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  1. I bet its the same tracks we already have - either lp and/or demo versions....
  2. We had DAT for the ROL Instrumentals that I reposted link of - the plot thickens
  3. Hey, one of my dearest friend has pointed out this new 'arrival' on ebay and thought - why not? Now now hold your horses, I meant no purchasing it involved but the usual WHAT WE THINK ABOUT IT? https://www.ebay.com/itm/165818435144?hash=item269b8c8648:g:gt8AAOSwVKxjj52A
  4. As if she cares! But we do and true its weird to listen to Itunes with that alternate tracklist!
  5. Those Ritchie years were her being someone she was not? Didnt she tell us that already circa [thinks] 2003? "I'm not myself when you're around, I'm not myself standing in a crowd, I'm not myself and I don't know how, Don't know who I'm supposed to be, Don't really know if I should give a damn, When you're around, I don't know who I am' - need to say more? YES! Those Ritchie years were her being someone in love and yes she was and c'mon now, M adjusting to what society expect of her? Yeah RRRIGHTTT!! She got electrofunk groove, she got swept away and moved to London and fed some chickens... Became an English Rose with added accent and up for grabs gave us some children's books but... because society told her thats not who she is ...bam! She got political and conservative with an amazing underrated album and re-invented herself by breaking some bones and confessing she pushed, she jumped, she loved NY and John Travolta! What?? Hung Up? No I hung up - Got bored now....
  6. Guess the faster beat w/people clapping and talking hindu at the very end?
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