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  1. My first live show of Madonna was in July 2004 in Toronto Canada for the RIT i will never forget it was so magical so Madonna ...
  2. i cant wait to see her again in blonde hair... the pink doesnt suit her well in my opinion...
  3. Im happy for Everybody the sound will be better than what we have on cd... But its confusing at the end
  4. i bought 2 ... 1 to be kept sealed and the other one i will send in the future...
  5. This video looks cheap tacky and unnesssary to me... It looks like she is the one in control... No guy oseary around...does she have a manager to tell her the truth ? Its horrible ...
  6. I cannot see Madonna in these pictures....i cant believe she is been that low... I wonder if Babyface recognized her at all...
  7. I hate this collab ... I think she is lost and dosbt care to make new music
  8. Is the red vinyl from the 6 lp set the same as red 2 red lp ? Thank you
  9. How is the sound of the red clear silver vinyl ? Same? Thank you
  10. How is the sound for the red vinyl ? Same as the clear ?
  11. I ordered 2x 6 lp box when it was available and the red 2 lp and 3 cd set ... That will be finally enough ... Love for me
  12. I really dont like this rapper ... When are you releasing a brand new song with your voice only ?
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