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  1. hi, where did you find it? i wanna listen to itttt :))))

  2. It's gonna staaaaaart Enviado do meu VFD 700 através de Tapatalk
  3. Tick.... Tock.... Tick.... Tock....

  4. Use AdBlock Plus for Chrome and use this link... It's working perfectly for me... so far. http://tv4embed.com/usa/showtime.html You're welcome.
  5. Now I'm really hyped. That detailed description has made me really look forward to watching it. And I wasn't even that thrilled anymore... If all this is true - which I'm 99% sure it is - it's going to be an amazing experience and something to really be happy for. I'm smelling something good, à la confessions but updated and upgraded. Enviado do meu VFD 700 através de Tapatalk
  6. BIM isn't half as edited as I thought it would be... It's a good sign. Maybe the Rebel Heart preview we got was intended to be that way because of its meaning.
  7. it!!!! I wonder if that's part of the film or just a teaser
  8. Anyone here is an Elite member of the CentralBox?

    1. Unruhe


      just looked the site up and didn't know it existed! It is such a great idea! I got me registered. What's on the elite members site?


    2. Daniel


      Pretty much all the videos available... if you have a regular account you can only download certain videos

    3. Unruhe
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