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  1. Omg i really love this version So much more madonna than in the original video ❤️♥️ https://youtu.be/mMQIhDu1jmM
  2. As we know Madonna is a bitch she will never contact them again ... she moved on ??
  3. love this so much ♥️❤️ It makes me cry hope when she do a greatest hits concert the will be back with her
  4. I think this song sounds to similar to Madonna la isla bonita ???? what do you think ???
  5. I find this on Instagram it’s the demo of god control ? does this mean it wasn’t hers????
  6. im i the only one who didnt like this video of the rebelheart tour?? didnt like it at all to much video you cant hardley follow the concert its to much done and missing parts of the concert and one song with differend costume sorry guys didnt like this one
  7. https://www.bol.com/nl/p/strike-a-pose/9200000058582407/?suggestionType=typedsearch
  8. i really cry for this preformens so sweet of madonna and with stevie my heart break
  9. http://access.foxseries.tv/BillboardMusicAwards.phphere is the real live link
  10. i love that hair , in the 80's i had the same hair
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