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  1. luckystar1983

    Hard Candy (best) Rebel Heart MDNA
  2. luckystar1983

    Never Love a Stranger, but I'm not sure how successful it would've been considering how similar it is to Take a Bow.
  3. luckystar1983

    It is strange that I'll Remember wasn't included considering what a hit it was, or maybe it is just not as remembered or important to her career as the songs that made the track list? Surely it would've made the cut instead of Everybody if they were going by sales/chart performance?
  4. luckystar1983

    I've never watched Eurovision and I don't know much about it either. I do know that it gets a lot of viewers and I see people talking a lot about it every year though. No matter what, there will be millions of people watching her performance but we won't know if it'll boost her sales or not until after the show. If the viewers enjoy her performance then it certainly will; If they hate the performance then they probably won't go and buy/stream her new single/album, so really it depends on Madonna. Either way she'll definitely reach more people than she would have if she didn't perform there.
  5. luckystar1983

    I can't believe True Blue and Causing a Commotion weren't included on it. if this album was someone's introduction to Madonna then they would be missing out on some of her biggest hits. I agree that it should've been in order. I'm sure they wanted to make it musically cohesive but it just seems messy in my opinion. I know that someone could just go and listen to those songs separately or create their own playlist of her songs--which is made especially easier with streaming--but it'd be more convenient to have them all, in order, on one album. A good thing that can be said about this album is that Who's That Girl was included.
  6. luckystar1983

    Happy birthday
  7. luckystar1983

    Thank you. They have a very good picture for something filmed in 1987.
  8. luckystar1983

    Definitely Like a Prayer... I prefer her ballads over her dance songs and Like a Prayer has a lot of them like Promise to Try, Oh Father and my favorite, Spanish Eyes. It also has Cherish which is one of my favorite songs by Madonna. Hard Candy is a very fun album though and I enjoy a few songs on it. I just don't think it can compare to Like a Prayer.
  9. luckystar1983

    I chose Now I'm Following You and Give Me All Your 'Luvin. After seeing them all listed I've noticed I don't like most of her featured songs...
  10. luckystar1983

    Why is it in 360p? At least Madonna's videos are in 480p.
  11. luckystar1983

    that is a very good impersonation of madonna. I've actually seen it a few times before and thought it was her too.
  12. luckystar1983

    yes but her face was turned right side up for many international releases
  13. luckystar1983

    Yes, that's a fan made cover
  14. luckystar1983

    The cover for Bedtime Stories is my choice. I love the colors and her look during that time is my absolute favorite. I agree that the fan made one is better though. The title is much easier to read than on the official cover. The Like a Prayer cover is my second favorite; it is very simple but beautiful.
  15. luckystar1983

    I think her biggest change appearance-wise happened between the COADF and Hard Candy eras.