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  1. Do you really thin that the majority of young people are interested in Madonna??? Her fan base is mainly older I would have thought?
  2. I think it was just Boy t-shirts, not Bo Toy as far as I remember. There was a shop in London called Boy and it sold these.
  3. Hi. A friend of mine said he bought a drum kit from handmade films back along. He was told that Madonna played these drums. The only handmade film she starred in was shanghai surprise but she didn’t play the drums in the film so I’m stumped. The kit definitely came from handmade films but does anyone know any more about it?? thanks
  4. The quality is bad - even at 720p download The video bitrate is under 1mbps!!
  5. According to www.superdeluxeedition.com, the bluray and dvd has only one cd
  6. thx for the script. will be interesting............
  7. Hi I have a spare copy if anyone wants it. Just need the cost price (£6.99) plus postage. PM me
  8. Yeah I would - it would be easier to go through and see what I have that people want
  9. Hi I was wondering if you maybe could set up a new sub forum in the multimedia section just for requests? It would be easier for people to see these if they each had a subject line and we could post replies to specific requests?? Can it be done? Could we even have a downloads sub forum?? Just a thought. Cheers
  10. Oh bugga. Just ordered one on Ebay for £12!!
  11. I will be uploading this in HD but there were two glitches in my recording of this last night! It is repeated on Monday night so will be up on Tuesday. Sorry to make you all wait!
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