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  1. It has nothing to do with hate when we are on our work and do something wrong the Will also tell us thats not good , it doenst mean they hate us , she is a human and also make mistakes she is not God and she is not perfect
  2. A vocal coach is not a singer they teach how to use your voice and techniek , remember when she did Evita or Dick Tracy she also got a vocal coach then
  3. She is so honest , i have to agree on this 😔
  4. I dont mean energie to be fit more the energie that surroundgeluid her
  5. Is not only her voice , the whole preformens , there was no energie in it she song bad in concert but theres so much energie comming from her you forget that she miss a noot , but here everything was so weak and future make it even worst
  6. cindy_ve

    Sorry Guys , but i loos hope for this album i think its gonna flop harder than rebel heart or hard Candy
  7. She drink to much champagne 😂🤣
  8. I wish maluma was there with medellin i dont like the other Guy
  9. You didnt she here message Wake up It was her worst ever
  10. The Dutch comment was very negative 😔
  11. Terrible worst preformens ever 😔
  12. I hear Joan of arc ? To surprise fans lets hoop so 🙏🏻