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  1. Madame X

    "It's being edited right now as we speak about it and I'm excited about it." - that what she said (from my memory).
  2. Madame X

    She said this - but also that they're editing it right now as they speak about it.
  3. If you had the chance to take a pill and have a dream, which tour of M's would you want to see?

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    2. Mr. Peanutbutter Horseman

      Mr. Peanutbutter Horseman

      Confessions Tour.

    3. Enrico


      Torn between BAT and WTG, but maybe WTG because I love her nice attitude here, and she was adored by everyone back then, and the live arrangements were great.

    4. Brandon Clark

      Brandon Clark

      WIthout a doubt The Virgin Tour 1985!!!! I have always dreamed of being able to experience this show in person! I've always dreamed that one of the first shows would leak someday from Seattle showing literally the very first time M stepped onto a concert stage to perform a full show of her songs! Her look for the beginning of this tour was CLASSIC gorgeous too! Virgin Tour all the way! 

  4. Why do I feel so melancholic these last days?

    Why was I so ignorant and didn't was attentive enough while watching her performing at the Rebel Heart Tour?

    Became a fan months after the tour ended. And now being afraid to never have the chance again to see her live...

    1. hzmajesty


      I felt the same way with the MDNA tour. I almost went but the prices stopped me. I regret it so much because I loved the setlist, the visuals, the costumes and now the blu ray is not the greatest recording of it. Keep your head up though, I'm sure M has another tour in her after this pandemic is over. She's probably going crazy having to stay put and heal. I really think she'll have an album out as soon as covid-19 is over with :-)

    2. blondebenji


      So True.

      She will be back with a huge tour for sure

    3. Andymad


      I feel like M would rather perform in a wheelchair than never ever be on stage again. She will find a way.

  5. Do you think she will be touring again in some years? I need to see her live again before I die...

    1. Diamonds & Pearls

      Diamonds & Pearls

      She's definitely got one more tour left in her but she absolutely needs to rest in between the album cycles. This last tour almost took her out of commission forever and she needs to undo the damage she caused to her body.

    2. The Ghost

      The Ghost

      She needs to stop this thing were they release an album have little promotion and then immediately start selling tour tickets and everything is rushed.    She needs to take her time.. 

  6. It seems like Madonna is receiving the Billboard Icon Award next year.

    It is about time.

    1. louis.exe


      Cool she deserves it I hope she dose a medley 

  7. The maxi-challenge of the next episode from RPDR will be Madonna: The Unauthorized Rusical on April 10th. Can't wait!

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    2. deathproof


      33 minutes ago, Fighter said:

      she's said before she wouldn't be a judge on a competition show so idk

      Yet she was a marriage counselor on a reality show 10 yrs ago lol

    3. Fighter


      wasnt that some sort of favor, like i dont even know what show it was, so it must have been:cryin:

    4. RUADJAI


      as much as I want to be excited... I hate the Rusicals. I wish they'd do a end of season number to a Madonna song.... like Read U Wrote U but to Vogue or something. 

  8. Madame X

    The maxi-challenge of the next episode will be Madonna: The Unauthorized Rusical on April 10th. Can't wait!
  9. Madame X

    Madonnas beauty at 02:40. She looks stunning!
  10. Girl Gone Wild Living For Love Medellín Crave
  11. Desperately Seeking Susan will be released on high-def Blu Ray for the very first time in Germany. You can preorder it on Amazon Germany and some more German online shops, such as jpc or bü It will be released on March 27th, 2020 as a very limited mediabook (Blu Ray + DVD) of 1000 units only.
  12. Madame X

    Re-Invention Tour Confessions Tour MDNA Tour Rebel Heart Tour
  13. It's up for preorder on a German store: