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  1. Thank you But I'm searching rankings, not certifications
  2. Yes... But if somebody have some of these rankings, I am here
  3. I read in I don’t know which forum that in the 80s, radio made their own rankings, leaving a chance for Madonna to have Everybody be ranked in a top 10. This already gives a promotion period, which may interest me for the other singles.
  4. Well, HARD CANDY is for me the first album that wasn't a real Madonna album. For the first time in a 25-year career, Madonna follows the trend and does exactly what works, without an ounce of innovation. This record is the first to have so many collaborations: two duets with Justin Timberlake, a featuring of Kanye West, the vocal participation of Pharrell Williams. The sleeve that I find particularly horrible, she's integrated on an enlarged candy background, and the name M-Dolla is integrated on the belt with the original title of the album. I don’t know what happened but Gio
  5. 47 in 2 months here. I buy vinyls & CDs when there is one, I never buy computer files... and I don’t even have spotify or any of these horrors. I have a problem with dematerialized music: for me it must be accompanied by a packaging or a support. I find the concept very practical, but I can’t bring myself to buy a simple sound on computer file. So I’m getting old and I love it!
  6. Hi everybody Is there someone who knows about philippines singles sales and specially about charts in the '80s ? Do you know the different singles that were classified there and at what periods ?
  7. Like everybody, I’m relieved to see this forum live again. I tried another one but it wasn't the same so I'm happy. I hate social networks so it is difficult to fill the lack of this forum. Thank You
  8. Hello everyone. I’m looking for old charts in Brazil. Brazilian fans it’s time to show up I want to know when the album & the singles were broadcast on radio and how many copies were sold. Based on some research, I have found that : Everybody/dub version was aired from March 1983, but released in November 1982 Physical Attraction/Burning Up was broadcast in July 1983 Holiday/I Know It was broadcast in October 1983 Borderline/Think Of Me ? Lucky Star/I Know It ? I think the album was out when Lucky Star was released (in 1984) ? ...
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