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  1. For those confused with the timeline: -"Cool Song", "Set the Right" and "The Game" are American Life outtakes. "Cool Song" later got reworked as "It's So Cool" for Celebration. -"If You Go Away", "Is This Love (Bon d'accord)", "Miss You" and "Boum" are from the Hello Suckers sessions. Early versions of "How High" and "Devil Wouldn't Recognize You" were initially written during these sessions as well. Lyrics from "Is This Love (Bon d'accord)" and "Boum" later got reworked into "Voices" and "Like It or Not" respectively. -"I'm in Love with Love" is from the Luc Besson musical sessions. "I Love New York" and "Hung Up" also originated from these sessions.
  2. Besides "The Power of Good-Bye (Fabien's Good God Mix Edit)", everything seems to be there. They could also have added Little Star for the sake of it even though it's just the album version. There's also the promo edit of Swim even though I don't expect it to be dropped on streaming anytime soon. Would have fit there nicely.
  3. Thank to everyone who participated and made this ranking possible. Thanks also to the few ones that were here live. I can't wait to see your reactions. You can find a recap on the first page. The next game will be announced very #soon...
  4. #2 – Confessions Tour - Average Rank : 3,13 - Highest Rank : 1 ( @konfideinmenow, @Leandro Gomes, @proxy, @Voguerista, @Alibaba, @MDNA22, @zephyr in the sky at night, @Steve Collins, @N3onNostalgic, @Fateseeker, @Ayham, @RUADJAI, @Future Lover, @Adriabs ) - Lowest Rank : 11 ( @Polaris ) #1 – Blond Ambition World Tour - Average Rank : 2,76 - Highest Rank : 1 ( @Robertthenurse, @Bjonkers, @Holger, @olive, @Daxkoba, @Danton, @LoveAffair, @frozen78, @tscott, @Copenhagen Ciccone, @Pretender1978, @SuperBicycle, @Simeon Penn, @Fontainebleau, @alfi1973, @desperateK, @Stéphane ROBIN, @geert, @panosgk, @BlondAmbition, @Karma, @patrice1711 ) - Lowest Rank : 11 ( @mikenmark )
  5. #3 – The Girlie Show - Average Rank : 3,76 - Highest Rank : 1 ( @stefo, @musicinferno, @EgoRod, @steady75, @Jet, @TOpher, @Roy, @gst6662000, @mirtillo, @CVMAD, @jesus, @Homogenic79, @Drum Dub, @truevirgin, @Levon ) - Lowest Rank : 10 ( @mikenmark, @Polaris )
  6. The Top 3 consists of: -Blond Ambition World Tour -The Girlie Show -Confessions Tour But in which order?
  7. #4 – Drowned World Tour - Average Rank : 5,75 - Highest Rank : 1 ( @NothingReallyMatters, @Andreo, @Fernando, @Frankito ) - Lowest Rank : 11 ( @tscott, @BlondAmbition )
  8. #5 – Re-Invention World Tour - Average Rank : 5,81 - Highest Rank : 1 ( @mossy, @Inco ) - Lowest Rank : 11 ( @Roy )
  9. So the last 5 tours standing are: -Blond Ambition World Tour -The Girlie Show -Drowned World Tour -Re-Invention World Tour -Confessions Tour Which tours will go next?
  10. #6 – The MDNA Tour - Average Rank : 6,40 - Highest Rank : 1 ( @migsou, @rgdlee, @johncba ) - Lowest Rank : 11 ( @proxy, @SuperBicycle, @Frankito, @scion )
  11. #7 – Who’s That Girl World Tour - Average Rank : 6,55 - Highest Rank : 1 ( @Enrico, @scion ) - Lowest Rank : 11 ( @zephyr in the sky at night, @N3onNostalgic, @Fernando, @RUADJAI )
  12. #8 – Sticky & Sweet Tour - Average Rank : 7,24 - Highest Rank : 1 ( @HC Charge, @mikenmark ) - Lowest Rank : 11 ( @EgoRod, @steady75, @olive, @Pretender1978, @alfi1973, @Stéphane ROBIN, @Levon )
  13. #9 – Rebel Heart Tour - Average Rank : 7,64 - Highest Rank : 3 ( @Robertthenurse, @Fateseeker, @Stéphane ROBIN ) - Lowest Rank : 11 ( @migsou, @NothingReallyMatters, @Andreo, @Copenhagen Ciccone, @jesus, @desperateK )
  14. #10 – The Virgin Tour - Average Rank : 7,85 - Highest Rank : 1 ( @Tony Fortin, @Polaris ) - Lowest Rank : 11 ( @stefo, @konfideinmenow, @Leandro Gomes, @Danton, @Steve Collins, @HC Charge, @Future Lover, @Adriabs, @johncba, @panosgk, @Karma )
  15. #11 – Madame X Tour - Average Rank : 9,10 - Highest Rank : 3 ( @HC Charge, @mikenmark ) - Lowest Rank : 11 ( @Robertthenurse, @Bjonkers, @musicinferno, @Enrico, @Jet, @Holger, @mossy, @Inco, @Voguerista, @Alibaba, @Tony Fortin, @TOpher, @Daxkoba, @MDNA22, @rgdlee, @LoveAffair, @frozen78, @gst6662000, @mirtillo, @Fateseeker, @Ayham, @CVMAD, @Simeon Penn, @Homogenic79, @Drum Dub, @Fontainebleau, @truevirgin, @geert, @patrice1711 )
  16. The results show starts in half an hour! I hope you're ready!
  17. The results show will start in a bit more than 20 hours, so here’s a reminder for you all! @Robertthenurse, @Bjonkers, @stefo, @musicinferno, @Enrico, @EgoRod, @migsou, @steady75, @Jet, @Holger, @mossy, @konfideinmenow, @Leandro Gomes, @proxy, @Inco, @Voguerista, @Alibaba, @Tony Fortin, @olive, @TOpher, @Daxkoba, @NothingReallyMatters, @Danton, @MDNA22, @Roy, @rgdlee, @LoveAffair, @frozen78, @tscott, @gst6662000, @zephyr in the sky at night, @mirtillo, @Steve Collins, @N3onNostalgic, @Andreo, @Fateseeker, @Copenhagen Ciccone, @Ayham, @Pretender1978, @SuperBicycle, @CVMAD, @HC Charge, @Fernando, @jesus, @Simeon Penn, @RUADJAI, @Future Lover, @Homogenic79, @Drum Dub, @Fontainebleau, @Frankito, @alfi1973, @truevirgin, @scion, @desperateK, @Stéphane ROBIN, @mikenmark, @Polaris, @Levon, @Adriabs, @johncba, @geert, @panosgk, @BlondAmbition, @Karma, @patrice1711
  18. Voting period is finished and the rules weren’t respected but thank you for wanting to participate still.
  19. The voting period just ended. 72 users participated, a record, the double the amount that voted for the Finally Enough Love megarate! Thank you for being so supportive, I really appreciate it. We now have a winner, however due to my work shifts as well as my birthday coming very very soon, the results will only be announced on March 20th, at 3pm EST / 9pm CET. I apologize for the delay, but I hope you won't forget and will be a lot to comment live! @Robertthenurse, @Bjonkers, @stefo, @musicinferno, @Enrico, @EgoRod, @migsou, @steady75, @Jet, @Holger, @mossy, @konfideinmenow, @Leandro Gomes, @proxy, @Inco, @Voguerista, @Alibaba, @Tony Fortin, @olive, @TOpher, @Daxkoba, @NothingReallyMatters, @Danton, @MDNA22, @Roy, @rgdlee, @LoveAffair, @frozen78, @tscott, @gst6662000, @zephyr in the sky at night, @mirtillo, @Steve Collins, @N3onNostalgic, @Andreo, @Fateseeker, @Copenhagen Ciccone, @Ayham, @Pretender1978, @SuperBicycle, @CVMAD, @HC Charge, @Fernando, @jesus, @Simeon Penn, @RUADJAI, @Future Lover, @Homogenic79, @Drum Dub, @Fontainebleau, @Frankito, @alfi1973, @truevirgin, @scion, @desperateK, @Stéphane ROBIN, @mikenmark, @Polaris, @Levon, @Adriabs, @johncba, @geert, @panosgk, @BlondAmbition, @Karma, @patrice1711
  20. There is only one week left to vote, so make sure to participate in time if you want to! We are now at 54 valid votes! @Unruhe, @Brendanlovesu1, @Nowheretohide, @Dj Garrido, @deathproof, @chipie, @sidney78a, @Karma, @mcat, @Drum Dub, @Bohh, @truevirgin, @Foreigner, @desperateK, @Polaris, @Alexei, @MattyMads, @androiduser, @MPowered, @Janinno Salazar, @spinningaround, @poodle, @Frankito, @MadonnasPussy, @GhostOrchid, @mrmadonna, @Fontainebleau, @Levon, @patrice1711, @PanditaRulez, @drunkby6, @Pretty Madonna, @geert, @alfi1973, @mikenmark, @bitchimmadonna, @BringUrLUV, @reinvented_0, @Sven, @The Grey Pilgrim, @PlayPause, @chaosmen1984mk, @panosgk, @Winn, @lennyleonard, @johncba, @ludowillo, @Chris Morlock, @Rebel Hugo, @Roland Barthes, @MadonnaLove, @Loru, @DjKingBee, @thehorrors, @theglamorous, @WopaelWopael, @JanekCiccone, @animalinstinct, @Ch3rish, @OceanBlue, @xrayeyes, @d2-mac, @Scor-pi-o, @ajwr83, @dubtronic, @MusicFreak
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