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  1. wow, is madonna really as horrible as these comments are making her out to be? I really loved her and admired her, but she seems to be very rude and hypocritical ? :( I have only been a fan since 2016, so I am unaware about some things.
  2. I am not embarrassed by her Instagram. I don't know how anyone could expect her to have a "normal" Instagram; it's Madonna, so of course she's not going to be like everyone else or play by the rules of how people think older women should act.
  3. She also looked so pretty in Express Yourself and Vogue. <3 Her look during that era was beautiful, like in Dick Tracy and when she performed Sooner or Later at the Oscars... It's unfair that so many different hairstyles suit her so well. XD
  4. Like a Virgin - she looked so pretty in the black dress and blue pants. <3 I also love her look in the Open Your Heart and Who's That Girl videos when she's wearing the hat, long jacket and pants. One of my other favorites is her look in La Isla Bonita (not when she's wearing the red dress, although I like that too). I know it's simple but she just looks so stunning! That haircut really suited her.
  5. I love Bedtime Stories. The whole era and everything was perfect. <3
  6. I just heard Let Down Your Guard for the first time.yesterday and I loved it! I don't understand why it wasn't included on the album.
  7. They are all so great. I chose TAB but PDP would be a close second.
  8. It is strange that I'll Remember wasn't included considering what a hit it was, or maybe it is just not as remembered or important to her career as the songs that made the track list? Surely it would've made the cut instead of Everybody if they were going by sales/chart performance?
  9. I can't believe True Blue and Causing a Commotion weren't included on it. if this album was someone's introduction to Madonna then they would be missing out on some of her biggest hits. I agree that it should've been in order. I'm sure they wanted to make it musically cohesive but it just seems messy in my opinion. I know that someone could just go and listen to those songs separately or create their own playlist of her songs--which is made especially easier with streaming--but it'd be more convenient to have them all, in order, on one album. A good thing that can be said about this album is that Who's That Girl was included.
  10. Definitely Like a Prayer... I prefer her ballads over her dance songs and Like a Prayer has a lot of them like Promise to Try, Oh Father and my favorite, Spanish Eyes. It also has Cherish which is one of my favorite songs by Madonna. Hard Candy is a very fun album though and I enjoy a few songs on it. I just don't think it can compare to Like a Prayer.
  11. I chose Now I'm Following You and Give Me All Your 'Luvin. After seeing them all listed I've noticed I don't like most of her featured songs...
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