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  1. MadonnasPussy

    Thanks. I didn't think so. I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss it. I'm curious to hear the 2 new songs and what changes(if any) were made to BTUTTB
  2. MadonnasPussy

    Did the 3 songs from disc 2 leak yet?
  3. MadonnasPussy

    Did Funana, Back That Up to the Beat, and Ciao Bella leak? Just making sure I didn't miss those leaking
  4. MadonnasPussy

    did the whole thing really leak?
  5. MadonnasPussy

    Finally enough love inches
  6. MadonnasPussy

    May I have a your nudes?
  7. MadonnasPussy

    What have I missed the last hour or so? Any new leaks after Crazy?
  8. MadonnasPussy

    The way this is leaking is super annoying. Somebody needs to just put the whole thing online already.
  9. MadonnasPussy

    I get that....but i mean HQ compared to Faz which is really LQ.(not very listenable)
  10. MadonnasPussy

    God damn links are being removed fast...almost as soon as they appear. I wish someone would just leak the fucking album instead of this long drawn out bullshit
  11. MadonnasPussy

    OMG GC is......EVERYTHING! Listening now for the first time
  12. MadonnasPussy

    So are God Control and Killers out in HQ or are they LQ? If they are LQ I won't bother looking for them.
  13. MadonnasPussy

    Are people selling the songs? WHY is this leaking so slow?