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  1. They just show normally so nothing different unless it has the animated version.
  2. If anyone has upgraded to ISO17 when you play an album on Apple Music that has the moving artwork it shows that while playing now which is a nice fun cool touch. Especially on TIC as it still has rubbish bad artwork.
  3. It really is fascinating reading all the detailed information on Lucky Star and Borderline. Thank you to everyone that clarifies everything it's so helpful. For me personally I always loved the version of Lucky Star on the VHS "Madonna" which has the echo on the "He Yeahs" which is think is an edit of the extended / New / US Mix. I also had the 'It's That Girl' cassette back in the day and so that was my go to version of "Borderline" with the additional echos. Whichever version of Borderline plays I still do the echo in my head even when it's not there. I can't say I noticed much else as I must not have the same ear as others. I never knew about the cowbell or even heard it until this thread ha ha. I love having all the official single edits / mixes in a playlist but I also make my own singles playlist with the versions I like best so win all round for me.
  4. I've only ever hear the Into The Groove Version. The link here says invalid. Well I think it's the link
  5. I discovered one of my favorite Gloria Estefan songs (Don't Let This Moment End) is on streaming and that single has 21 remixes and 2 mega mixes. I know it's a different music company but still, 23 tracks is huge.
  6. With the American Life anniversary I have to say, eventually after 20 years I now love the album. I don't know what it was before but I never took to it. Maybe as I was all about the dance remixes back then and this album didn't have that same kind of feel as ROL and Music. Anyway I now can't stop listening to it. I like the new Immaculate Mix, it's good. I like the extra bit on Papa which plays in my Apple AirPods but I can't hear it in my car.
  7. The song rather than the video I meant. The Timberland stuff has dated.
  8. I enjoyed watching that thanks for sharing.
  9. I have not watched this video for a long time. It feels very dated now the Timberland stuff but maybe it's just me? 4 Minutes is not a go to song for me. I don't think I listen to Hard Candy much either. It's only now 20 years later that I have started to enjoy American Life more.
  10. I never noticed that before either. I also noticed her boots transition from flats to heels (depending on the moves she was doing) When she's jumping on the cars they are flat (obviously, no one could do that in heels).
  11. It was around 1985 in the UK when everyone went Madonna mad. I liked her songs from the first album but for me Crazy for You, Into The Groove and the Virgin Tour really took me into being a huge fan. She was everywhere from that point on.
  12. It's interesting they have said "The original ‘Nothing Really Matters’ remixes and HD video are out now!" Maybe I am looking too much into that, but why use the word original?
  13. We did hear quite early about Ray of Light single, but maybe people are not sharing now due to THAT posting from Rhino, or nothing is coming this week. Just a waiting game now.
  14. Yay for Burning Up, Yay for ROL. I am happy with this strategy currently. It makes sense that they try to get as much on streaming ready for the start of the tour when all the hype starts.
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