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  1. carloazcueta

    Thank you guys for keeping this thread respectful so far! Yes it is unfortunate for those fans who have invested time and treasure for the Boston shows. Hope they will have recompense ASAP and more. As for Madonna, rest and a long break is needed and hopefully all this tour scheduling shall be sorted out BUT FIRST she has to be back in prime health. Thank you guys!
  2. carloazcueta

    Thank you for that. This forum and this Madonna community really is the most supportive and understanding in the internet! Our hearts and prayers go out to her! She’s strong but alas she is also an aging, human being. May she recover fully soon! 💕
  3. carloazcueta

    Yes Well said! but omg, I hope it doesn’t end up in surgery — that would be a turning point for Madonna and her touring and even her performing. That’s why this break and rest period is needed now. And after a few weeks, she’ll be thoroughly evaluated. Madonna is strong and I’m glad she’s listening to medical advice and I’m sure she is in tune with her body/health.
  4. carloazcueta

    MADONNA IS IN OVERWHELMING PAIN. what the hell? I’m not used to gettin news like this! I hope she’s okay and takes all the time she needs for recovery! I’m so worried. Praying she will be okay. And no don’t blame it on ticket sales and other reasons, as many fans on other websites/social media are already spitting on her because of money spent. Money is replaceable! Health and time aren’t! Madonna has to recover and needs to rest. It will be a sad day if we get worse news of Madonna’s declining health or even worse! I hope this doesn’t compound into something even worse... oh my God Let’s just understand and pray for her wellness and health, and hope for the best. Hope she’s okay. Madonna is strong but she is an aging human being 😔🙏🏼❤️
  5. carloazcueta

    WHAT AN AMAZING REVIEW! Thank you for sharing! I’m so happy for this last L.A. show cause everyone has been raving about her stay here in L.A. Many have called it the best audience so far and that M was truly on fire. And she was! So proud of her!
  6. carloazcueta

    Yes indeed! It has been a special stop for her here in L.A.! We are all beyond blessed to have experienced it and I’m glad you come here to see her! She has brought so much life, joy, and hope to people and that is why people stick by her and have stuck by her all these years 🙏🏼😭👸🏼❌
  7. carloazcueta

    Thank you for all the positivity you bring to this online Madonna community! Hope you’ll get to see her!!! Hugs back 🥰
  8. carloazcueta

    Definitely! That would be an amazing thing! It is something that has to be experienced in person! Beyond blessed
  9. carloazcueta

    ¡Hola chicos y chicas! Went to my 3rd and final Madame X show here in Los Ángeles. Again amazing energy and humor, great vocals, ENERGETIC L.A. CROWD (at one point before “Medellín” the whole audience cut Madonna talking and started chanting 1-2-Cha-Cha-Cha lol yas!) Madonna is really really pleased with Los Ángeles wow. The line outside The Wiltern was long to get inside! Talk about Madonna Sunday Funday. Lil Nas X was the beer bitch. He had a cute exchange with M, talked about how they’re both Fire signs. Madonna did sing the first few lines of his hit song. He said “I’m so lucky to be in the presence of a Legend.” Pretty cool to hear that. “Sodade” was nowhere to be heard still (*tears*). Vocals are awesome though! “Frozen” is just a true highlight for me followed by my favorite “Come Alive” Swae Lee made a surprise appearance during “Crave” and sang his part and did the whole line dance with Madonna & the dancers. Pretty amazing! ”Like A Prayer” is magical every time. Madonna passed by me again on the same aisle. I was able to touch her upper arm. She looked beautiful yet petite! Many were in tears. I was emotional during “I Rise”... wow. Such a blessing to have her in our world. So happy she’s had a great run here in L.A.! One final show tonight! Viva Signora X! 👸🏼❌🙌🏽🏳️‍🌈😭
  10. carloazcueta

    After that beautiful experience of it on the Madame X Tour, FROZEN for sure. Just wow! Melancholic melody, yearning, pain, lush strings, immaculate vocals and those mantric “mmmmmm’s” . Ugh! A true pop masterpiece, so unique and so haunting!
  11. carloazcueta

    So is no one is gonna mention the fabulous Who’s That Girl Tour hair style!? Never mind — ME! My absolute favorite hairstyle! Followed by the super straightened, cyber-punk hairstyle during most of the Drowned World Tour shows!
  12. carloazcueta

    true! Love love love Katy Perry! Apparently, per my friend, who’s a Madonna historian and like knows inside stuff, Katy really was/is a HUUUUUUGE Madonna fan, like us. Like fangirl status, obsessed, yknow— someone who can be a member of this forum as we kind of are hahaha. I adore that so much!
  13. carloazcueta

    This interlude is just breathtaking! Props to the dancers for such intricate, graceful, and haunting choreography. This is just the perfect segue for the next song on the show 🥺
  14. carloazcueta

    No cameras spotted so far in the L.A. shows! But if we get something filmed like this at least, it would be enough. Steady camera, minimal to no angle changes, decent audio. Yes it's amateurish but I like it lol. Maybe it's gonna be #ShotOniPhone entirely and released like this
  15. carloazcueta

    I think the same!!! I think she has been "re-using" a lot of pre-recorded live vocals for the DVD/Blu-Ray editing and for the actual live concerts as well. So yeah... lol