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  1. G_O_N_E

    Dark Ballet - "I'm not afraid to die for what I believe"
  2. G_O_N_E

    Nope. Unless they’re the bonus tracks
  3. G_O_N_E

    Ehh, nothing quite like JOA, Extreme Occident is pretty powerful. Wouldn’t really say there’s any “strict” ballads.
  4. G_O_N_E

    There’s actually very little use of any effects on her voice. Mirwais always makes it intimate though. I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised.
  5. G_O_N_E

    If you like Future (and I do), you’re in for a spectacular surprise.
  6. I wouldn’t call her speaking “music”, so you didn’t hear anything “sonically innovative” yet. You will on June 7th. She’s reinvented it enough. It’s like Material Girl or Vogue to her at the point.
  7. You gotta realize she’s sick to death of LAP.
  8. She performed the songs Eurovision requested and allowed.
  9. G_O_N_E

    These "travel packages" are ridiculous. They should have just had the option to add that as a bundle, not automatically included.
  10. G_O_N_E

    Yeah I was in the same boat. Still waiting for Chicago to come through or a public sale.
  11. 3 songs are being rehearsed.
  12. I realize this happens literally with EVERYTHING she does, but all I can say with this release, the best is yet to come. The intention with I Rise, Crave, Future, and Dark Ballet is with each one, a different sound, and a bigger reception. Dark Ballet will truly "set the tone" for Madame X. I personally don't think I Rise, or Crave sound stellar on their own, but with the complete package, they do.
  13. Yup, that is correct :D
  14. It’s from the standard edition