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  1. Madame X is a saint, a whore, and a visual autobiography.
  2. I like the are arrangement. They’re defintely working on those vocals. Nothing new.
  3. Yeah, I tried not entertaining it. Their entitled to the view and approach to her art. The critics did Like A Prayer, Erotica, and American Life and she never stopped. I’m sure she wanted to multiple times, because even she’s human, not just plastic and surgery or however she’s viewed.
  4. God, reading through all the bad reviews. Auto tune. Editing. Grandma in stripper clothes? I don’t personally remember any stripper clothes but maybe I’m just jaded. I love the woman so I will find something good in it. But that’s me. She doesn’t need an album to spawn billboard hits anymore nor does she need to pad the set list. She didn’t with Drowned World and it was fine. I feel we will see that flip with her next era like we did with Reinvention. But who knows. Anyways, that’s my rant. I’ll type up my review once I watch it a third time this week. I want to see it again after it’s been a couple weeks.
  5. It’s the scene basically where she’s telling them to stop because they are being too predictable in their poses or movements.
  6. Yeah I’ve noticed. They remixed and have given no credits to it. Don’t even think it’s called Frozen.
  7. It’s called “None Of This Is Real”. jk
  8. Having watched a second time, here are my favorite songs/performances of the show: 1. Dark Ballet - Gorgoeous color and it flowed in motion and choreo. M is obviously more stationary moving forward and it’s understandable, therefore the scene, story, and other dancers are much more important. Here I felt it was all balanced. Even the whole bib thing didn’t look awful. Reminded me of a short shift that women would’ve wore with gowns or part of a male soldier’s uniform. It over all gave me French Revolution vibes mixed with Joan of Arc obviously. 2. American Life - Again, colors were great and this song fit everything so well. And who doesn’t love an excuse to wrap about checking out the hotties and driving their Mini Cooper. The soldiers though, kinda tired trope and would have preferred it switched to something else for the continued spy theme. But it’s not enough to knock it. 3. Like A Prayer - I love the version for the Met Gala and Eurovision. I know some didn’t but I love it. The tour version is lighter than two prior performances though. Love the vocals (manipulated or not) and again colors and her outfit was gorgeous. 4. Human Nature - Another example minimal movement but yet a fully entertaining segment. The projections brought attention to her, really highlighted the multi function of the stage the alcove for her to perform inside of. The song arrangement was also refreshing and fitting. I would warrant Express Yourself a spot alone so I’ll tack it on here. I love her voice for it. They could’ve did something jazzy for it too but it’s fine considering time constraints. 5. Batuka - It was hard picking a clear fifth favorite. Frozen, Vogue, IDSIF, Come Alive all were great in theory whether with their arrangements or with their aesthetic or live but ultimately were not the most visually appealing through video format and editing. So I picked Batuka because the Batukadeiras entering theatre legit made me smile. Whether they were singing live or not, their representation on video for the world is heart warming and just one more way M shows her care for other cultures and minorities. Everything else was just good enough or not appealing enough to me. The Fado section needed better structure and pull La Isla in my opinion. Killers needed just… something extra but I’m not sure what. Crazy was as expected. Love the song. Love it’s representation. But it was just there. Medellin was beautiful too, I just wish it was what closed out the segment not Extreme Occidental, which needed something else too. But again, not sure what else.
  9. Just finished watching it. It was nostalgic and made me miss having seen it live. I thought the opening was nice. Life is a circle. I thought Dark Ballet was absolutely beautiful. It felt theatre. Human Nature was just as I remember it, and randomly flipping her upside down was… weird but I don’t know that my mom even noticed haha. I didn’t mind. She’s not my bitch after all. Vogue really was less interesting on video, but I don’t remember it being phenomenal in person. It’s Vogue. I’ll play it to death regardless. Then nod to Pride we’re nice. IDSIF was also not as interesting on film as in person. Insert Papa Don’t Preach… wasn’t there but I knew that already… still love it on tour and def miss it here. American Life. Definite highlight. Always great to have an excuse to drive my Mini Cooper and feel super duper. Maria I felt basically cut out. It was there. But like driftwood, it was just something to hold onto to get to Cabo Verde. Batuka was beautiful and a nice change in scene. Pechincha was heavenly, just as I remember. Killers and Crazy were nice and loved the added instrumentation in parts I don’t remember in person. I missed the second verse of Fado Club. Medellin was Medellin. But I’ve played it so much that it really was just a bleep in the film, but the part where she gets hold of David I liked a lot. Extreme was underwhelming. Still love the concept though. Breathwork was always a favorite. Like spoken word and very much theatre. Frozen ofcourse was beautiful. Come Alive was colorful but such a short segment. Future I live in this version but they basically used the reshoot. The exclusion of Crave and transition to LAP was great. And I Rise was just like Dark Ballet, theatric and exactly how I wish other parts were more or less. Over all, it’s great but it really highlights M’s reliance on her dancers, and at some points I really enjoyed that. And God Control did it’s thing. Almost forgot it. Anyways, that’s my word vomit for my first watch.
  10. I like to think of them as Easter eggs like in games hahahaha
  11. Sadly I’m gonna miss the MXT of Papa Don’t Preach but it’ll be okay. There were so many different moments. I can’t wait for Vogue and IDSIF, Batuka, Future, God Control, Crazy, Medellin etc.
  12. Also, what does she need to rush the release for? All the other names probably had to because it’s their job. M is beyond needing to treat her work like work. It’s her art, and at time more a hobby. Hence her not pushing the film editing during the lockdown. If she had already released it, we’d done tore it apart and be bored this October🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. If anyone needs a fun chuckle and insight into some Twitter reactions, these are some good ones of our “messy legend”: https://www.harpersbazaar.com/celebrity/latest/a37566779/twitter-madonna-butt-2021-vmas/
  14. Looks rather delicious. But I could tell she didn’t feel comfortable. And that could be from the environment, the clothes, or her body. But she’s Madonna and what would we prefer? She accept defeat and keep the trench coat on? That would not be Madonna. The trailer is fine. Crazy has grown on me so much. You can hear she felt that song. And the editing in the intro was not the most tasteful. But it was edit in such a way in general that I felt like it was meant to be bright and cartoonish.
  15. I don’t consider it a studio album in the since of her other studio albums. It is mostly original tracks but it’s also so heavily tied to a movie, but with one listen, one can tell Madonna was super invested in the concept of Breathless and Dick (no pun intended). But if I was categorizing, I wouldn’t include it with the other 14 studio albums. I’d slide it between Who’s That Girl and Evita in the movie/soundtrack albums. But it’s such a gray area and totally understand many placing it with the other studio albums straight up.
  16. Kinda wasted my morning commute on it. Haus Labs is amazing as expected from all leaks and attempted recreations. Alice wasn’t bad at all. Stupid is where started going down hill. It’s wasn’t bad per se but too short. And then idk what was going on in Rain on Me but it was the first official slip on the list and that continued until Enigma which had some okay effort but I still skipped by the end. Sine from Above was the quirky effort I was looking for but the dub step at the made my thumb slip and I skipped… and then I magically landed back on Haus Labs because there wasn’t another remix of Babylon there… well there was… but I’m going to pretend it wasn’t. Overall there are better remixes for the singles and if I hunt, I’ll find better of the other tracks. Maybe with another listen I’ll soften my criticism but… really your album that helped so many through COVID and quarantine and you can’t push a stronger remix album? And the features… were just not worth it. Can we get the Apocalypse of Chromatica remix album next?
  17. Medellin wasn’t bad. I smiled the whole day when it came out. It’s dreamy. Madame X is perfect depiction of Madonna: serious, comical, dark, light, experimental, modern, sleek, raw, robotic.... ironic. Faz Gostoso could’ve been nice as a single but it’s clear that she preferred her work with Maluma and Batukadeiras for videos. But the 5 Million on the Billboard holograms could’ve gone towards videos for other songs to help explore Madame X and her journey to bring light while running from the dark. Also, Confessions and Ray of Light aren’t as strong bodies of work compared to Music or American Life.
  18. Rescue Me as spoken word was brilliant. It presented the song differently. Not about dance. But as poetry.
  19. But there was damage control from the album itself going on. Where Drowned World saw her distancing herself from the old hits, Reinvention saw returning to the past, which people found more attractive than American Life. She’s last that now. If anything, we got splashes of her back catalogue throughout MX era. Like A Prayer at Euro and Tour. Vogue, American Life at Pride and Tour. Frozen and Rescue Me and others on tour. And Hung Up returned for Pride this year alongside IDSIF. I’m interested I. Her current works because that’s where she is in the world. I was born 97 so I can’t fall back on the experiences of her during the 80s, 90s, and early 00s. I have what she’s giving now and will give.
  20. Definitely excited. From the balcony, you see everything in a big picture way but not all the little details buried in the work. She was in pain or sick and I know that was killing her as a perfectionist. I’ll miss Papa Dont Preach but everything else will be just as beautiful.
  21. Ugh, I gotta pick up another streaming platform. Oh well.
  22. Popular: True Blue Fan Favorite: Confessions Experimental: Madame X Cult Classic: American Life Best Album: Ray of Light Meh: MDNA
  23. I’ve been flowing between Omar Apollo, The Neighborhood, and Lorde (prepping for the new album). I mean, that’s my non-Madonna picks for right now. I’m all over the place with M as usual.
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