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  1. So many mixes to love, I've always loved the mix for Open Your Heart, that extended mix is just so good. Shame it was never made into an official single mix with that intro and extra line at the end.
  2. I just watched the video. I think Madonna looks good but thats the only thing about this i can pass any comment on. I like her hair this way with the waves. The song doesn't even have the nice intro of the last version.
  3. Absolutely delighted the forum is staying open. Good luck.
  4. In the UK on Apple Music it has gone under the compilation section
  5. I like that they have used that image for the picture. One of my favourite eras so I am looking forward to this.
  6. I didn't realise until the internet years that it was not released in the USA as it was a reasonably big hit here in the UK. I was quite obsessed with it at the time. It was on a jukebox and I nearly got punched in the face for playing it repeatedly. I do hope it gets some recognition with the upcoming re-releases, but won't be surprised if it doesn't.
  7. With 50 hits, I am anticipating a megamix which would be cool. With 50 hits as well I don't suspect any physical edition but would love one.
  8. Thanks, Big Wizz doesn't make much sense either but Gee Whiz does.
  9. I have always wanted to know what she says exactly for years but I am sure I have always said them wrong. So I know "Hey You guys" then I'd always gone with "Big Wizz"??? then "no ones paying any attention to me". For years I also sang "These stars in heaven happen to me everyday" from Into the Groove but obviously that makes no sense. Thanks for any clarification.
  10. I love the video Edit of Lucky Star with the extra echo on the "He Yeahs" later in the song. Same with the Borderline mix with the Borderline echo near the end of the song.
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