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  1. Just watched The Next Best Thing... It was cute. I loved Madge in it. But why is she always in court? Like in Body Of Evidence.

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    2. DanK


      I want Madonna to act again if only to finally be found guilty by yet another black female judge, at long last.

    3. PatrickSamuel


      Her acting's always on trial, hence why she's always in court :smile:

  2. I need That Kind Of Woman (Original Version) to be released only.
  3. "Soon" might be around the corner. The editing looks good!
  4. The live version of Love Spent / Like A Virgin from the MDNA tour. When I drank too much wine and thought about my past relationship while I was watching this segment, I was drowning in my tears.
  5. "It's being edited right now as we speak about it and I'm excited about it." - that what she said (from my memory).
  6. She said this - but also that they're editing it right now as they speak about it.
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