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  1. RAY OF LIGHT WORLD TOUR Late 1998- Late 1999 ACT 1: HINDUISM 1. Drowned World - Substitute For Love 2. Rain 3. Skin (with excerpts from Like A Virgin) 4. Shanti Ashtangi 5. Frozen ACT 2: PURGATORY 6. The Beast Within (Interlude) 7. Human Nature/Erotica 8. Rescue Me 9. Forbidden Love 10. Live To Tell - Spanish Eyes 11. You'll See ACT 3: REBIRTH/GEISHA 12. Lament (Short Interlude) 13. Nothing Really Matters 14. Sky Fits Heaven 15. Little Star/You Must Love Me 16. Open Your Heart 17. Holiday (with excerpts from Don't Stop) 18. Like A Prayer/Act Of Contrition ACT 4: SPANISH 19. Becareful With My Heart 20. Take A Bow/The Power Of Goodbye 21. La Isla Bonita ACT 5: ELECTRONICA/ENCORE 22. Deeper & Deeper (Interlude) 23. Bedtime Story (Brit Awards Version) 24. Vogue 25. Ray Of Light
  2. Enjoyed being here and happy to have heard Madonna’s music. Goodbye Everyone.

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    2. Ulisaax640


      Some mental health issues

    3. Cyberraga


      Seek help if it's bad.

    4. Leona Helmsley

      Leona Helmsley

      Dear, i have no idea who you are and we never chat before but rember you are more strong than tour mental issues... Its not easy ....but  you can make it.... Take your time...trust me we  always are more stronger than what we think..... And you will make  it... Hope you the best..... 




  3. Dudes where are the madonna stems? Only a couple i was able to download but we are missing a whole bunch!

  4. All of the memories so close to me just fade away...

    All this time you were pretending.... Animated GIF

  5. It's a damn cold night...

    avril lavigne singer GIF

  6. Can somebody please make a masterpost for all of the madonna multitracks/Stems that have been leaked? The post with them on here are missing links

  7. Some links in some of the main threads are dead or empty… 😕

  8. Ahhh… smelling the breeze of a new year.

    22. (happy b-day to me 😅)

    1. stefo


      Happy birthday man ... I'll pretend not to have read your age (22, shame on you!!)

    Also in dolby atmos!


    1. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      Anyone have ABBA's latest in atmos ?

  10. Can anyone clear out this whole avril/melissa conspiracy?

  11. I feel 'Let's Get Weird' would've been better on the album than 'Hello Kitty' 

    It is a pretty good experimental album tho...

  12. Does anybody have madonna promo tours? Looking for all from 1983 til now…

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