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  1. carloazcueta

    Madonna has saved me many times from ending my life. We are truly fortunate and blessed to be have come across HER: her music, visual art, words, strength and light! Thank you Madonna from the depths of my soul for saving millions of lives and for continually saving mine!
  2. carloazcueta

    She’s in my city! Oh my God I’m gonna go see her if she goes tomorrow again ✊🏾😍
  3. That’s good to hear, but unimportant. LOL I had to! But yay, that’s so cool coming from The Dylan himself. Anyone who appreciates (KNOWS) Madonna’s talent and perseverance is good in my book
  4. It’s possible! And don’t apologize lol! You’re good! but to get on the topic, it’s very possible since Madonna is more “nostalgic” now and is at that age when she looks back a lot. remember during the 2009 MTV VMAs when she gave a speech about Michael, it was also about her (nothing bad cause the end message is all positive and praising Michael)... but yeah, she could be using him a bit lol and that’s okay cause she’s the Queen of Popular Music and He the King 🙌🏽😍
  5. I understand all you’ve said but I feel it’s not the right time to discuss this or even think about. Madonna loves Michael, even if just his music. And it’s amazing to see her children enjoy amazing music like that of Michael’s too! peace and love
  6. That was the FIRST song I had in mind all day yesterday when I heard the sad and heartbreaking news! Michael’s message rings very true up until this day, even more so this year! I’m still heartbroken and very saddened by what happened! Rest in Paradise George Floyd and all the victims of Hate & Entitled Behavior (which is clinical insanity!)
  7. carloazcueta

    1. Metamorphosis


      The crossover we didn't need but deserve.

  8. carloazcueta

    oh really? well we toooooootallllllyyyyyyyyy didnt know that! As que mil gracias papi! now let's all say it loud like Shakira does on stage: "cumbia de Colooooombiaaaaaa!" Besitos profesor !
  9. carloazcueta

  10. There is this one Instagram account "madgelouise" who I always criticize and report even for overly editing MADONNA's face and relentlessly editing out her mole in photos she has it! Horrible! Ugh I dislike accounts like that so much
  11. carloazcueta

    Thank you guys for keeping this thread respectful so far! Yes it is unfortunate for those fans who have invested time and treasure for the Boston shows. Hope they will have recompense ASAP and more. As for Madonna, rest and a long break is needed and hopefully all this tour scheduling shall be sorted out BUT FIRST she has to be back in prime health. Thank you guys!
  12. carloazcueta

    Thank you for that. This forum and this Madonna community really is the most supportive and understanding in the internet! Our hearts and prayers go out to her! She’s strong but alas she is also an aging, human being. May she recover fully soon! 💕
  13. carloazcueta

    Yes Well said! but omg, I hope it doesn’t end up in surgery — that would be a turning point for Madonna and her touring and even her performing. That’s why this break and rest period is needed now. And after a few weeks, she’ll be thoroughly evaluated. Madonna is strong and I’m glad she’s listening to medical advice and I’m sure she is in tune with her body/health.
  14. carloazcueta

    MADONNA IS IN OVERWHELMING PAIN. what the hell? I’m not used to gettin news like this! I hope she’s okay and takes all the time she needs for recovery! I’m so worried. Praying she will be okay. And no don’t blame it on ticket sales and other reasons, as many fans on other websites/social media are already spitting on her because of money spent. Money is replaceable! Health and time aren’t! Madonna has to recover and needs to rest. It will be a sad day if we get worse news of Madonna’s declining health or even worse! I hope this doesn’t compound into something even worse... oh my God Let’s just understand and pray for her wellness and health, and hope for the best. Hope she’s okay. Madonna is strong but she is an aging human being 😔🙏🏼❤️