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  1. Zinomorf

    It never leaked. We only have few songs from France concert (From opening to Give me all your luvin if I remember correctly)
  2. Zinomorf

    Into The Groove IC Celebration video version or Celebration album version
  3. Zinomorf

    1. Medellin: 8.5/10 (Nice song to introduce album) 2. Dark Ballet: 7/10 (I mean, its good song but, sound unfinished, but for now, good one) 3. God Control: 10/10 (Amazing and very weird song) 4. Future: 7/10 (Quavo is so not needed here, Madonna part is so much better) 5. Batuka: 10/10 (I can not describe how this song is amazing for me) 6. Killers Who Is Partying: 6.5/10 (I dont how what to say about that song, I just dont like it so much) 7. Crave: 8/10 (Nice ballade) 8. Crazy: 6.5/10 (Similar to Come Alive, not so interesting song) 9. Come Alive: 7?/10 (Upgraded Body Shop song) 10. Extreme Occident: 8/10 (For me, AL vibe in some part, very good song) 11. Faz Gostoso: 10/10 (First listen was all I need to fall in love with this song) 12. Bitch Im Loca: 9/10 (Very good song, if only Medellin had that vibe) 13. I Don't Search I Find: 10/10 (Amazing song! Mirwais personal Vogue! For me, sound like Bed Time story meets Confessions era) 14. Looking for Mercy: 10/10 (Again, amazing song! I don't know how to describe it, maybe like better version of Wash All Over Me) 15. I Rise: 10/10 (Great Lyrics, reminds me of Nobody Knows Me) Madame X as full album: 8.5/10 Better than RH, HC and MDNA This is global album for me. You can hear many different styles in just one song. Love how she experimented with many different styles and manage to get very good album. Personal favorite song for me: God Control, Batuka, Faz Gostoso, I Dont Search I Find, Looking for Mercy, I Rise and ofc, Medellin. PS: Sorry for my bad english ;)
  4. 1. Iconic 2. Skin 3. Gang Bang Honorable mentions: How High, Future Lovers, Swim, Wash All Over Me (Album version)
  5. Zinomorf

    I hope we will get something similar to Let it Will Be (Demo), Super Pop (Mirwais Demo) and Impressive Instant!
  6. 1. Hung Up, 2. How High, 3. Future Lovers, 4. Push
  7. Zinomorf

    I think whole DVD is edited, we have Die Another Day and Burning Up on internet as promo videos for DVD. I adore Vogue and Nobody Knows Me edit on IGTTYAS, I would like to have full concert edited like that :D
  8. Zinomorf

    I found this on madonna.com. Re - invention Tour DVD UpdateFebruary 16, 2005 We have received tons of email here at Madonna.com regarding the DVD release of the Re - invention tour and we wanted everyone to know that a release date has not yet been set. We are currently looking at releasing the DVD some time during the fourth quarter of 2005 in time for the holidays. Stay tuned to Madonna.com for more info about the release. Why Madonna never released Re-Invention DVD? What do you think, will she ever release it?