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  1. vncsmoraes

    I *think* I shared my ideal MDNAT & RHT setlists here before in a different thread, but: THE MDNA TOUR ACT I - Virgin Mary (KALAKAN TRIO INTRODUCTION) 1. Girl Gone Wild 2. Revolver 3. Gang Bang 4. Love Don't Live Here Anymore (the RHT edit we got) 5. Die Another Day 6. I Don't Give A ACT II - Best Friend / Heartbeat (Remix) (VIDEO/DANCER INTERLUDE) 7. I'm Addicted 8. Ray of Light 9. Lucky Star (contains excerpts of Physical Attraction) 10. Love Spent (contains samples of the Pet Shop Boys' Always on My Mind (Dub Mix)) 11. Falling Free ACT III - Justify My Love (Remix) (VIDEO/DANCER INTERLUDE) 12. Express Yourself 13. Give Me All Your Luvin' (Just Blaze Remix) 14. Burning Up 15. Open Your Heart / Sagarra Jo (I like it, leave me alone) 16. Masterpiece ACT IV - Nobody Knows Me (Remix) (VIDEO/DANCER INTERLUDE) 17. Vogue 18. I'm a Sinner / Cyber-Raga 19. Holiday 20. Celebration / Everybody REBEL HEART TOUR ACT I - Revolution (VIDEO INTRODUCTION) 1. Iconic 2. Illuminati 3. Material Girl 4. Holy Water / Vogue 5. Devil Pray ACT II - Body Shop (Remix) (VIDEO/DANCER INTERLUDE) 6. Girl Gone Wild 7. Bitch I'm Madonna 8. Beautiful Stranger 9. Addicted 10. Unapologetic Bitch ACT III - 4 Minutes (Remix) (VIDEO/DANCER INTERLUDE) 11. Ghosttown / Messiah 12. Dress You Up 13. True Blue 14. Cherish 15. Rebel Heart ACT IV - Wash All Over Me (AVICII Demo Mix) (VIDEO/DANCER INTERLUDE) 16. Who's That Girl 17. Get Together 18. Deeper and Deeper 19. Don't Tell Me 20. Like a Virgin (contains samples of Erotica and Heartbeat) ENCORE 21. Living for Love (Grammys arrangement) I've had people tell me that some songs in my made-up setlists aren't super realistic because I usually have songs that didn't chart in the Hot 100 and are unknown to the general public, which I always thought was funny because a) the world isn't the US and M had international hits that were ignored by the Hot 100 up until she left Warner, b) pretty sure the gp wouldn't mind sitting through Get Together in a show where they'd also get Like a Virgin, Dress You Up, Don't Tell Me, etc., c) the general public might fill out the arenas, but the super fans are the ones who'll stick with her if she's playing the Starbucks in the corner and I find a moderate dose of fan service/pandering to be a really good way business decision, since focusing too much on the general public has gotten us a bunch of similar arrangements of Holiday and LIB over and over again that sound rushed and like they were just thrown in there and d) it's fake.
  2. vncsmoraes

    I can't remember if I've posted my version of the Madame X Tour here and even though it's not all that different, here: MADAME X TOUR Act I - The Coffin (BATUKADEIRAS/DANCER INTRO) 1. Batuka 2. Dark Ballet 3. Future 4. Rescue Me 5. Live to Tell Act II - Welcome the World of Madame X (VIDEO INTERLUDE) 6. Vogue 7. I Don't Search I Find 8. Impressive Instant / Ray of Light 9. Crave (Tracy Young Remix with some modifications) 10. Hung Up Act III - Unapologetic Bitch (Remix) (DANCER INTERLUDE) 11. Faz Gostoso 12. Medellín 13. Welcome to My Fado Club (Intro) / La Isla Bonita 14. Sodade 15. Extreme Occident Act IV - What It Feels Like for a Girl (Instrumental) (DANCER INTERLUDE) 16. Frozen 17. God Control 18. American Life (Lady M Remix) 19. Like a Prayer ENCORE 20. Come Alive 21. I Rise I liked the idea of an intimate theater tour a lot, I just would've done fewer dates in each city (a maximum of 6) and more cities/countries, make something really special and limited for the super fans. I don't understand why she did 14 dates in New York if she could've played two arena shows and had about the same attendance.
  3. vncsmoraes

    KYLIE MINOGUE: THE GOLDEN TOUR ACT I - DESERT SUNRISE 1. Golden 2. Into the Blue 3. Confide in Me 4. Better the Devil You Know ACT II - THE HIGH & DRY 5. Breathe 6. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi 7. Raining Glitter 8. In Your Eyes 9. A Lifetime to Repair ACT III - NOTHING BEHIND ME, EVERYTHING AHEAD OF ME 10. Shelby '68 11. Red Blooded Woman 12. Wow 13. Can't Get You Out of My Head ACT IV - LOVERS UNITED 14. Wouldn't Change a Thing 15. Stop Me from Falling 16. The One 17. Giving You Up 18. Music's Too Sad Without You ACT V - AT THE PICNIC AFTER THE BIKER RALLY 19. Slow / Fashion Mash-Up 20. On a Night Like This 21. Lost Without You 22. All the Lovers ACT VI - NEW YORK CITY 23. New York City 24. Turn It Into Love 25. Love at First Sight 26. Dancing
  4. vncsmoraes

    BRITNEY SPEARS: THE GLORY TOUR ACT I - PIECE OF ME - Invitation (VIDEO/DANCER INTRODUCTION) 1. Work Bitch 2. Break the Ice 3. Man on the Moon 4. My Prerogative 5. Piece of Me ACT II - GO F***IN' CRAZY 6. Do You Wanna Come Over? 7. Private Show 8. Hold It Against Me 9. Slumber Party 10. Gimme More ACT III - LET YOUR INHIBITIONS GO 11. Circus 12. Freakshow / Do Somethin' 13. Make Me... 14. Touch of My Hand / Breathe on Me 15. I'm a Slave 4 U ACT IV - BACK TO THE BEGINNING 16. Rock Medley: (You Drive Me) Crazy / Oops... I Did It Again / Baby... One More Time ACT V - ONE MOMENT WITH YOU 17. Love Me Down 18. Everytime 19. Hard to Forget Ya 20. Coupure Électrique 21. Liar ACT VI - STRONGER THAN YESTERDAY 22. If I'm Dancing 23. If U Seek Amy 24. Lucky 25. Overprotected 26. Stronger 27. Till the World Ends 28. Toxic
  5. vncsmoraes

    Okay, I'm terrible at naming things, so ignore all the act names. What I'm thinking is M wakes up one day next year and she's like "Hey! Next year will be my 40th industry anniversary. I was super bored during quarantine and the Madame X Tour didn't go as planned and I've never bothered to preserve my legacy so I think I'll do something different and give the fans what they want. *picks up phone* Stuart? You're in." So this is my Greatest Hits Dream Setlist that is TOTALLY undoable even though I've envisioned many of these songs being performed in shorter versions to fit everything in in a ~150 min show and it having less complex dance numbers for M so she can rest her body and voice and not die of exhaustion. For starters, there are many songs here I think M has completely forgotten about and I imagine this as (somewhat limited*) stadium tour with more elaborate technology and staging than The MDNA Tour. But a guy can dream: M4D0NNA - THE IMMACULATE TOUR ACT I - LET THE MUSIC TAKE CONTROL - Everybody (Remix) (VIDEO INTRODUCTION) (contains samples of Vogue, Causing a Commotion, Hung Up, 4 Minutes, Ray of Light, Bitch I’m Madonna, Like a Virgin and Music) 1. Open Your Heart 2. Into the Groove (contains excerpts of Where’s the Party) 3. Music (contains samples of Celebration) 4. Holiday ACT II - THAT GIRL - Give Me All Your Luvin’ (Remix) (VIDEO/DANCER INTERLUDE) 5. Who’s That Girl 6. Deeper and Deeper (contains excerpts of Get Together) 7. La Isla Bonita (contains excerpts of Medellín) 8. Beautiful Stranger 9. Material Girl (contains excerpts of Hollywood) ACT III - NOT YOUR BITCH - Candy Shop (Remix) (VIDEO/DANCER INTERLUDE) 11. Justify My Love / Erotica (contains samples of Bedtime Story) 12. Like a Virgin (contains samples of Act of Contrition) 13. Express Yourself 14. Sorry (contains samples of Impressive Instant and Broken) 15. Human Nature (contains samples of Jump) 16. Bitch I’m Madonna (contains samples of Girl Gone Wild and Give It 2 Me) ACT IV - WHAT LOVE IS ALL ABOUT - You Must Love Me / Don’t Cry for Me Argentina (Remix) (DANCER INTERLUDE) 17. Lucky Star (contains samples of Angel) 18. Dress You Up / Borderline 19. Frozen (contains samples of Secret) 20. Cherish (contains excerpts of True Blue) 21. Surprise Song 22. Take a Bow (contains samples of You’ll See) ACT V - AWOKEN - Drowned World/Substitute for Love (Remix) (contains samples of Nothing Really Matters) (VIDEO/DANCER INTERLUDE) 23. Papa Don’t Preach 24. God Control (Intro) / American Life (contains samples of Batuka) 25. 4 Minutes 26. Die Another Day (Downtempo Remix with excerpts of Rescue Me and samples of Wash All Over Me) 27. Don’t Tell Me (contains excerpts of Like It or Not) ACT VI - FEELS LIKE HOME - Rebel Heart (Remix) (VIDEO/DANCER INTERLUDE) 28. I Rise (contains excerpts of Falling Free) 29. Vogue 30. Hung Up 31. Like a Prayer 32. Ray of Light Act I would be very New York in the 80's theme, as if it were re-introducing Madonna to us again. Act II would comments on/poke fun/critique the media's image of M throughout the decades. Act III would be M pushing boundaries and not being afraid to be sexual in her terms, regardless of the backlash. Act IV would sort of be M commenting on her many loves and heartbreaks throughout the years. Act V would be Political!Donna. Act VI would be a big celebration party to get everyone dancing and a big thank you to her fans. I tried to build the setlist, including the interludes, around each themes. *Well, since no one has asked, here are the dates I've imagined for the tour because we're in quarantine and I have too much time on my hands and I'm losing my mind: NORTH AMERICA LEG May 28, 2022 - Inglewood, United States - SoFi Stadium May 29, 2022 - Inglewood, United States - SoFi Stadium June 01, 2022 - San Diego, United States - SDCCU Stadium June 04, 2022 - San Francisco, United States - Oracle Park June 05, 2022 - San Francisco, United States - Oracle Park June 08, 2022 - Denver, United States - Empower Field at Mile High June 11, 2022 - Las Vegas, United States - Allegiant Stadium June 14, 2022 - Vancouver, Canada - BC Place Stadium June 16, 2022 - Seattle, United States - CenturyLink Field June 18, 2022 - Glendale, United States - State Farm Stadium June 21, 2022 - Dallas, United States - Cotton Bowl June 23, 2022 - Houston, United States - NRG Stadium June 26, 2022 - Miami Gardens, United States - Hard Rock Stadium June 28, 2022 - Atlanta, United States - Mercedes-Benz Stadium June 30, 2022 - Detroit, United States - Ford Field July 02, 2022 - Toronto, Canada - Rogers Centre July 03, 2022 - Toronto, Canada - Rogers Centre July 06, 2022 - Landover, United States - FedEx Field July 09, 2022 - Chicago, United States - Soldier Field July 10, 2022 - Chicago, United States - Soldier Field July 13, 2022 - Philadelphia, United States - Lincoln Financial Field July 16, 2022 - Foxboro, United States - Gillette Stadium July 17, 2022 - Foxboro, United States - Gillette Stadium July 20, 2022 - Montreal, Canada - Olympic Stadium July 23, 2022 - East Rutherford, United States - MetLife Stadium July 24, 2022 - East Rutherford, United States - MetLife Stadium July 30, 2022 - Mexico City, Mexico - Estadio Azteca July 31, 2022 - Mexico City, Mexico - Estadio Azteca SOUTH AMERICA LEG August 03, 2022 - Medellín, Colombia - Atanasio Girardot August 06, 2022 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - River Plate Stadium August 07, 2022 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - River Plate Stadium August 10, 2022 - Santiago, Chile - Estadio Nacional August 13, 2022 - São Paulo, Brazil - Estádio do Morumbi August 14, 2022 - São Paulo, Brazil - Estádio do Morumbi August 17, 2022 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Estádio do Maracanã EUROPE LEG September 03, 2022 - London, England - Wembley Stadium September 04, 2022 - London, England - Wembley Stadium September 07, 2022 - Madrid, Spain - Estadio Santiago Bernabeu September 10, 2022 - Paris, France - Stade de France September 11, 2022 - Paris, France - Stade de France September 14, 2022 - Barcelona, Spain - Camp Nou September 17, 2022 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Johan Cruyff Arena September 18, 2022 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Johan Cruyff Arena September 21, 2022 - Düsseldorf, Germany - ESPRIT Arena September 24, 2022 - Milan, Italy - San Siro September 25, 2022 - Milan, Italy - San Siro September 28, 2022 - Rome, Italy - Stadio Olimpico October 01, 2022 - Berlin, Germany - Olympiastadion October 02, 2022 - Berlin, Germany - Olympiastadion October 05, 2022 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Telia Parken October 08, 2022 - Stockholm, Sweden - Friends Arena October 11, 2022 - Oslo, Norway - Valle Hovin October 13, 2022 - Helsinki, Finland - Olympic Stadium MIDDLE-EAST LEG October 19, 2022 - Istanbul, Turkey - Turk Telekom Arena October 22, 2022 - Tel Aviv, Israel - Yarkon Park October 23, 2022 - Tel Aviv, Israel - Yarkon Park AFRICA LEG October 30, 2022 - Cape Town, South Africa - Cape Town Stadium October 31, 2022 - Cape Town, South Africa - Cape Town Stadium November 05, 2022 - Johannesburg, South Africa - FNB Stadium November 06, 2022 - Johannesburg, South Africa - FNB Stadium ASIA LEG November 26, 2022 - Tokyo, Japan - New National Stadium November 27, 2022 - Tokyo, Japan - New National Stadium OCEANIA LEG December 03, 2022 - Auckland, New Zealand - Mount Smart Stadium December 04, 2022 - Auckland, New Zealand - Mount Smart Stadium December 07, 2022 - Perth, Australia - Optus Stadium December 10, 2022 - Sydney, Australia - ANZ Stadium December 11, 2022 - Sydney, Australia - ANZ Stadium December 14, 2022 - Brisbane, Australia - The Gabba December 17, 2022 - Melbourne, Australia - Marvel Stadium December 18, 2022 - Melbourne, Australia - Marvel Stadium
  6. vncsmoraes

    1. Batuka 2. God Control 3. Future 4. I Rise Promo/Club: 1. Medellín 2. Crave 3. Faz Gostoso 4. I Don't Search I Find
  7. vncsmoraes

    The venue capacity thing is questionable, I guess. Depending on the stage and how many seats are put on sale for the floor section. For example, the AT&T Stadium in Arlington has an 80,000 people capacity expandable to 105,000, but according to Billboard, Taylor Swift sold out two dates of her Reputation Tour with a total of 105,002 tickets sold (or 52,501 per night). At first glance, this looks like a clear-cut case of tampering, but the second show was filmed for Netflix and you can clearly see everything except for obviously the seats behind the stage is filled. ...but again, even if the stage obscured, say, 1/4 (20,000) of the stadium, the floor would still get the number of available seats up from the 60,000 seats left on the stadium stands. So yeah. I don't know how this works.
  8. vncsmoraes

    I'm genuinely wondering: how do they fake sell-outs? Doesn't Billboard check those?
  9. vncsmoraes

    So I made this gifset on Tumblr that literally took me days to finish and for those who wanna see it/still use Tumblr after the titty-and-cock ban of December 2017, here it is: I was gonna share this here anyway, but then I remembered I also made a video discussing gay men's relationship to pop divas a few months ago and that a third of it was really just an excuse for me to gush about Madonna, so if anyone's interested in that too: Now I'm gonna go lie down for a couple of weeks. Shameless self-promo!
  10. vncsmoraes

    Well. Probably the best we'll get 35th anniversary-wise.
  11. I think if she did a properly remastered four/five disc greatest hits spanning her entire career, like Celebration was meant to be before Warner dropped the ball, I don't really see why not. It'd be awesome to have the single remix edit of True Blue, for example, although personally I would rather have all her albums up until Music remastered and re-released in special deluxe editions like Kylie did with her first six albums. I will admit though that the greatest hits is coming from a fan perspective. I'm not sure how much interest people have in compilations anymore since every streaming service has an Essentials playlist for every artist. But then, Kylie did score another #1 in the UK with this year's Step Back in Time album, so who knows?
  12. vncsmoraes

    For those who are on Tumblr, I made a gifset of the teaser here: P.S.: you don't have to have an account to take a look, it's not locked.
  13. vncsmoraes

    I'd also like to add that the original album is still very much there, available in every streaming platform. They didn't remove it, it's still there in all its unremastered glory, so it's not like we're losing anything (I'd pissed if they'd replaced it too), we're gaining something. Don't like/is disappointed by the 30th anniversary version? Absolutely fine and valid - again, not what the album deserved - but what we have is an addition, not a loss or replacement.
  14. vncsmoraes

    I liked it. It's not perfect nor what this album deserved, but at least they had something and it didn't go completely ignored like the ROL/Erotica anniversaries did, with just some vague lip-service paid to it by whoever* is managing her non-personal posts on social media. *btw, i mean no offense to this person, you can tell they are really trying but are provided with nothing to work with.
  15. vncsmoraes

    I would love for her to to go on a stadium-only tour like, she's never done this before, buuuut... that would really rely on her either marketing it as a greatest hits or (god forbid) farewell tour or her having another huge worldwide hit single which... depends on a lot of factors.