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  1. That is high on my list though my favourite is Cherish from Blonde Ambition with those cute Mer-men.
  2. Just been watching the BD of this tour and there are at least 2 different camera angles PER SECOND. Some songs are not that bad but Human Nature, She's not Me, Ray of light and Like a Prayer particularly gave me a headache. Is there an alternative version on the Fan circuit that is available to buy anywhere. I got MDNA live in Amsterdam from the Madonna store which is apparently better than the official release (though I've not watched it yet). Sadly they do not offer an alternative STicky & Sweet Tour and I cant find one on ebay. I tend to avoid the ones constructed with camera phone
  3. The only song pre Hard Candy I disliked was "I'm so Stupid". Post Hard Candy I dislike most of that album except for Devil wouldn't recognise you and Miles Away.
  4. I watched this on DVD last night and it's a beautiful moving film. Jose Gutierer has barley aged in 25 years and is totally adorable. Ditto Slam who has a very moving story. It also covers the lawsuit that followed the Truth or dare film. While the first hour is separate interviews and full of reflection and looking at their lives now, the last 20 mins has a wonderful reunion. If you are a fan of Truth or dare or the Blonde Ambition tour I'd definitely recommend this. Though if you get it, get the region 1 version as apparently the R2 version is dubbed and you can't switch it to English.
  5. The Director speaks about shooting and how many cameras around 23:00
  6. I saw the Barcelona one. it was broadcast on Sky. It's generally a better show though she has wittier banter on the paris one.
  7. BAT and RIT were both made on film so can be upscaled into HD for Blu ray, while Girly show and Whos that Girl were videotape so DVD is the best we will get.
  8. Lots of disdain for the Cherish segment. that's one of my favourites. Mainly because Jose looks so adorable as a mer-man ;)
  9. Preferably on HD Blu Ray. I honestly don't know why she has not released them? You look at artists like Bjork who has released absolutely everything and wonder why someone like Madonna who sells loads doesn't want to put it out, please the fans, and make money.
  10. I just bought this one. Fingers crossed the quality is good (being shipped from overseas so I will have a few weeks wait): http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Madonna-Blond-Ambition-Tour-Live-in-France-Blu-ray-New-Edition-/282595048190?hash=item41cbfa3afe:g:9mgAAOSwrhBZC1Qa The sellers other auctions are also worth checking out.
  11. Onstage persona hasn't changed much over the years. BAT she is grabbing her crotch and saying the f word a lot. Sticky and Sweet she is randomly shouting "motherfucker" in the middle of Borderline. And the performances of S.E.X and Holy Water in the Rebel heart show are a lot more racey. The bootleg of the Blonde ambition tour is one of her highest selling DVDs. if you type in madonna DVD in Amazon.co.uk they are automatically ordered by best selling and BAT is quite high. That should tell them something.
  12. There must be a reason these never got released? I assumed it was all about the rights. Madonna said she had to wait a certain amount of time after the release of the documentaries before she could release the tours. Well it's been 27 years since Blonde Ambition, what's the hold up. I was watching a non official DVD (ripped from the laserdisc) and the quality is now pretty bad it is hard to watch. Will an official version ever happen do you think?
  13. Little Angel


    She is a great artist. I just wish her music videos were all on DVD. "The Video Hits Collection" omits about 50% of them.
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