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    Dancing is a passion I wanted to do since I watched Madonna perform at Live Aid. I also like to sing to a multitude of pop songs.
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  1. My last two were correct so I'm sticking with it! 1. Deeper and Deeper 2. Erotica 3. Rain (unless Rain miraculously gets top 2 and I'll be happy!)
  2. Bad Girl top 5 let's go! Prediction: 1. Deeper and Deeper 2. Erotica 3. Rain 4. Bad Girl 5. This Used to Be My Playground
  3. Yeah that's the trend here haha, I just really like the song and I knew it wouldn't be like top 5 but it's my favorite Madonna deep track.
  4. Surprised not a lot of people like Pretender, it's top 5 on the album for me. Love Don't Live Here Anymore deserved better as well.
  5. Well, to me, it's one of the best songs of her entire catalogue. Amazingly written, sung, performed, everything. I wish Physical Attraction went top 3 with Holiday and Borderline though
  6. One of the worst mistakes was Sire not releasing "Into The Groove" as a single in the US. It was totally dumb move that cost most likely a number 1 hit comparative to her earlier movie soundtrack song success with "Crazy For You." I don't know who there called the shots not to promote it considering "Desperately Seeking Susan" was a super popular box office movie. I like Angel but they really should have released Into The Groove at the same time as Angel.
  7. I would love Goodbye to Innocence (the Just Say Roe version) on the reissue.
  8. She looks amazing but damn does that outfit look UNCOMFORTABLE
  9. I think the remarks on her age throughout the later years really broke her and made her feel like she needs to look younger to appeal to general public. I know how toxic any body enhancing surgery is for anybody especially as your body starts to weaken and while it might look good at the moment, that stuff can make you SICK. I just pray for her health and that she decides to wake up and realize how gorgeous she really is and her age shouldn't matter when we talk about her. It's the performances, charisma, energy and her intellect that draws me to her and most of that is gone since the social media era had begun but so spryly comes back at the best of times. I still think she's an icon and beautiful but it shouldn't be the performative beauty that makes her make these choices.
  10. Really hard to say the videos that really represents Madonna as all of her videos represent a part of her but the three that I would show that would tell about her career and life would be. Like A Virgin, Like A Prayer, and Justify My Love It shows that Madonna can be playful with sexuality until developing more into a mature artist
  11. I think her least favorite/most hated single was Material Girl because of how the media spun it to be her nickname and how they identified her as materialistic when that was definitely not the case at the time. I mean it even lead to her wishing she had never recorded the song.
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