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  1. digitalfreaknyc

    After they bought their tickets and probably after they've entered the theater?
  2. digitalfreaknyc

    Wrong answer
  3. digitalfreaknyc

  4. digitalfreaknyc

    So was the part about the music being good. 😂🤗
  5. digitalfreaknyc

    Just had this conversation with a friend. Exactly.
  6. digitalfreaknyc

    They won't sue Ticketmaster. They'll sue her. Maybe it will work and maybe it won't. But if it brings attention to her, it won't help in the grand scheme of things.
  7. digitalfreaknyc

    I'm betting she's going to go on later both tonight and tomorrow....especially after that video. That's all her attitude is now - "i'll show them."
  8. digitalfreaknyc I wonder if this will become a class action lawsuit?
  9. digitalfreaknyc

    I would think that only those who left before the show started would have a case for a refund. Otherwise, you're screwed.
  10. digitalfreaknyc

    She's gone from Japanitis to tendinitis
  11. digitalfreaknyc

    The theater was NOT still packed, according to people who were there who report patrons walking out before and during the show. Someone on tribe said his entire section was empty except for one person.
  12. digitalfreaknyc

    Irrespected isn't a word. And I don't need the door. I never entered the Madame X house.
  13. digitalfreaknyc

    You're right. Joan respected her fans until the end.
  14. digitalfreaknyc

    Seriously? That's the reaction you're going with? And RiT was 15. Not 19.
  15. digitalfreaknyc

    Which is ironic because all the "Do It Better" shirts she wore in RIT were from Banana Republic.