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  1. Madame X

    So glad to see the forum being back again.
  2. Madame X

    Thanks, @Fighter!
  3. Madame X

    It's making sense to me. Disappointedonna is heavily writing towards the end of the video. Meaning - if you think chronologically - when Discodonna is getting ready for party, seeing the news of a mass shooting, Disappointedonna (her brain), starts heavily writing „WE LOST GUN CONTROL“, writing text after text like a warning. Throughout the video Disappointedonna is tipping slower. As Discodonna is getting robbed, Disappointedonna slams her fists against the typewriter. Like „DIDN'T YOU SEE THE WARNING SIGNS? GET HOME!“. Discodonna is heading to the club, dancing. Her brain continues to tell her things but she's ignoring it. After the shooting, Discodonna is still alive but she is dying. So Disappointedonna writes her last words until the song on the vinyl stops. She died with her since she's sitting motionless in her chair. The point where the video begins. I love this concept. Thank you for this. And sorry for my grammar.
  4. I will look around in stores for the magazine.
  5. Madame X

    This is my favorite reaction video. He's so handsome...
  6. Madame X

    Just look for it on eBay:
  7. Madame X

    This teaser is giving me Deeper & Deeper and What It Feels Like For A Girl vibes.
  8. This teaser is giving me Deeper & Deeper and What It Feels Like For A Girl vibes.
  9. Don't Tell Me today at work.
  10. It's available in serveral stores in Germany.
  11. Madame X is #1 in 54 countries on iTunes!
  12. Madame X is #1 on iTunes Germany!
  13. I have to say: I like the packaging of the Limited-Edition Deluxe 2CD, but I wonder why she uses low quality video captures as booklet images/textures? And it's not not well thought out to put the CDs into a cardboard sleeve... Both CDs have already tiny scratches due the pushing out. After the first listen, I loved it. Still have to hear it over my HiFi Bowers & Wilkins-Headphones. God Control and Killers Who Are Partying gave me goosebumps. Faz Gostoso is fun. Looking For Mercy my favorite so far. Am I the only one who thought that Looking For Mercy is about her daughter Mercy?
  14. Ja, Warten ist immer so eine Sache... Aber zumindest können wir die Songs schon hören!
  15. Habe die Version bei Amazon bestellt. Wurde heute morgen verschickt und kam jetzt an. Habe aber alles nochmals über den offiziellen Online-Shop bestellt, aber bisher keine Versandbenachrichtigung. Ich hoffe, es kommt morgen.