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  1. digitalfreaknyc

    What are you reporting? LOFL
  2. digitalfreaknyc

    You don't know Neil?! LOFL He was one of the beer bitches and is extremely well respected in this dwindling community. Like I said, verify it. Instead of insulting me, do something. But you won't. Because it's far easier to sit behind your computer and insult someone you don't know than to find out the truth. Because if you did, it would mean your idol is not only mortal...but a complete asshole. I'm providing names. I'm providing a story. And security is backing it up. I never said she's not having a problem with her knee. But that particular issue is not at play here.
  3. digitalfreaknyc

    Well, only one of us knows her team. It's pretty easily verifiable. IF (and that's a big "if") this tour continues, go ask for Molly at the next show and watch the blood drain from whoever's face that you ask. Don't believe me? Ask Neil at Tribe. He said her health is fine. And he's been to a dozen shows. He knows them as well. Keep living in your delusional world, full of excuses and theories.
  4. digitalfreaknyc

    This. Isn't. About. Her. Knee. Her health is fine.
  5. digitalfreaknyc

    That is exactly what I just said to my friend. Knee injury. And then she'll be on her Instagram and in paparazzi photos running around like Ferris Bueller with a bad excuse. "Oh. I'm sorry. I can't come to the show right now. I'm afraid that in my weakened condition, I might fall and subject myself to future Madame X absences." 😉😉
  6. digitalfreaknyc

    The "news" won't even pick up on it. It's Christmas. And then New Year's. She knew that, even if the real reason got out, it would be buried in holiday news.
  7. digitalfreaknyc

    Two members of middle management were fired and M stormed off, canceling the show. One of them is Molly, a VIP manager who's an amazing worker and ran VIP for the Megan Trainer tour. She threw an absolute fit during sound check, fired them and left. That's why there's radio silence. No one knows what's going to happen with the rest of the dates. She hates this tour. She wants the whole thing over with.
  8. digitalfreaknyc

  9. digitalfreaknyc

    Yes. One of the Brooklyn shows was cancelled last minute
  10. digitalfreaknyc

    A friend went last night. Said the crowd was ghetto and awful. They said they kept screaming at her to shut up and sing.
  11. digitalfreaknyc

    Of course not. If she needs surgery and a serious recovery period, she'll know that NOW. Cancel (or postpone) the rest of the tour NOW. Don't wait until people fly in for Philly or Miami.
  12. digitalfreaknyc

    What exactly did I say that was negative??? For her to continue shows instead of canceling??
  13. digitalfreaknyc

    Well, if that's not a lie, why can't she just sing? Don't dance. Phil Collins recently did his show from a stool. Instead of disappointing fans, just sit there and sing. Fans should be happy to see her and the show. Isn't that better than outright canceling? If you want to have a true cabaret show, now's your chance.
  14. digitalfreaknyc

    I'm sorry. You disagree?
  15. digitalfreaknyc

    And she won't this time either...if she doesn't take care of herself.