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  1. Madame X

    Medellín American Life Dark Ballet Addicted Music Extreme Occident X-Static Process Using my real name was easier... Hung Up American Life Nothing Really Matters Sky Fits Heaven
  2. Madame X

    I gave up. I don't want to spent a bunch of money for a bad seat... I have to take into account the additional costs for a flight and a hotel for the night... It's too expensive. I will wait for her to come to Germany. If somebody wants my code for the London shows, hit me up.
  3. Like A Prayer has re-entered at #113 in iTunes Germany. Future still at #10. #QueenOfControversy
  4. The broadcasted version sounds worse than it actually was live on spot in the arena... I liked her performance. Especially the second part. And the choreography for Future was quiet good! But I‘m tired of all this hate towards her. Yes, she was off-key on Like A Prayer, but hey, I still love and appreciate this whole era. We got so much new stuff from her in the last four weeks, it‘s magical. And I won‘t read further negative tweets and posts about this performance. It‘s getting on my nerves.
  5. Future has risen from #69 to #17 on iTunes Germany.
  6. 9 PM in Germany, so it would be 2 PM for you.
  7. Madame X

    The instrumental of Future sounds like Ashtrays & Heartbreaks by Snoop Lion (Dogg) and Miley Cyrus... That's why I enjoy her new song so much, because I already loved this one:
  8. Madame X

    From Apple Music:
  9. Madame X

    Love the song.
  10. Madame X

    #169 - iTunes Germany
  11. Madame X

    These trumpets. 😍 This album is so diverse. I love it!
  12. She looks so fucking hot. Nothing more to say. I like the video a lot.
  13. Madame X

    Thanks for the link. I just ordered it. So far no cancellation from Amazon Germany.
  14. Madame X

    Umso besser. 😍