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  1. UGH! Even though I adore Music and Don't Tell Me I tried "fixing" things so Impressive Instant had a chance to be high and STILL the results are messed up! Paradise....#2?!? Impressive Instant #5?!? REALLY?!? Good lord!
  2. Madame X is... A total hater A theif of hearts Moira McFarland's finger warmer A lucky star A bad girl Breathless Mahoney A girl gone wild A loather of hydrangeas A rebel heart A ray of light
  3. I'm just going to say it.... I believe Russian Spies hacked/influenced the True Blue and Erotica megarates!
  4. This is injustice! When the ballad over an uptempo track should have been chosen is during the True Blue megarate when Open Your Fart beat Live To Tell
  5. It's just sad because hits or not Madonna can still deliver quality music as Rebel Heart and MX have many quality songs but then you throw the desperate Bitch I'm Loca Madonna and I have grills shit in there and it takes down the quality of the album as a whole.
  6. So you're saying Madonna following current trends and trying to be forever young is working for her career? If anything its counter productive because many people see it as desperation.
  7. I mean yeah its wrong to assume he's a rapper just because he's black. That being said she should abandon all these features she's using to try to bring in new fans. It's not working and she is just pissing off many of her hardcore fans. At least give us official solo edits or something.
  8. But to be fair....WTF actually cares who he is? She needs to stop with the with all the features on her music.
  9. Queen's English (Mo Mo's In The House) - 6/10 Up Down Suite - 7/10 Waiting Remix - 7/10 Did You Do It? - 0/10 DIE!
  10. Maybe Up Down Suite and The Waiting Remix but Did You Do It is shit and deserves to be excluded
  11. Madonna has always thrived off of being a polarizing figure. It's part of her brand. Sure many people despise her for stupid reasons but that creates conversations about her.....people talk about her regardless. Plus this is the truth....
  12. The hacker certainly fucked Rebel Heart completely up but MDNA?? Not so much. The leak of GMAYL really didn't hurt the album. The song still charted because of the super bowl in spite of it being bad anyway.(Good video though)
  13. I wanted to do a strategic rate after the True Blue results but couldn't bring myself to do it. I almost rated Express Yourself a 1 and Cherish a 0 just to make sure neither end up beating Like A Prayer for the top spot. Those songs are great though....I couldn't do them dirty like that so I continued to vote with my heart. sigh
  14. The absolute blasphemy that Open Your Heart beat out Live To Tell is making me rethink things for the LAP Megarate. I afraid I can no longer vote with my heart and must make educated guesses on what mistakes the hivemind will rate and then strategically vote to correct such mistakes! I won't accept Cherish coming in at #1 and beating Like A Prayer.....I CANNOT!
  15. He should have stayed anonymous....at least for a few more years. He's never going to be taken seriously now. Next we'll find out that his biggest sale was to Ingrid Casares or something.
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