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  1. ok i was being bitchy earlier but i had a few points. let's just let it go. i stand by what i said but i realize that it was rude way of trying to get my point across. back to being on topic, i really do truly love these 2 pieces and that what the thread is about. that is why i was being a bit rude because i think they are cool.
  2. i am sorry 😢 i had a moment of weakness i will keep the fighting spirit again tomorow thank you to @Alphafor the pep talk. I guess i earned my drama queen badge hugging my disco ball until then-
  3. especially if i called you a bitch or a betch. i am sorry!!
  4. actually . i just had a little bit of a change of heart. i am sorry to everyone i have been mean or aggressive to. honestly i just am passionate because i don't have much control in my life but i just love madonna so i feel like i have the authority to talk shit on her behalf. i can see that that is not a very healthy attitude and i will see myself out. i will only come back if and when i can control myself and try to respond in a kinder manner. thanks for your Grace in the situation. i think i have misdirected anger. i can see that i am in the minority and my vibes are not very fun. carry on. and have a good weekend.
  5. no bitch i notice it when i can't even get excited about something with some graphic design wannabe claiming they could do better.
  6. love the photos from the magazine today!!!!! would make a great Lithograph
  7. i may be a hippocrite but at least i actually still like the content the pop star we are congregating around is putting out.
  8. notice it's always the white 40 something male fans too
  9. Thank you!!!!!!!! if you are so fucking uninspired log out and go on craeate the next artistic breakthrough
  10. i love it and here is why. one. the collage is cute and a throwback to NKM on MDNA tour. it's cool and artistic and very "present day" 2. the burberry disco ball thing is like confessions redux with a little bit of that versace photoshoot with the big black dogs and secret project revolution mixed in. im sick of people complaining that the aesthetics don't match their tastes. Ok COol. you are so much better artist than ricardo gomes and also diaz. in a parallel universe she chose your artwork. happy now? want a cupcake? 🥧
  11. I love 💗 both images 💜 funny how it's the same people always complaining
  12. Just curious .... what do you think is the main version of Evita soundtrack? the one cd selection version with the black and white cover or the 2CD version with all the songs. Rhetorical /S
  13. i bought the Sex shirt. i have been waiting for this day for what seems like weeks!!!! 😀
  14. all around the world pretty girls was a bop and so was me against the music so honestly i think it would work really well
  15. i think the rebel heart vinyl is just not being promoted because it is on a different label
  16. Did you just crawl out of a time capsule? Gender is fluid now Honey 🍯 🐝
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