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  1. ???? I could buy the item rip it for my collection return the disc and ask for a refund! Yep alarm bells even louder!
  2. it's actually the beast within Madonna!!! Well spotted deathproof!
  3. Ryder

    Maxi CD = Have more at least 4-Track CD-Maxi [vs the US 2-TRACK or 3-Track CD Single ] and EP is shorter than an album and must be under 30 minutes and have 6-7 songs [Remixed & Revisited] - Japanese singles are marketed as EP's and those can have anywhere b/w 4-10 songs/mixes on it.
  4. Ryder

    oh this is such a trip down memory lane! what a blast!
  5. Ryder

    some I seem to remember are clips of music with no madonna - but honestly I'm with wtg1987 on this one - see above - think I listened to this just once and was enough for moi! I'll check timings sometime soon ok?
  6. Ryder

    she couldn't.... reason is obvious...and that god for that but some celebration mixes are not yet leaked -
  7. Ryder

    no they're all different
  8. we know! the The Rain Tapes, Shep Pettibone Demos and the other Erotica Demos ... Such an amazing era!
  9. Such an amazing track! Love the rough versions versions but You'll See with Gone outro is pure gold! She definitely likes this words as we got Gone/Gone Gone Gone/I'll Be Gone/Girl Gone Wild?
  10. We already had few WAVs from the RT. The new ones that leaked recently are upgraded mp3 (pretty certain but feel free to confirm] from the First Rough Maxell Cassette Transfer WAV 16 BIT. There's also another Cassette Pro Transfer with higher quality and better sound of WAV 24bit.
  11. Ryder

    Considering only 138 were saved thats what it's worth nowadays...
  12. Ryder

    option #3 = Manner Unfit Fly
  13. I wish! Feel free to speculate but I'm afraid what you call to be my 'insistence' is based on 1st : one of my favourite songs is 'Spotlight' and 2nd we're discussing just the track 'Set the Right' : upscale v upgrade - 20khz v 22khz. Generally speaking wavs ripped from Dvd tend to be 48khz than 96khz as far as I know - but one reads a file with whatever audacity, speak, or/and lac and it's understandable why the topic sparks opinions.
  14. Ryder

    Erm... I've taken the liberty to rearrange the letters for you and got list below Remote Shits Stereo Smith Isotherm Set Meteors Shit