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  1. Madame X

    It will charge when it ships! I pre-ordered every edition for about 200 bucks.
  2. Madame X

    I‘m absolutely loving it.
  3. Madame X

    It's already #38 on iTunes Germany!
  4. Madame X

    The song would perfectly fit to a Disney movie like Vaiana.
  5. Madame X

    I FUCKING LOVE IT! I'm so ready for the album. Already pre-ordered every edition for about 200 bucks.
  6. Madame X

    I love the Frida Kahlo reference in the rumored standard cover.
  7. Madame X

    I love it.
  8. Madame X

    I'm so excited... I'm so ready... I'm so thirsty... FOR THIS!
  9. Sounds too similar to Nicki Minaj' album Queen.
  10. Madame X

    The older someone gets, the better and more attractive they look... In my opinion.
  11. My most valuable items are two of the Blond Ambition Tour jackets from 1990.
  12. It's up on some hungarian websites for pre-order under the catalog number 0603497854370. Pre-order on
  13. Madame X

    Crazy For You in "13 Going On 30".
  14. Madame X

    It's definitely not Madonna.