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  1. What bothers me in this process is that finally we don’t care about the artist. Madonna no longer needs to exist in real life with this, it’s like she was dead and we try to revive her. Ok it’s funny to say "how it could have looked like that if she had sung that" but frankly... This AI story is beyond my comprehension. We are even now able to convey political messages in images recreated from scratch. We arrive at the stage where we confuse the true of the false/ the false of the true... This goes beyond the stage of music, this tool if not mastered will become very dangerous.
  2. LP version was played on french radio stations but the single was never released. Only a CD maxi-single during summer 1995 I always thought that this title was especially loved by her fans thanks to its video. TAKE A BOW had not been a big success in France, BEDTIME STORY wasn't broadcast at all (except in clubs) It must be said that HUMAN NATURE was a little against the tide of what was broadcast on radio at that time.
  3. Seen last night, I wasn't as moved as in Paris but this confirmed that the Accor Arena in Bercy doesn't make a sound as fluid as it should. WHAT A FUCKING SHOW MY FRIENDS !
  4. You have to ask to Jellybean for this
  5. I am totally fan of her music and I confess I don’t always follow what she does, only when I’ve got time and I’m hanging around. I am especially interested in her musical releases. So I have vote in between casual fan and Stan, but I'm not sure with that
  6. Whaou, I thought it would never happen
  7. Cool, better late than never
  8. You have to listen to it [Hidden Content]
  9. So this is really great. I would have loved to see him on stage
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