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  1. I think your post can be misinterpreted when you say "it's the opposite for me" lol. It almost sounds like you disagree with me saying it's disrespectful (even if it wasn't intended to be). And listen, this isn't the biggest deal in the world, but it's a bit messed up to do that to one (?) person as if the time they spent doing this wasn't worth anything. Maybe eliminate one lowest & highest score per song, but don't just dismiss all the scores one specific person submitted. The "outlier" reasoning doesn't quite work for me imo, because even if all his scores were below 5, so were some of mine (the lowest was a 3 for BTUTTB and Bitch I'm Loca), which means his numbers can't be THAT far off from others' in order for all his scores to be classified outliers. I'm leaning more toward this being just a lapse in judgment, but still doesn't really make me want to participate again, especially because it can happen to me (specifically with MDNA ).
  2. TheRoad

    TUTR B-roll for $1500? It's not even an interesting video.
  3. I agree, that’s a bit disrespectful too. Won’t be participating anymore, no need to tag me for future ones.
  4. TheRoad

    I think there's another (unreleased?) remix that he played live in a show. Let's see if anyone knows for sure, that's just what I've heard.
  5. TheRoad

    Benny Benassi, I believe. "Just incognito."
  6. TheRoad

    Where is Hey You???
  7. TheRoad

    If she MUST perform, she should just do an acoustic version of the show with some backup dancers and stop hurting her knee...
  8. TheRoad

    Of course she should, she's not well. It's not like she hasn't tried lying to herself already... all it's doing is resulting in last-minute (and therefore more upsetting) cancellations.
  9. TheRoad

    The new batch of remixes are so fun. :-)
  10. What happened with this Future remix and video?

    1. DickTracy


      Is it the tour remix? Haven't played them together to confirm yet

  11. TheRoad

    Future - the vocal effects make more sense to me here and it's catchy. I don't like the drums in Dark Ballet much and it doesn't sound finished to me, for some reason.
  12. TheRoad

  13. The whole song is a mixing nightmare. -_-
  14. Can’t get over the badly cut vocals in Batuka. :( I know I mentioned it before but the more I hear it, the more bad cuts I notice lol.