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  1. mlhaa

    i think she probably wanted a bit of a plash with the mixes and play - with the world shut down, and a slow reopening won't include clubs...the splash is not likely
  2. mlhaa

    She didn't write that directly - there aren't any typos!
  3. mlhaa

    where are her responses
  4. mlhaa

    Jeez, you must be an insufferable person. Everyone knows this is not a journalistic site. Your comment is the post that is lacking usefulness, not people who are coming to share on a web forum that isn’t intended to have the formality of a NYT article.
  5. mlhaa

    there is no reason why one has to climb a ladder. use a lift, use the smaller stairs, use a step ladder rather than straight ladder, a light rig, or just walk onto the stage.
  6. mlhaa

    I don’t fully buy it. Something is going on. I think the last minute cancelling is still “unique”, and maybe a combo of personal drama and physical / knee. If there’s truly an issue, be respectful of yourself and your fans and cancel or delay appropriately.
  7. mlhaa

    if you're close in the shows, there is something going on there - it's either surgical enhancement or a big padded pair of bloomers. You can't miss it. if it is the former, she went kinda big.
  8. mlhaa

    Since it comes from back stage, wouldn’t it be made cold? It’s water.
  9. mlhaa

    There were no pit seats available all day. Lots of others but not the pit seats. Anyway, this is over. Seats have been moved on and the show will be great for those that SEE it. Relax, all.
  10. mlhaa

    Tickets seem to have sold, at least most have.
  11. mlhaa

    Orchestra seats are main floor and close to the stage, so yes, in instances mentioned. Mezzanine and Balcony are elevated seats, so no.
  12. mlhaa

    yes, she leaves down the aisle at the end of the show, so if you are on an aisle seat, she may hit people's hands. also, comes off the stage in Medellin, so same situation. when she comes off stage, there is security around. but no, there's not free roaming around the theater.
  13. mlhaa

    have tickets to this and worried it'll be cancelled. That's a lot of seats.
  14. mlhaa

    one of the days, Sunday 10/27 is significantly unsold - the majority of the main floor. very unusual considering most other days, even if some availability exists, are generally well sold. cheap re-sale tickets for tonight though on stubhub.
  15. mlhaa

    you can argue that it's advertised *now*. regardless, it's still rude AF that she starts at 10:30pm. There is literally no reason why she can't do 45 mins earlier and cut all the complaining people have. To the vast majority of people in attendance, it is an annoyance.