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  1. The article says.. "These new collections will mark the first album releases to be part of the newly announced partnership between Madonna and Warner Music Group" https://www.rhino.com/article/madonna-details-two-career-spanning-collections-finally-enough-love-and-finally-enough-love
  2. "FINALLY ENOUGH LOVE: 50 NUMBER ONES flows in mostly chronological order"
  3. He's cute.. but the show is so basic, the crowd is great though..
  4. It looks like rehearsals for the movie are about to start.. you can see their unloading her furniture there..
  5. https://music.apple.com/nz/album/frozen-fireboy-dml-remix-single/1611755847 it's out in New Zealand..
  6. The president of Ukraine followed her back on IG after that message..
  7. Yup.. He's also responsible for her Spotify account too..
  8. He's nice guy but useless.. We trying to fix her YouTube channel in other forum since 2017!! he refuse to do what we want!! We send him the list of videos missing and better masters and he always fucked-up!! he did a lot of progress tho (he didn't know how to change thumbnails at first for example) he didn't know how to create a playlist or fix the audio, it took him ONE year to fix the name of her channel,because the "M" wasn't in capital letter before (he said it was impossible to fix), he deleted several videos in 2018 because he uploaded in the wrong aspect ratios.. ?
  9. It's not that bad.. But you can see that the I.A had some troubles in some scenes.. ?
  10. They'll probably continue to uploading "upscales" videos all this year..i hope I'm wrong, let's see what happens this Friday..
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