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  1. Homer GR ✖️

    I think it is already edited and it is by Ricardo Gómez who filmed and directed it with Krypton International (madame docu️ documentary) as some professional close-up images are seen in the video that Madonna posted ... I hope and come out soon
  2. Homer GR ✖️

    I totally agree with you ... I find it absurd that they continue with that mentality that she is not happy with the recording, it is a show that she wants the world to see ... RT is something else and she released a documentary so wait Madame ✖️ live ""
  3. Homer GR ✖️

    I have the feeling that she is not going to get involved and will leave everything in charge of Krypton International (the company that filmed it) with Ricardo Gómez and this will be incredible
  4. Homer GR ✖️

    This can come out as soon as possible as happened with the Confessions Tour that ended in September and was televised in November of the same year without the need for so much junk editing ... and really hopefully and it won't take long to see the light
  5. Homer GR ✖️

    Sí, tiene la peluca rubia, también me encanta.
  6. Homer GR ✖️

    It looks professional but I think it is just an edit by Ricardo Gómez ... in some scenes you see images of London or Paris where she does not have the blonde wig and Lisbon if I use the blonde wig, it is very fast for the DVD I think maybe it's just a summary Enviar comentarios
  7. Homer GR ✖️

    I personally prefer a complete tour and not a documentary (we already have Madame ✖️ doc) ... and as I have said before, Madame ✖️ tour is in itself an incredible show I dare to say a masterpiece that deserves to be seen ... So ready for Madame ✖️ live from Lisbon
  8. Homer GR ✖️

    A Friend went to see her at a London show and asked Ricardo Gomez if there will be a DVD and he replied that if there will be ... it is said that apart from the 2 nights in Lisbon the rehearsal was recorded the day before the opening in Lisbon.
  9. Homer GR ✖️

    Como ya he dicho, espero y está en el estilo documental Madame ✖️ y siento que será así sin tanto filtro de edición, etc
  10. Homer GR ✖️

    Creo que si lo va a lanzar en alguna plataforma y en blu ray, pero dudo que sea documental, no está grabando nada en ninguna ciudad fuera de esenario... Madame tour️ el programa es muy visual y especial para ella ... ¡así que prepárate para ver esta obra de arte!
  11. Homer GR ✖️

    friend already filmed it the first 2 nights in Lisbon 👌🎥🎬
  12. Homer GR ✖️

    I think the Madame x tour will be out this year I have that feeling ... I bet on Amazon prime or Netflix
  13. Homer GR ✖️

    I think that this time she will not put her hands and leave everything in charge of the company that made the documentary Madame ✖️ and the work will be great
  14. Homer GR ✖️

    tonight show sold out 👏👏👑
  15. Homer GR ✖️

    Yes Madame ✖️ dvd 🙏 sound incredible