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  1. Yes first 2 both IC - all 4 you listed above are Re-Edits -
  2. Lola was 2 and that's what her right decision... mama Madonna!
  3. Simply because GT was released 1 month before Devil OST [and doesn't even include Jump but Vogue coz of the movie theme] https://giphy.com/gifs/foxhomeent-meryl-streep-the-devil-wears-prada-3o7bu4T3Jcib9vlrvG
  4. The record company wanted to release ‘Amazing’ as the fourth single off the album. Madonna didn’t agree as she voted for ‘Impressive Instant’. There is a rumor going she didn’t want to film a video for ‘Amazing’ so the record company opted to use live footage for the video from ‘Amazing’ as it was scheduled to be played. Madonna on her turn replaced Amazing for Beautiful Stranger in the setlist to prevent this from happening. "Jump" was meant to be the third single but when "The Devil Wears Prada" came knocking, WB switched to "Get Together" (as "The Devil Wears Prada" was being released in the Summer) also she must've been busy with rehearsing for the tour and for the Jump video at least she managed to find time off her busy schedule and decided to take her look to a whole new level and try using a platinum blonde bob wig for this video! But to call both a possible worst career choices is a long stretch ...
  5. I cant blame her for leaving WB as the deal with LiveNation : giant in touring but definitely not a record label and that why the albums weren't a commercial success. Madonna would have to sell around 15m copies of each of the concert promoter's three albums to recoup its investment on that piece of the deal! Glad she's back with WB!
  6. Adele's back and already she'll will have you in stitches in no time


  7. On the 1st page you posted this and was curious to know more what you meant. There's an anecdote out there from an interview that I can't seem to locate, where Madonna discussed how she could only work with a specific vocal engineer for this song, as he was the only one who could capture the warmth and emotion in her voice, etc.... It's clear that she never re-recorded her voice. It's just slowed down. The stems for the original song are our there circulating among collectors.
  8. It's clear that she never re-recorded her voice. It's just slowed down - can you be more precise?
  9. you can find it on the lossless section [Hidden Content]
  10. Lucky Star - Alternate Edit - TM Century Gold Disc 131 Lucky Star - 7" Edit - on another TM Century Gold Disc
  11. It's all about preferences! Some love the upgrades on the album vs others prefer the original demo - I would've left Queen on the album as who's dying to have those lame ass bonus LFL mixes?
  12. Borderline It looks like this one is from a CD source and just like Lucky Star 7" Version https://www.discogs.com/Various-GoldDisc-131/release/11531250 - Also there's another Gold Disc featuring Lucky Star 7" .
  13. Iconic Pt 2 - different mix and more rap LFL stripped - is the Djemba Djemba Edit LFL Revised - is the album version mixed with the Djemba Djemba mix an Joan of Arc - downtempo beat
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