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    Dancing is a passion I wanted to do since I watched Madonna perform at Live Aid. I also like to sing to a multitude of pop songs.
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  1. I see a lot of lighthearted jokes about it on the timeline but nothing too cruel and mean spirited thank goodness.
  2. AntiSkilled

    Can we acknowledge that she recorded this whole 12 track album in 3 weeks and out came one of her most iconic and well-known songs?
  3. Hi guys! Today I found this website by OpenAI that essentially tries to recreate songs by artists by filtering it through an AI machine. The results can sometimes be hilariously bad and other times can really produce bops (to me) like this version of Runaway Lover! What are your thoughts on the AI software and it's capabilities to produce music? Do you think this novelty will trend big sometime soon?
  4. AntiSkilled

    I find her smiling and having fun just incredibly sexy for me. That's why I've always loved the Blonde Ambition Tour version of Holiday. But, if we are talking about the deliberate sexiness of a performance, I really loved Human Nature on the Drowned World Tour.
  5. AntiSkilled

    I've always loved the Everybody Mix she did here. I wish that she kept it for the tour.
  6. AntiSkilled

    As someone pointed out Madonna doing a classic 70's inspired sound like what Róisín Murphy is doing now, I think that Madonna could fully pull off the early 2000s Moloko sound for an album.
  7. I'm hoping that The Girlie Show Tour in New York was filmed in full and leaks because we have b-roll footage from that show.

    1. me1981


      All shows since WTG tour were taped from the screens by Nocturn Productions the company that taped each show for the arena/stadium screens, this was confirmed by Jamesy from madonnatv. The BAT NJ show leaked because it was sent on tape to HBO. Others I assume collectors got a hold of. New York GS might be out there. 

    2. Matty


      I wish there was a BAT London

  8. AntiSkilled

    Honestly, I like the Vogue video and it is iconic but it's not my favorite. I enjoy Vogue on the BAT more than the actual MV
  9. AntiSkilled

    Deeper and Deeper - The Authentic Early 90s Nightlife with Madonna partying with her friends. It's truly nostalgic and gives great vibes of just letting loose and having fun. Papa Don't Preach - Choreographer Unknown (Probably Madonna herself) The choreography in this video is iconic. Madonna in her black jumpsuit in a barren room is cemented in pop culture. Everything about this video really set a new tone for Madonna's technicality in dancing since she was often seen with backup dancers to accompany her so it was different to see her all alone in such tight choreography. Human Nature - Choreographed by Jamie King (who would later direct her tour). Every single piece of choreography in this video has a meaning and that is important. All the dancers around her harassing her and grabbing her symbolizing the press and GP trying to control who she is as an artist. Madonna with tight hand choreography symbolizing her reaching out for freedom while dodging what they throw at her. The tense loose movements around the glass wall and box to symbolize her trying to break out of it. Honorable Mention - Hung Up for obvious reasons.
  10. The writer of the article has to be a professional chef because their taste is so good
  11. The Best Songs seems to be just the most popular singles she's released.
  12. AntiSkilled

    I would have to say Erotica being that I think it really put herself into perspective the type of artist she was and was not just a superficial pop-star as the media would make her out to be. It was her first concept album and all the tracks on Erotica have some sort of significance to her and really broke a LOT of barriers in the music world. It was talking about homosexuality and the AIDS crisis when no one else would. It was being super open about sexuality in general with explicitness that no one has ever sung about without being coy or using innuendos. It took all the taboos of American culture at the time and tried to de-stigmatize these normal feelings and acts that were deemed too weird. Of course at first, the album/SEX book backfired because the world wasn't ready for this type of pop star yet but it's everlasting impact it had on our culture later is undeniable. I hold this album in a special place in my heart for all these reasons.
  13. I love both songs to death, but Skin definitely takes me to a different place.
  14. AntiSkilled

    This may seem biased, I love both albums but.... Erotica vs. Survival Fever vs. Secret (Both are equally good) Bye Bye Baby vs. I'd Rather Be Your Lover Deeper and Deeper vs. Don't Stop Where Life Begins vs. Inside of Me Bad Girl vs. Human Nature Waiting vs. Forbidden Love Thief of Hearts vs. Love Tried to Welcome Me Words vs. Sanctuary Rain vs Bedtime Story (Both are also equally good) Why's It So Hard vs. Take a Bow In This Life vs. Freedom Did You Do It? vs. Let Down Your Guard Secret Garden vs. Your Honesty