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  1. vncsmoraes

    The venue capacity thing is questionable, I guess. Depending on the stage and how many seats are put on sale for the floor section. For example, the AT&T Stadium in Arlington has an 80,000 people capacity expandable to 105,000, but according to Billboard, Taylor Swift sold out two dates of her Reputation Tour with a total of 105,002 tickets sold (or 52,501 per night). At first glance, this looks like a clear-cut case of tampering, but the second show was filmed for Netflix and you can clearly see everything except for obviously the seats behind the stage is filled. ...but again, even if the stage obscured, say, 1/4 (20,000) of the stadium, the floor would still get the number of available seats up from the 60,000 seats left on the stadium stands. So yeah. I don't know how this works.
  2. vncsmoraes

    I'm genuinely wondering: how do they fake sell-outs? Doesn't Billboard check those?
  3. vncsmoraes

    So I made this gifset on Tumblr that literally took me days to finish and for those who wanna see it/still use Tumblr after the titty-and-cock ban of December 2017, here it is: I was gonna share this here anyway, but then I remembered I also made a video discussing gay men's relationship to pop divas a few months ago and that a third of it was really just an excuse for me to gush about Madonna, so if anyone's interested in that too: Now I'm gonna go lie down for a couple of weeks. Shameless self-promo!
  4. vncsmoraes

    Well. Probably the best we'll get 35th anniversary-wise.
  5. I think if she did a properly remastered four/five disc greatest hits spanning her entire career, like Celebration was meant to be before Warner dropped the ball, I don't really see why not. It'd be awesome to have the single remix edit of True Blue, for example, although personally I would rather have all her albums up until Music remastered and re-released in special deluxe editions like Kylie did with her first six albums. I will admit though that the greatest hits is coming from a fan perspective. I'm not sure how much interest people have in compilations anymore since every streaming service has an Essentials playlist for every artist. But then, Kylie did score another #1 in the UK with this year's Step Back in Time album, so who knows?
  6. vncsmoraes

    For those who are on Tumblr, I made a gifset of the teaser here: P.S.: you don't have to have an account to take a look, it's not locked.
  7. vncsmoraes

    I'd also like to add that the original album is still very much there, available in every streaming platform. They didn't remove it, it's still there in all its unremastered glory, so it's not like we're losing anything (I'd pissed if they'd replaced it too), we're gaining something. Don't like/is disappointed by the 30th anniversary version? Absolutely fine and valid - again, not what the album deserved - but what we have is an addition, not a loss or replacement.
  8. vncsmoraes

    I liked it. It's not perfect nor what this album deserved, but at least they had something and it didn't go completely ignored like the ROL/Erotica anniversaries did, with just some vague lip-service paid to it by whoever* is managing her non-personal posts on social media. *btw, i mean no offense to this person, you can tell they are really trying but are provided with nothing to work with.
  9. vncsmoraes

    I would love for her to to go on a stadium-only tour like, she's never done this before, buuuut... that would really rely on her either marketing it as a greatest hits or (god forbid) farewell tour or her having another huge worldwide hit single which... depends on a lot of factors.
  10. vncsmoraes

    TEARS OF THE AUDIENCE TOUR 1. Video Introduction (includes samples of Like a Virgin, Holiday, Into the Groove, Ray of Light, Music, Vogue and Hung Up - all fooling the audience into thinking she's gonna start with one of those) 2. Candy Shop 3. Superstar (Eddie Amador Full Remix) 4. Incredible (2nd half only) 5. Auto-Tune Baby 6. MDNA Skin Creams (VIDEO INTERLUDE) 7. B-Day Song 8. Give Me All Your Luvin' (Party Rock Remix with LMFAO present) 9. Hey You 10. S.E.X. 11. 4 Minutes / Dance 2night (performed solo by Justin Timberlake) 12. MDNA Skin Rollers (VIDEO INTERLUDE) 13. Spanish Lesson 14. Candy Shop Reprise (Acoustic) 15. History (Jump single version) 16. Santa Baby 17. Highlights from Arthur and the Invisibles (VIDEO INTERLUDE) 18. Crazy for You (Benny Benassi Remix) 19. Revolver 20. Turn Up the Radio 21. The Power of Good-Bye (Luke Slater's Super Luper Remix) 22. The Incredible Auto-Tune B-Day Candy Shop (Martin Solveig vs. Kanye West vs. LMFAO Remix)
  11. vncsmoraes

    THE VIRGIN TOUR 1. Crazy for You 2. Dress You Up 3. Material Girl 4. Like a Virgin 5. Into the Groove WHO'S THAT GIRL TOUR 1. Open Your Heart 2. Holiday 3. White Heat 4. Who's That Girl 5. Live to Tell BLOND AMBITION TOUR 1. Like a Prayer 2. Express Yourself 3. Keep It Together 4. Live to Tell / Oh Father 5. Like a Virgin THE GIRLIE SHOW TOUR 1. Bye Bye Baby 2. Everybody 3. Vogue 4. La Isla Bonita 5. Fever DROWNED WORLD TOUR 1. Music 2. Don't Tell Me 3. Ray of Light 4. Impressive Instant 5. Mer Girl / Sky Fits Heaven THE RE-INVENTION TOUR 1. Nobody Knows Me 2. Lament 3. Express Yourself 4. American Life 5. Crazy for You CONFESSIONS TOUR 1. Live to Tell 2. Hung Up 3. Music Inferno 4. Paradise (Not for Me) 5. Let It Will Be STICKY & SWEET TOUR 1. Into the Groove 2. Vogue 3. Give It 2 Me 4. Like a Prayer 5. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You THE MDNA TOUR 1. Girl Gone Wild 2. Like a Prayer 3. Gang Bang 4. Give Me All Your Luvin' 5. Like a Virgin / Love Spent REBEL HEART TOUR 1. Unapologetic Bitch 2. Rebel Heart 3. Like a Virgin 4. Deeper and Deeper 5. Bitch I'm Madonna
  12. vncsmoraes

    so this is what she meant with "time goes by so slowly" she's a true visionaire, foreshadowing this unbearable wait 13 years before
  13. I hate to be that guy, but no one is gonna do anything about her back catalogue until after she dies. Warner is milking it the way they legally can, by re-releasing her old stuff, with no changes, over and over again. To have remastered videos, albums, digital singles, release demos/outtakes, full concert movies never officially released, etc., they'd have to strike a deal with M and either Live Nation or Interscope or both. That means money, time, and a lot of legal crap and I don't see any interest from any of the parties involved to do that, aside from the occasional pandering management comment by Guy O to the fans saying "he'd love to release the BAT on DVD/Blu-Ray" *jerk-off motion*
  14. This is what I was thinking. Asian pop is its own completely different industry and East Asia, especially Japan and more recently South Korea, have this long, proud history of being always top-edge when it comes to technology. It's just expected of them to always be the pioneers in that aspect. Ariana Grande is arguably the biggest pop star in the United States right now and I've checked every time I watched her videos from last/this year: 1080p is as far it goes. M took such a long time to finally start releasing videos in HD (anything from Hard Candy up was unforgivable in that aspect), I doubt she'll do 4k anytime soon, if ever. It has to really become the new standard as 1080p eventually did. Oh, not to mention that 4k means more money to produce. Not only the digital cameras are more expensive (and no one shoots mv's on film anymore), but the post-production is as well. It costs a lot more to render visual effects in 4k than in 1080p or in SD, that's why every TV show from the before the mid-2000's was finished (edited, had VFX rendered) in SD even though it's long been the TV industry standard to shoot in 16 (older shows or shows trying to cut costs) or 35mm film.
  15. vncsmoraes

    I too think she should have released Girl Gone Wild as the first single. I get what she was trying to do with Give Me All Your Luvin', but I don't think she succeeded at all. The thing about MDNA is that it always left me with the impression it was a rush job, especially after William Orbit said he barely ever saw and spent time with M when they were working on it. I mean, she had the Super Bowl going, W.E. had just been released and finished a few months prior, then she was doing some press for it, making the Truth or Dare perfume and working on the pulled lingerie project all while making an album with an elaborate tour opening less than three months after it dropped. As it is, I would have gone this route: 1. Girl Gone Wild (super generic and super dated with that distinct 2012 EDM sound, but while it was not gonna be the single that gave her another Hot 100 #1, it would've fared better internationally and the video + it being a lead single would receive some attention, like GAYL did, especially due to it being the Super Bowl song) 2. I Don't Give A (feat. Nicki Minaj) (Nicki was at her height and with a proper participation on the video, especially if she released it shortly after the Super Bowl, I'm sure it would have garnered a fair amount of interest) 3. Gang Bang (if she had made the video she wanted, even without Quentin T*rantino, and released this as a single, I'm 100% sure it would have been a huge hit on the dance/club charts) 4. Falling Free (simply because she was right in that it's one of the best songs in the album and a nice way to close such an angry cycle of singles. Like others have mentioned, she could release a remix for radio stations, film the video she wanted to make with the original arrangement and perform it on tour) As for Rebel Heart, we know it ended up being a rush job due to the leaks. It has never been confirmed, I believe, but I do think she rushed and re-worked most of the tracks so they'd be different from the leaked versions in a desperate attempt not to let it impact album sales by offering something that wasn't identical to what was circulating for free. As it is, though, I do think Living for Love was the best lead she could choose. Still, I think maybe this could've worked better: 1. Rebel Heart (promotional single to hype-up the album a bit) 2. Bitch I'm Madonna (I know Cardi B wasn't really a thing yet, but I do think she should have gotten someone else to do this feature with her. She'd already done two with Nicki, so there was no novelty there. Still, even if the song itself was deeply disappointing to me, it would be a statement that would gather some attention and it's probably the most radio-friendly song in the album) 3. Living for Love 4. Ghosttown (sorry, I love it too much not to have it as a single) Although what I would've liked: 1. Living for Love 2. Ghosttown 3. Unapologetic Bitch 4. Rebel Heart