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  1. cindy_ve

    I find this on Instagram it’s the demo of god control ? does this mean it wasn’t hers????
  2. cindy_ve

    Are these real ? Sound like it
  3. cindy_ve

    Not a fan of this song
  4. cindy_ve

    So ray of light will also be part op it .... Check her Instagram maybe with gitar ?????
  5. Does anyone also her a part of the re invention tour when the remix come from Hollywood ( everybody ) ciao Bella sounds the same as that performens Everybody everybody everybody (re-invention tour Hollywood) ciao Bella ciao Bella ciao Bella (bonus track madame x)
  6. I think is going forward she survive the shooting in the club she survive the robbing And the balkony looks like she can’t take it anymore and kill her self jumping of
  7. Omg love this video 😍 did not like the song before but because of the video start to love it ♥️❤️
  8. Best song of the album 😍 my favorite
  9. Can’t wait for the video 😍
  10. Dont even like this song
  11. I pray for a looking for mercy video 🙏🏻
  12. But Joan of arc was better on the rebel heart Mine too 😍
  13. Finnaly i get my collection , still waiting for the blond cd and the pin
  14. I cant wait for the demo’s 😍 im adicted to demo’s