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  1. I can't find silver edition on amazon spain :( this is homophobia
  2. But this is not the original radio edit, has a different ending. I live with the fear that they include this version because they surfing the web and find things, like covers... fingers crossed
  3. The background vocals and prerecorded issue not make sense because it has always been there. I know that was a choreographical performance, but what about Express Yourself from BAT?
  4. Madonna do bad job last night, ok. But reading "ageist" comments, her physical appearance, "maluma is becoming gay definitely", well... just make me sadder than the performance itself. Her worst performance, for sure, don't forget.
  5. Excuse me but Maluma is bad in the performance. The clohtes ar horrible and.... bad, overall like her. This is a madonna forum and we talk about her but he is not run away any fault
  6. Well, it's a bad performance, in terms and standards that madonna has and to which we are "accustomed". She is like lack of confidence and forgot two lines in music. The dress and hair are indiscriptible. For a comeback, two years later with a pandemic and a surgery between, it's not the best way to come back. It's a bad performance, her worst, but let's see one more to make it law. PS: I think she's not doing any kind of excercise like before, two years without exercise maybe.
  7. I'm a little scared to watch it... give me your hands that I'm going to
  8. Who can have the nerve to split up with Maluma and leave him single?
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