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  1. Kinda felt the same but still funny in its own way - loved when she forgotten she didn't know she did a song called Tragic Girl!!!! Attagirl!!
  2. Nah - but here's your new ID : You're from : One of the two Maxwell UD II 90 minute audio cassette tapes on which the Erotica demos are recorded (LOC reference: Pau.1.605.641/643), in between two demos of Thief of Hearts is a clip of a song called Jitterbug. The song is listed as “Jitterbug” Rough 1/17/92 on the handwritten cassette cover, spelt incorrectly with a “G” and corrected with a bold “J”. All songs on the tape are credited to S.Pettibone/M.Ciccone/T.Shimkin (Shep Pettibone, Madonna and Tony Shimkin). Thanks to Peter M for sharing the info on his blog [Hidden Content]
  3. Tony Shimkin : it was never really explored beyond the initial demo music. The 30 secs we did in New York at Shep’s house and that's how far the idea went. There was just a really rough sketch – “How about something like this? Is this what you’re trying to do?” I think we were in the middle of so many other things at the time and maybe there wasn’t a necessity for it in the movie of which scene inspired Jitterbug... Thanks to thebeastwithin for the infos. And as mentioned above the tag 01.15.1992 is wrong...
  4. That's all there is 0:34 BUT the tagging is wrong.
  5. Ryder

    This compilation was released in 2003 ...
  6. Ryder

    I saw this one and this one [better cover!]
  7. Ryder

    I'd love to see this Tokyo 87 Cd... have a pic handy pls?
  8. MDNA as being more theatrical although she was still in mourning for her divorce but also loved Tears in Melbourne for intimacy - but also Miami for some tracks she didn't perform in Melb'ne! Let along the look!
  9. that was my thought as well as could be from anything and 35k??
  10. The fan who listened to tracks off the RT at the COL back in the days - mentioned WS and would sell it for $35K but that could've been just messing around when describing the track... This clip was posted in Chile [Hidden Content] but who knows? Real fake? We can't tell!!! ....and rumour has it that it was gonna leak but GMAYL did instead and it all went pear shape and nothing was heard about it...
  11. Both tracks were out around same time... Remember on the William/Orbit Promo Disc Set we have on CD2 - 6. Madonna: Ray of Light (Instrumental) 4.00. and 7. All Saints: Pure Shores (Instrumental) 3.22
  12. I think its due to a chemical reaction giving the vinyls suffer from the ugly "tea-staining," the phenomenon that picture discs get discolored into brown along with various factors such as process-associated, pressed inappropriately, adherent chemicals from a PVC bag but its seems to be fairly common to shaped picture discs pressed and manufactured mainly in the 1980's for various artists. but still not all copies have this problem...
  13. Ryder

    And I was even listening to the Peggy's Nightclub Mix and T's Extended Dubs earlier!! Damnnnn
  14. Ryder

    Nice find! How didn't we mention Fever and K's CGYOOMM!!! I I don't consider You Must Me a cover per se as the track wasn't sang by any other as was specifically written as a new track for the movie and obvious reasons.
  15. Ryder

    These springs to mind too and a couple are instrumental covers paying homage* Do The Bus Stop Elements Holiday Blond Ambition 1990 Marching Song /Holiday Girlie Show Australia 1993 DCFMA DWT 2001S&S 2008 RHT 2015 Bittersweet Symphony*/Dont Tell Me RIT Disco Inferno CT 2006 Michael Jackson Tribute S&S 2009 Express Yourself/Born This Way MDNA 2012 La Marseillaise (French National Anthem)* RHT 2015 Rebel Rebel David Bowie RHT 2016 Does singing 'Happy Birthday' counts??