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  1. We did hear quite early about Ray of Light single, but maybe people are not sharing now due to THAT posting from Rhino, or nothing is coming this week. Just a waiting game now.
  2. Yay for Burning Up, Yay for ROL. I am happy with this strategy currently. It makes sense that they try to get as much on streaming ready for the start of the tour when all the hype starts.
  3. With it being called Single Mixes will it be just all the radio edits on this release and possibly the extended mixes the week after? I guess we will find out Friday (or Thursday with Australia first)
  4. I'd love it if we got the Single Mix of La Isla on Friday. I don't think it has been issued on CD other than on a random UK CD Hits compilation
  5. Like @Openyourheart they could have released Can't Stop in the UK and it would have been top 5, same with Where's The Party Remix. She could have issued anything 1985-1990 here in the UK and it be a smash hit though. We had that quiet year before LAP (1988) when they could have padded out a few more singles. I guess it worked though as it was a huge deal when she came back with Like A Prayer.
  6. I do hope that they are holding back all these single mixes and other things for the deluxe albums. Things like Borderline (Edit) and (Remix Edit) We got the True Blue (Remix Edit) so maybe Open Your Heart and La Isla single Mixes will come but on different versions like deluxe albums that may not go straight onto streaming. They seem to know which versions we all crave, or are they just to hard to find?
  7. It's funny people mentioning she doesn't sing it live, i think it is hard to sing live. I was listening to the Virgin Tour version of Borderline and Angel they do fall a little flat compared to the rest of the show. Maybe thats why they were excluded from the VHS.
  8. After seeing that amazing promo for Vanity Fair - The Enlightenment, I wonder if reimagined songs could be a thing. My hubby who went off Madonna a while ago was even impressed with the video. The Power of Goodbye sounded amazing.
  9. I think it makes sense to release a greatest hits for a greatest hits tour. She has that many hits she doesn't even need to add new songs but it would be nice, especially to pad out the more recent decade. If they do do one, they could issue it like Finally Enough Love with a 1 disc, 2 disc and I think 3 disc for all her singles. Or potentially a decade per CD / album. I set my iTunes playlists up like this so it may just be my crazy brain wanting it like this.
  10. Thats really interesting. Shame the song doesn't appear to be on YK AppleMusic for me to have a listen to. I love Sanctuary.
  11. Yes I found the sales figures interesting. Released earlier or later and it would have done really well.
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