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  2. the 1995 remixes definitely used the 1984 original vocals... no doubt.
  3. So here's something that is intriguing me: M's last Instagram post (https://www.instagram.com/p/CLNpsctB9a1/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link) is an excerpt from the promo gig she did at La Cantine du Faubourg, Paris in 2003. It happens that the footage she posted is an edit of the gig I did myself a few years ago and posted here on this forum, here's my original post: I never posted it anywhere else, I just did a google search to see if my video showed up anywhere and it didn't. So I guess someone close to her must be on this forum, and not only that, they download content from here and post it on her official accounts. What do you all think, am I missing something here? I mean, of course it doesn't prove any of her people actually got it here, it might have passed from hand to hand till it got to her, but still it's weird to see her post this random edit I did and never really shared in any big platform. By the way, the excerpt she just posted starts at 19:15 of the original video, in case you want to check.
  4. Joni Mitchell did that when her label wanted to release a greatest hits compilation. She said she would only agree if they would put out a "greatest misses" alongside, and they actually did. https://www.discogs.com/Joni-Mitchell-Misses/release/4212539 https://www.discogs.com/Joni-Mitchell-Hits/release/2415232 It would be great if M did something like that, especially since she hasn't had many hits in the last 20 years...
  5. I don't get it either. Alanis was a Maverick artist when she released "Jagged Little Pill" and we've been getting true 4K remasters of her videos from that album, clearly done from the original film negatives. Why can't they spend the same kind of money on restoring at least some of M videos?
  6. The backing vocals used in this mix are by Niki and Donna. Although the leaked vocal tracks do include M on backing vocals as well, I don't think her takes were used here.
  7. maybe she stopped posting about her trip in Malawi because of the Covid-related backlash she was getting. we know she was getting it here....
  8. thanks! can I get a download link, please?
  9. this looks fanmade, using footage from that sped-up clip she posted a couple of months ago. there's still hope!
  10. kosher can include cheese and dairy, just not mixed with meat.
  11. I see mostly fillers and maybe some lifting, but the structure of her face is the same imho. Nothing compared to what MJ or even Janet and Gaga have done.
  12. Bedtime Story was 1994, and I agree that since then her videos have been getting cheaper and cheaper.
  13. It seems he's more addicted to you and terrified of being alone than really "in love". In this case, the best you can do for him and yourself is shut him off completely. If you give him some attention out of pity, it will never be enough. And it would keep feeding him false hopes. So as painful as it can be, now is the time to be objective and block him off for his own good. Maybe in a couple of years you could even be friends, but not now. He has to confront himself with his own monsters, deal with his own issues and he can only do it alone.
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