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  1. George Michael's Kissing A Fool
  2. She's quite stingy when it comes to unreleased stuff and she can't be bothered - She'd better start thinking of releasing of The Virgin Tour, The Who's That Girl Tour, The Blond Ambition Tour, The Girlie Show, etc...
  3. It's the I Can't Forget out-take
  4. Next Friday should be LDLHA and week after that should be Fever. Madonna controls her catalog : She calls all the shots.
    1. Enrico


      Wow, that's what I call an interview! Long and detailed. I didn't know about the messy rehearsals with Karol Armitage. I think it deserves a proper thread @Ryder

  5. Thats the cover of the 12" back in 1989 - everyone knows that -
  6. I don't get the meaning of your comment.
  7. I bet its the one included on the BS Demos...
  8. I think it'd be Webo Girl Publishing, Inc.
  9. and instead she went off doing the next best thing - she 1st thought of calling the album Veronica Vlectronica as mentioned on MTV's Ultrasound -
  10. Likely it would've been something like a CD1 VERONICA and a CD2 ELECTRONICA featuring mixes by Victor Calderone, William Orbit, Club69/Peter Rauhofer and BT & Sasha, Talvin Singh...and Richard Humpty??
  11. It's so sad her own blood using her own daughter as a making money machine. It's astonishing theres laws that allow others to take complete control of a person's life and assets that she's been working hard for.
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