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  1. Lucky Star - Alternate Edit - TM Century Gold Disc 131 Lucky Star - 7" Edit - on another TM Century Gold Disc
  2. It's all about preferences! Some love the upgrades on the album vs others prefer the original demo - I would've left Queen on the album as who's dying to have those lame ass bonus LFL mixes?
  3. Borderline It looks like this one is from a CD source and just like Lucky Star 7" Version https://www.discogs.com/Various-GoldDisc-131/release/11531250 - Also there's another Gold Disc featuring Lucky Star 7" .
  4. Iconic Pt 2 - different mix and more rap LFL stripped - is the Djemba Djemba Edit LFL Revised - is the album version mixed with the Djemba Djemba mix an Joan of Arc - downtempo beat
  5. yes I read about LMTWGR too. Aiwa fixed the problem and posted link in the forum - I haven't personally D/L myself...unsure about white heat yet - where did get yrs?
  6. For Warner the bigger risk would be to overpay for an artist that does not seem to be generating the revenue to support the contract when all money is mostly generated by touring. Madonna would have to sell around 15m copies of each of the concert promoter's three albums to recoup its investment on that piece of the deal.
  7. Madonna would have to sell around 15m copies for each album recorded if stayed with Warner which we can all agree would have not happened. With Live Nation advanced $100m for her to sign with them for 10 yrs with an advance for $17m as well as another $50m in cash and shares and multimillion dollar windfalls for each of three albums she will commit to. With this new contract her name is a brand in merchandising, touring, sponsorships, etc...
  8. Nile Rodgers confirmed LAV was recorded on a Sony 24-Track PCM 3324 DASH digital multitrack, through an SSL E-series console, and mixed to a Sony PCM F1 two track 12-bit deck. Also stated on the linear notes, "fanatically recorded digitally on Sony equipment".
  9. Especially if they're genuine 24bit!
  10. TB 35 from deezer the sound is pretty crap for the lp tracks as compressed to death... All 9 tracks have clipped sound... Only the remixes are safe from this...- whereas someone said that elsewhere that the album tracks were decent but hey who cares for the album when we got the HDtracks 24bit huh? And guess the best CD is made in Japan.
  11. 16bit are CD quality - 24bit are high-resolution quality - I cant remember exactly the story behind it but he did the 1st three albums + M's tracks 24/96 for WTG and 24/48 for Vision.
  12. Cant remember about K Griffin but def remember Trump coming out with some lame ass threat for M's comment back then...
  13. M's White House comment was said January 2017... M wouldn't accept advice on not speaking out on this guy that has zero knowledge nor respect for this kind of comments and let alone this guy having had battery charges and more https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-51800333
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