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  1. kingcarlo818

    DUDE I just heard she’s using Gaga’s makeup line, and may have dyed her hair pink for a Gaga collab!? The Gaga fans seem to be excited for Madonna lol fuck here come my dreams and fantasies
  2. kingcarlo818

    I just realized: Madonna may have dyed it PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 💕
  3. kingcarlo818

    I saw this on Facebook and went to the Instagram account who posted it, it's by @dollarshot IT IS SO AMAZING! BREATH-TAKING! I hope more of these pop up soon! Madonna's legacy and legend have to be made known!
  4. kingcarlo818

    I saw a comment on IG that the color is like Rose Gold, like the iPhone color. I like it !
  5. kingcarlo818

    I AM DEAD! Bette Davis, we love you indeed!
  6. kingcarlo818

    Looks like she's back here in L.A.... but so quick, wasn't she just in Lisbon
  7. kingcarlo818

    damn, she looks bomb actually! I love it! No filters is much better yasss mamas!
  8. kingcarlo818

    I see your point and it's very logical and understandable. Here's my thing though: In the studio version of LAV it just sounds very... idk how to explain it... HIGH PITCHED and GIRLY. When she performed it on the 1984 VMAS, it is the same key but it seemed she was forcing, vocally gutting it it to sound like the studio recording. It must mean that the vocal for LAV was probably recorded in a lower key, then "pitched up" or "sped up" to match the studio track instrumental's key, idk if that makes sense. So then, Madonna's key probably wasn't the instrumental track's key? IDK. It's very complex lol. On the Virgin Tour, the vocal delivery definitely isn't the same as on the 1984 VMAs and definitely not like the studio recording. It's during this tour she stared showcasing her deeper chest registers even on higher key songs like "Dress You Up" and "LAV"... idk, the timbre was just different lol. It's not as girly anymore, which I love! The only time on that tour she matched that "girly pitched up" vocal was during "Everybody" which is very impressive!
  9. Every album but MDNA. I really can't just can't into it 8 years later.
  10. kingcarlo818

  11. kingcarlo818

    DAMN IT I WAS WAITING FOR GREY HAIR and she could've broken the internet as an ageist statement UGH! omg Miss Thing, pero aqui en Los Angeles, we consider someone who changes their color to a different color all of a sudden as a sign of internal crisis. I hope Miss Thing is okay lol. Love you M!
  12. it's very interesting to see some of the edits/upscales we have here on this forum appear on Madonna "fan accounts" on IG & even use them on Tiktok0639180ec4d66a04618350c640a3698b.gif

  13. kingcarlo818

    SORRY IT'S ALL ABOUT MEXICAN CHORIZO. Uncut and girthy chorizo, 9/10 of the time. Latinos Do It Better. The future of the USA is hispanic and brown. MMBYE!
  14. kingcarlo818

    GUYS reading all your choices and responses makes me cry myself! Wow, it's like all these songs have affected us on a spiritual/soul level! Just amazing and makes me pause for a moment to truly be thankful for how Madonna had come into our lives. A blessing... Like dude, How would our lives be without Madonna. Damn I'm crying I hate being a Pisces But to me among the many Madonna songs that make me cry, GET TOGETHER makes me cry tears of longing and tears of celebration. It's too otherworldly.
  15. kingcarlo818

    talkbox to vocoder to pitch-correction to CHER 1998 then the rest is music history lmao
  16. kingcarlo818

    It does sound natural and that’s good. It seems as though Madonna’s head voice gets too “high pitchy” as evidenced by The Gotham Tapes & some Emmy songs — especially when she pushes for that “voice” ... maybe it was truly her natural unaltered voice for a lot of the songs in her early years which we have to give major credit for. However, LAV & MG (especially) sound altered even if just a tiny bit. Although there’s a huge possibility too however that THOSE were her actual vocals and she has fooled us all along yet again lol. Proves yet again the versatility and amazing vocal talent Madonna has if that’s the case
  17. kingcarlo818

    I strongly strongly believe that "Like A Virgin" and "Material Girl" were pitched up, altered vocally comparing to all the songs on Like A Virgin and The First Album. They just sound really unnatural lol. One would think "Dress You Up" was pitched up which I thought it was, but that's actually her unaltered vocal too! This video lays it out well: Un-pitched "Like A Virgin" sounds amazing!
  18. kingcarlo818

    THIS THIS THIS! She's such a character performer, even within her own albums! Great point about Erotica! Now I've got to relisten to it thank you! SO TRUE ABOUT HER SPEAKING VOICE! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that. She has so much... color tone and variations even when it comes to her speaking voice omg! We have so many Madonnas to choose from yet there has only been one. WOW that's the magic of being a Madonna megafan.
  19. kingcarlo818

    am I the only one who LOVES her vocals on "Lucky Star" during the Who's That Girl Tour!? "Cause you shiiiiine on me, wherever you are." That part! So powerful, so guttural! The vocals on the Tokyo show don't even compare since it's the beginning of the tour and perhaps she didn't wear out her voice yet. To me, the Tokyo vocals are too polished lol. I prefer my raw, worn out, deep, and guttural Madonna vocals at the end of her world tours! But yeah, this for me has got to be one of her best live vocals and one of her best tours! And the best performance of "Lucky Star." The energy and the command!
  20. kingcarlo818

    I love this thread and post! I adore Madonna, primarily and mainly because of her VOCALS and VOCAL EVOLUTION. It still mystifies me how she can go/she went from those raw seemingly-high-pitched vocals from 1981-1983 ("Everybody" and "Borderline" and most of The First Album vocals are definitely not altered!), to the questionably altered pitched-up high pitch vocals on "Material Girl" and "Like A Virgin" to the crisp, crystal Karen Carpenter-like vocals on "Crazy For You"... ...then would suddenly have that deeper, much more mature head to chest voice on the True Blue album! I would go on and on about how for even each song in each album has a different vocal style than other songs on that same album. It's like WOW! 20 years of being a megafan and what I just described still is a beautiful mystery to me but it's just as fascinating. MADONNA has a God-given unique voice: raw and guttural, emotion-filled and operatic too! She has so much range, quality, and timbre... It's just a lot to talk about when it comes to her vocals and vocal evolution. But one thing is true: Madonna is indeed a Vocalist, and a very fine one because she uses her emotions and doesn't try to be technically perfect! Madonna is about quality, persistence, and versatility... and this is why she is a true gem in music history!
  21. I fucking love how Latin Pop/Reggaeton/Regional Mexican... Latino music in general pretty much dominates Pop music today here in the USA! Bad Bunny motherfuckers! Welcome to the Future and it is Hispanic and Brown and Gay :rainbow:

    1. luis-rj


      like Anitta?

    2. kingcarlo818


      @luis-rjLOL no... not really. It's more of Latin American Spanish/Cuban/Cololmbian/MEXICAN culture over here in the United States! :kissy:

  22. kingcarlo818

    November 15th
  23. kingcarlo818

    OMG I CHUCKLED SO HARD LIKE LATRICE ROYALE! Thank you for this! I believe this could work "Live To Tell: $35 In My Pocket" Music and score by Macklemore
  24. kingcarlo818

    I really think the whole world would go crazy if she did the emotional classic "COMO LA FLOR" by Selena #MadonnaCumbia2021
  25. Can we make this amazing Madonna forum/safe haven something like Instagram? Like an app or something? The powers that be: is it possible to develop a Madonna-Infinity app omg :hearteyes:

    1. Fighter


      I'm not that smart.. but idk what would an app like that do tho. We have tapatalk at least which sends notifications like an app :)

    2. kingcarlo818


      Thank you so much, our dear and kind commander! Yeah I know about Tapatalk ✌🏽 I’ll stick with that for now just for notifications on my iPhone. Hopefully by the time the biopic releases you’ll have an IG-like app lol aka in 5-6 years God willing 🤣🙏🏾