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  1. Why can't she stand still for a minute? It's nerve-racking. But she's looking hot.
  2. Her hair and dress reminds me of Cruella. I loved that movie.
  3. The one from Naisu? Yep, it still the best.
  4. Where are you guys from?
    Greetings from Berlin, Germany.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. D3nner


      I'm from Açailândia, Brazil.



    3. vesalii
    4. Unruhe


      Hallo Berlin! I am from Buenos Aires

  5. I finally managed to see it. What can I say? I was like: What? How can it be over already? Where did the 2 hours go? I need the blu ray ASAP!
  6. They changed her eye area completely... Always wondered why she looks like Barbie in all of her posts. She looks perfectly fine, why do they need to use Photoshop that much?
  7. In comparison to the performance some weeks ago, this was so well sung and performed. The outfit was on fire - gave me Frozen vibes. And the energy in the room was felt through the screen. Madge is delivering.
  8. As long they will put it on iTunes to purchase, everything will be okay.
  9. It was available on Spotify Germany this morning but now it's not anymore… What's going on? Edit: Never mind. Fixed it.
  10. WTF? Why would they need to push it back a week? Uff.
  11. I haven't found any possibilities nor news for Germany. There's still no update from MTV Germany, no schedule for live streaming.
  12. American Horror Story: Hotel meets Justify My Love and Erotica... I'm here for it.
  13. There will be a physical release, believe me. Every era I read all the same comments which are doubting there won't be any physical release and boom... Surprise, we get Blu Rays with CDs, DVDs, VoD... You people need to chill and enjoy. Madge isn't like all these younger artists like Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande whose tours are Netflix exclusives just because their millennial fandoms are on their smartphones only... No need to collect stuff which can be seen from everywhere, everytime... Madge will always sell more with physical releases than with streaming only and she knows that, her label knows that and with this new Warner deal, they won't miss this opportunity. Her collector fandom is huge.
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