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  1. it's very interesting to see some of the edits/upscales we have here on this forum appear on Madonna "fan accounts" on IG & even use them on Tiktok0639180ec4d66a04618350c640a3698b.gif

  2. I fucking love how Latin Pop/Reggaeton/Regional Mexican... Latino music in general pretty much dominates Pop music today here in the USA! Bad Bunny motherfuckers! Welcome to the Future and it is Hispanic and Brown and Gay :rainbow:

    1. luis-rj


      like Anitta?

    2. kingcarlo818


      @luis-rjLOL no... not really. It's more of Latin American Spanish/Cuban/Cololmbian/MEXICAN culture over here in the United States! :kissy:

  3. Can we make this amazing Madonna forum/safe haven something like Instagram? Like an app or something? The powers that be: is it possible to develop a Madonna-Infinity app omg :hearteyes:

    1. Fighter


      I'm not that smart.. but idk what would an app like that do tho. We have tapatalk at least which sends notifications like an app :)

    2. kingcarlo818


      Thank you so much, our dear and kind commander! Yeah I know about Tapatalk ✌🏽 I’ll stick with that for now just for notifications on my iPhone. Hopefully by the time the biopic releases you’ll have an IG-like app lol aka in 5-6 years God willing 🤣🙏🏾

  4. BRO I’m so ready to pay $10,000 to whoever has the full pro-shot of the Drowned World Tour Barcelona show or the Detroit August 25th show. It’s criminal that it hasn’t “leaked” yet 😭

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    2. kingcarlo818


      This is THE Madonna tour of the 2000s. It's really just an amazing experience, almost spiritual. I would pay for any of the NY, Europe, and one of my favs is the Philadelphia show when she was so energetic and happy. Yes of course the hair is a major factor in all of this!

    3. The Ghost

      The Ghost

      Do people really have that Barcelona show?  or is it just complete rumour?


    4. Angelo


      I want the full studio version 😇

  5. in a similar vein as the legendary Cher had tweeted ages ago: “WTF IS TRAGIC GIRL” 🤷🏽‍♀️

  6.  My Halloween 2019 look last night. Madonna-inspired of course :crown:

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    2. Fighter


      awesome lmao

    3. Winn


      Where's the pic?

    4. Voguerista


      On 11/2/2019 at 2:46 AM, ilocanopapi said:

      My Swarovski disco-crucifix didn't arrive on time so I had to make do with one covered in aluminum foil LMAO :smuglaugh:

       Lovessss Works for me. Haha

  7. I honestly wish Crave was a duet with Drake! Ugh it would've been so good and squashed that whole Coachella drama. I love me some papi Drake I can only imagine how good he'd sing Swae Lee's verses. And imagine the video!? Uffffff :hearteyes:

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    2. kingcarlo818


      Yes! @Vogueristasince Madonna is apparently into Scorpio men! (as am I hubba hubba!) Would've been a great addition to her catalogue :cute:

    3. madgefan


      Drakes makes me vomit.

    4. Andymad


      Woof. I hope she never collaborates with him

  8. You guys! Future is an amazing boppable song tbh lol, one of the best from Madame X. I'm giggling at all the hate towards it. Like how can you not jam to the first verse? ("Come make peace -- OH! Come have faith and inspiration come complete you") I'm just swaying side to side throwing the peace sign with this song lol. "Advice: POSITIVE VIBES" - Madonna :rainbow:

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    2. kingcarlo818


      @DickTracyOMG yes! Got it twisted. Guess I'm not that big of an MJ fan that I thought I was ugh I feel ashamed hahaha!

    3. DickTracy


      I wore out my vhs tape of Moonwalker as a kid, Joe Pesci with that upward facing ponytail and those tiny sunglasses 🤣

    4. Voguerista


      I am a big my fan of MJ. I have lots of VHS tapes and cassettes too. Take your pick. Haha 😂 

  9. Sending warm thoughts and positive healing energy to our strong, resilient, and super human but human trooper Queen, Madame X! Rest up mama... we don't care how long you need to but as long as you recover, rest, and stay healthy! That's the most important thing for us fans! Get well soon Madonna! :crown:

    1. emanon


      what happened??

    2. Enrico


      Show canceled/postponed due to knee injury.

      People say they got refunds for Chicago too, and there is a picture showing they are moving the set from BAM, so fans are nervous and preoccupied...

  10. Pero no me acuerdo, no me acuerdo. Y si no me acuerdo, no pasó :kiss::rainbow:


  11. Someone recently said to me, "wow you know I am so happy because instead of being addicted to drugs... you're addicted to ONLY Madonna. That makes me happy."

    Still cry when I think about that. Madonna truly saves lives. We are so beyond blessed!

  12. The greatest Madonna song BRIDGE of all time:

    "Live out your fantasy here with me, just let the music set you free."

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    2. kingcarlo818


      @RUADJAI@Lumlike... doesnt it encapsulate almost everything M is all about? The song + the bridge

      @AndymadYES I KNOW! Don't forget "Someone said that romance was dead..."

    3. Roy


      For me, it is:

      Just like a prayer, your voice can take me there
      Just like a muse to me, you are a mystery
      Just like a dream, you are not what you seem
      Just like a prayer, no choice your voice can take me there

    4. LTSP


      And according to Erica Belle she improvised it on the spot in the recording booth.

  13. Ariana Grande saved pop music this year (so far!) Love her sooooo much since 2013. I mean "breathinjust prevents me from hyperventilating & accumulating carbon monoxide in this life that can get too overwhelming & toxic everytime I listen to it.

  14. Forget all other tour concert footages yet to be leaked. I want Who's That Girl Tour 1987 Florence now! Like please Methuselah answer our prayers!

    *hinting at someone here who possibly has the show*

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    2. Ryder


      also the WTG Florence was last show in fact at the end of Holiday she toasts with Champagne with the band and dancers . Ciao Italia is just a mix of Turin and Florence with a teeny bit of Japan thrown in it (Go figure!!). 

    3. wtg1987


      The ciao italia concert is a mess - the audio is fantastic though but its definitely been pumped up on certain songs - i agree die hard fans(like me)really have a huge fondness for this tour - i was too young to see it and everytime i see footage of it-  i feel sad that i was never part of it live - i would love to have  a soundboard from the wembley gigs - i wonder if Pat Leonard recorded it on tape ??

    4. kingcarlo818


      @wtg1987The Ciao Italia audio is definitely great -- but altered in some ways lol. Pat Leonard did the mixing for it but not sure if there are HQ soundboards of the Wembley shows. I was just listening to the LQ Florence audio... OMG! Electrifying

  15. That head dress from last nightgiphy.gif

    1. DickTracy


      Yeah that was something.

    2. kingcarlo818


      Yup! Hahahaha. Loved the poncho/tribal dress though

    3. poserdemadonna
  16. So much drama regarding the uploaded MET Gala video LOL! You know what? Do y'all want me to upload a much better edit/compilation for y'all to download? I did it in June and it's a total upgrade of what I first shared in May - I just forgot to share it on here!

    Anyway, I think many will like it. It's kinda professionally & carefuly edited. I will upload it tonight or tomorrow! 

    Love y'all (lessen the drama cause I now spend 30 more minutes in the shitter just reading all y'all banter) :kissy::rainbow::cute:

  17. It's August 16th. I am on Twitter looking at the Madonna twitter search results. Tears start rolling down... SO MUCH LOVE FOR MADONNA on her 60th birthday! We are blessed to have witnessed a magnificent creature like her. Long live Madonna, may she keep being the strong human being she has been for the last 35 years! Happy Birthday Queen of Pop! WE LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW! :crown:

  18. FINALLY! The trailer comes out on Madonna's birthday! I have been so excited for this for over a year :hearteyes:



  19. Again while other music legends and her contemporaries have passed away, MADONNA still fucking remains strong at 60! I am so saddened that this milestone (her 60th birthday) is not celebrated or even being recognized here in the U.S.! What the fuck man 

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    2. kingcarlo818


      EXACTLY. That was my implied point too. All these other "artists" have died one way or another because of some damn demon, drug overdose, and whatnot... but Madonna hasn't and isn't known to even have touched a damn cigarette. Why isn't the media covering that? SHE IS THE EPITOME OF DISCIPLINE, HEALTH, AND WELLNESS in an industry where many would succumb to that one hit of cocaine or heroine. Madonna stands alone and is resilient yet not many ever respect her for that. Although I agree she has gained a little bit of respect from younger people who before had bashed her. On her YouTube videos, there is a lot of love and I am happy somehow the younger generation is finally recognizing.

  20. I have a strong eerie feeling the new album shall aptly be called "MAMBO:handsy:

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    2. BringUrLUV


      39 minutes ago, wtg1987 said:

      I think it will be called "Magic"


    3. Dazedmadonna
  21. I NEED MORE MADONNA 1982 - 1985 VIDEOS (performances, interviews, TV reports, etc) IN MY LIFE! This is my cocaine :hearteyes:


    Happy 35th Anniversary MADONNA! Long live the Queen of Pop! Took this at the famous Amoeba Records here in Hollywood, CA. They even featured it on their Instagram page. They are so awesome for helping me with this.

  23. Papi Drake has 7 fucking singles charting on Billboard's Hot 100 Top 10! A record breaker apparently, and righfully so. If I were a superficial chart-loving asshole, I'd say "YAS MADONNA MAKE THAT DRAKE COLLAB HAPPEN!" Lol!

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    2. Andymad


      I personally wouldn’t enjoy that collab. He seems like a great guy but I have zero interest in his music. Just not a fan.