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  1. At its release, I preferred the album X by Kylie Minogue and honestly I keep thinking it’s way better than HARD CANDY, yet I am not a fan of the minogue It was the first time that a Madonna album didn't excite me more. The album had leaked and I think I heard INCREDIBLE first, which I immediately hated. I love the titles produced by Pharell (GIVE IT 2 ME ) the rest had a train of delay and déjà vu. The sleeve is a tribute to bad taste seriously... who can love this cover with this picture of a candy in the background that seems created by a perfect amateur? Nevertheless this album coincides with a good time in my life, since it is at this time that I met my husband. So, it’s still the album of Madonna that I love the least, but the one that has marked me the most
  2. I thought the same thing. The aim of the disc was also to integrate new tracks from these performers. I think that having a new one from the biggest record saleswoman of the firm was an advantage to hope to see increased sales of this CD. I don’t know about your countries but in France none of the interpreters of this record are known, except perhaps David Byrne if somebody know Talking Heads. Besides, I believe that this record was released only in the USA.
  3. Released July 19th 1994 this 7th disc of a series started under the name JUST SAY YES, this charitable compilation appears for the benefit of associations with the right to abortion. The majority of performers are published by Sire Records/Warner Bros. and to be honest, I find the record particularly lame
  4. On July 27, 1983 I was 9 years old, I was more busy playing with my Star Wars figures. Madonna was still unknown in France. EVERYBODY was a nightclub success and it stopped there. I only discovered this album with the reissue THE FIRST ALBUM and it took quite a while before I realized that it wasn’t his original cover. The BURNING UP remix is my favorite track, certainly influenced by his video.
  5. OH FATHER didn’t climb past 36th place in France, it wasn't a hit. Radio stations didn't often broadcast this song. However, the video was often broadcast on television. I think that the French public would not have been receptive to DEAR JESSIE, which is still separate. Already CHERISH had a hard time getting accepted, and EXPRESS YOURSELF had been abandoned... In my country the leading title of the album LIKE A PRAYER has monopolized all the attention, the other two singles have struggled to cope.
  6. Well I have a question. Does anyone know since when this technique of shortening a title for a radio broadcast goes back ? I also collect records of Serge Gainsbourg and I don't find so many different versions except from the 80’s. I know that some singles in the 70s appeared in truncated versions but what label first had this idea of cutting a song to make it fit into a mold? Unless it’s a radio request?
  7. It’s funny what you say because it shows that the promotion of this song seems to be really different depending on the country where it appeared. In France THIS USED TO BE MY PLAYGROUND appeared without anyone hearing about this Barcelona Gold compilation. We actually knew it was part of a movie that was going to be released later on our screens, but that’s it. The song BARCELONA by Freddy Mercury & Montserrat Cabalé was re-release in Europe because it was the anthem that was used at the Olympic Games that were held in Barcelona that year... The album in which he appeared in 1988 was even reissued and it is this album that the single highlighted, not the Barcelona Gold compilation.
  8. Name it like you want, for me it's an edited version not an album one. This short version is part of a compilation which is not mentioned on the single.
  9. You're right. But why this title "edit" appear when some songs have the term "fade" instead.
  10. I like what Stuart Price did with it for the Re-Invention Tour. It's the same mix but not completly. Well we talk about edit, but this title came with some songs when it's not really some edited versions. I'm wondering why the term "edit" came for some single like I would have called it a fade version but it's not so simple. So what is considered like an edit ? Are these kind of short versions are edit for you ?
  11. There's no official edit version of this mix.
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