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  1. Fantastic news we have got Papa Don't Preach. I know that there is a fade edit but I am not mad it's not included as the song is perfect the way it is. I have always used the full version in my singles collection playlist.
  2. So glad to see Angel is due tomorrow. I do hope ITG may get a release still but who knows.
  3. Marvellous and the UK cover. This is great news. I see a lot of the comments on here, and yes some of us are excited for these to be officially to streaming.
  4. I'd be happy with either, I like both. I found it all confusing at the time as we got the black one for Rain in the UK, which didn't need an update as the original is stunning. At that time import maxi's were coming through quite fast so I got them all and enjoyed the differences.
  5. At least Popular has now removed Sorry Mixes from Apple Music as the latest release.
  6. I don't think it was hidden, it's a great mix. I have always preferred this version and have it in my singles playlist. Although all the mixes are great.
  7. Stunning, we only got Dear Jessie in the UK and not that stunning Oh Father. Of course we would later get the 2 CD set for Oh Father which was nice but could have used this lovely artwork. Back in 1989 I didn't realise the cover for Dear Jessie was an old picture, I just thought it was her Cherish hair. ha ha.
  8. Fingers crossed, Material Girl was a surprise. That's next Tuesday then, Like Material Girl, if it happens.
  9. Madame X, I have tried repeatedly to see if I can like it but no. even the songs I could like seem ruined. Like God Control Into? Saying that I never liked American Life when it came out and only now have just started to warm to it.
  10. They just show normally so nothing different unless it has the animated version.
  11. If anyone has upgraded to ISO17 when you play an album on Apple Music that has the moving artwork it shows that while playing now which is a nice fun cool touch. Especially on TIC as it still has rubbish bad artwork.
  12. It really is fascinating reading all the detailed information on Lucky Star and Borderline. Thank you to everyone that clarifies everything it's so helpful. For me personally I always loved the version of Lucky Star on the VHS "Madonna" which has the echo on the "He Yeahs" which is think is an edit of the extended / New / US Mix. I also had the 'It's That Girl' cassette back in the day and so that was my go to version of "Borderline" with the additional echos. Whichever version of Borderline plays I still do the echo in my head even when it's not there. I can't say I noticed much else as I must not have the same ear as others. I never knew about the cowbell or even heard it until this thread ha ha. I love having all the official single edits / mixes in a playlist but I also make my own singles playlist with the versions I like best so win all round for me.
  13. I've only ever hear the Into The Groove Version. The link here says invalid. Well I think it's the link
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