSD. So I send this terrible disappointment to the FNAC and run tomorrow to a record store.
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