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  1. Dany Targaryen

    I agree with you completely. But I also think the issue is being polarized on purpose. Some people want guns to go away completely, so they can remove other rights later on. I know this sounds coocoo but I believe it.
  2. Dany Targaryen

    She is gonna do it, and this is gonna be the bigger hit of the era. Mark my words.
  3. Dany Targaryen

    Not very sensitive are we? See, this is why I'm gonna wait to see the video. But, from what they showed in that clip, I can hear alarms going off. It's Madonna's video and she does whatever she wants. And the message is obviously controversial. A huge number of people are actually against gun control. You can tell that this is gonna be a scene if the violence is really portrayed as it is, which it probably will. I hope Madonna can come out of it well. It is going to be tough, no doubt about it.
  4. Dany Targaryen

    Ay ay.. I don't know how I feel about this. I'm gonna wait to see the video before I judge, but I hope it's tasteful. Madonna has never been disrespectful before in her videos, even while at the most controversial. Let's see.. I like the song a lot, so I'm curious. They've certainly had a long time to edit and think about it. They shot it in February, right? Fasten your seatbelts everybody!
  5. Dany Targaryen

    I found it strange too at first, but I think she did it on purpose. She probably wanted a more laid back vibe. After a few listens, it doesn't bother me anymore.
  6. Dany Targaryen

    God Control for sure! But I Rise is also beautiful and awesome. They're both gonna get videos so I'm excited and happy!
  7. Dany Targaryen

    I REALLY like this album. But it is not conventional, I think opinions will probably go all over the place, depending on people's tastes. But the one track everybody will agree on, imo, is God Control. Amazing track. The lyrics are religious and VERY political, but the sound is gay as all out doors. It's like a dance smash with choirs. Absolutely amazing song. And, apparently, it's confirmed to get a video that was already filmed. This is the song that will bring all the fans together, I think. Great album. Really like Faz Gostoso as well. All the songs are great in their own way. Madonna went quite a few places with this one.
  8. Dany Targaryen

    Madonna is a real artist, and a real artist has to challenge, themselves and others. However, I wish Madonna would strategize and premeditate things a little bit more. Things aren't what they used to be. Overall so far, I think this performance has done a lot more damage than otherwise. She just alienated everybody. Even a lot of her own fans.
  9. Dany Targaryen

    I really like her vocals so far. Especially on Crave. But the use of auto-tune is a little disappointing. It could have been even better than it is, but I guess she wanted the robotic effect. I'm not gonna question her inspiration. It probably works well for this album. And we have had regular vocals from her for decades, so I'm not upset that she's trying something different. Another thing that annoys me a little bit is that the songs so far seem to strive(this is my opinion) to be current and commercial in ways that current music is dreadful to me. For myself, Madonna doesn't need that. But I appreciate what she's doing. We're so lucky that we're even getting new music this far into the game. And please don't kill me. I know that having an opinion can be a little problematic around here. Peace.
  10. Dany Targaryen

    Yeah. I Rise is beautiful, but I was a little disappointed with the use of autotune. Someone told me that it was produced by Mirwais, and he loves autotune. Crave isn't a Mirwais song as far as I know. So I'm really optimistic it will be a little different compared to I Rise and Medellin..
  11. Dany Targaryen

    E aí cara! Meu sobrenome também é Ribeiro. Somos irmãos!! Muito interessante a sua observação. Eles devem ter ensaiado muito e planejado tudo meticulosamente..
  12. Dany Targaryen

    The version I saw live was exactly the one that's on her channel. So it's likely true that they broadcasted the dress rehearsal.
  13. Dany Targaryen

    Exciting. But, it's gonna be hard to top Medellin. I'm prolly gonna like Crave more because I'm more of a dancy techno guy, but the impact of the lead single is usually greater. Especially when you consider Medellin came out off the back of huge anticipation. Let's see how it goes.
  14. Dany Targaryen

    I don't wanna be rude to people who love Taylor. But the incredible momentum and success of that "ME!" song and video, is depressing to me. The song is awful, I'm sorry but it is. And the video is a cringefest. It looks like an advertisement, a bad one at that. When she came out of the room at the beginning and the song started..I'm not even gonna get into it. The music business is in terrible shape in terms of creativity and artistry. I don't think it's ever been this bad before.
  15. Dany Targaryen

    I'm excited. I'msure gonna enjoy the performance regardless. But this is gonna be M's big chance at giving Medellin a good boost. I'm optimistic that everything is gonna work perfectly.