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  1. hi, where did you find it? i wanna listen to itttt :))))

  2. Daniel

    Hard Candy, always!
  3. Daniel

    First of all, I'm amazed you know Amália Rodrigues, but I don't think there's going to be fado-influenced music on the album. Maybe 10% in one song. She collaborated with Dino D'Santiago which is a different genre, heavily influenced by Cape Verde sounds, so maybe we will hear some Funaná style or even Morna in the upcoming album. Don't get me wrong, I would love for M to do something fado-esque but I'm quite apprehensive and cautious when it comes to getting my hopes high. The only thing portuguese about the next album will be MAYBE the language in part of one of the songs, if she doesn't use Cape Verde creole instead, and the portuguese Anitta uses, which is a little questionable. ? Sorry Brazilian bros and sis.
  4. Daniel

    Funny how she says the album will be inspired by Portugal and its music but all I see are references to Cape Verde and now Brazil: morna and funk isn't Portuguese music, the only thing Portuguese about it is PERHAPS the language. Musically it is not even close. While Brazilian funk is not a music style I enjoy, I'm curious about the morna influenced song/s; Madonna did say in the past she liked Cesária Évora and listened to her music.
  5. Daniel

    Madonna's official website? Where did you read that?
  6. Daniel

    so you have not seen the remastered inhouse leaks? Cause I have the laser disc and it is not better! Please I have spent 10 years on this, i know what I am talking about Hi @Bat-Fan, do you happen to have that marvelous DVD already ripped in lossless format? I would so love to have it. I've too been looking for the perfect BAT DVD for ages!! Please share it with us if you can!
  7. It's gonna staaaaaart Enviado do meu VFD 700 através de Tapatalk
  8. Tick.... Tock.... Tick.... Tock....

  9. Use AdBlock Plus for Chrome and use this link... It's working perfectly for me... so far. http://tv4embed.com/usa/showtime.html You're welcome.
  10. Now I'm really hyped. That detailed description has made me really look forward to watching it. And I wasn't even that thrilled anymore... If all this is true - which I'm 99% sure it is - it's going to be an amazing experience and something to really be happy for. I'm smelling something good, à la confessions but updated and upgraded. Enviado do meu VFD 700 através de Tapatalk
  11. I was hoping for an answer to that myself :/
  12. BIM isn't half as edited as I thought it would be... It's a good sign. Maybe the Rebel Heart preview we got was intended to be that way because of its meaning.