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  1. G_O_N_E

    Who was it again that SWORE she was performing a full set list? 🙄
  2. G_O_N_E

    American Life, Vogue, God Control, I Rise
  3. G_O_N_E

    Yes. It's also meant to be singing in frustration, or clenched teeth - she's rationalizing why some turn to violence and loosing control.
  4. G_O_N_E

    I’m confident he’s not. Her PR team on the other hand are on all of the forums.
  5. G_O_N_E

    Proof? 🤣 Give me a break. Do you really think Guy is playing cop and messaging every person who has the album? “Oh don’t share it, but go ahead and post clips on Instagram” 😂 Yeah, and I’m currently rubbing Madonna’s feet and feeding her Oreos 🙄
  6. G_O_N_E

    I’m sure he said that. But I can guarantee you he’s lying.
  7. G_O_N_E

    No one is speaking with Guy. No one.
  8. G_O_N_E

    It’s Bruce Springsteen...I don’t see him even coming close. I’d be more concerned with the Jonas Brothers
  9. G_O_N_E

    Not even a chance
  10. G_O_N_E

    I think that pic is from RH
  11. G_O_N_E

    Not at all. Like the album, it's very deconstructed. I would have preferred it to be the album opener, but...
  12. G_O_N_E

    It's pop perfection.
  13. G_O_N_E

    This one went through A LOT of transformation. Stellar production from Mirwais and team!
  14. G_O_N_E

    Ha, exactly.