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  1. Anyone else got vaccinated?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. OhBabyReadyOrNot


      I sure did! I got my one-dose J&J vaccine last Thursday and it was awesome! :Madonna055:

    3. emanon


      I didnt. Still waiting to be called to take it, And Im' not sure if I want it. I could take any vaccine but this one...I'm not feeling it. 

      I always did social distancing, used a mask, alchool gel is my new BFF, regular alchool my best friend too, I clean all stuff after buying it (cause I dont really know who touched it before me). Always fucking washing my hands. I never stopped working, always dealing with all types of costumers: not wearing masks, using them on their chin, sneezing...even people taking of the mask, puting the finger in their mouths and picking up a euro banknote from their wallet! Really tired. I'm not an anti vaccines person, but this one I just dont trust it...


    4. RUADJAI


      Oooops. Replied to the wrong status. 🤦🏾‍♂️

      got one dose, next dose in two weeks 💁🏾

  2. Ava Max - The Sweet But Psycho Promo Tour select dates: 06-04-21 to 06-12-21 USA & Canada Dates 1. Alone 2. So Am I 3. Ray Of Light (Madonna Cover) 4. Kings & Queens 5. My Head & My Heart 6. Sweet But Psycho _______________________________ Ava Max - Heaven & Hell Tour Select Dates: 11-11-21 to 05-12-22 Act 1: Heaven 1. H.E.A.V.E.N (Extended Orchestra Intro) 2. My Head & My Heart 3. Freaking Me Out 4. So Am I 5. OMG Whats Happening Act 2: Hell/Villain 6. Mischief (Interlude) (contains
  3. What happened to rebel heart your media?

  4. I hate people. 😒

    1. Betuncba


      wellcome to the club!

  5. Madame X World Tour Act 1: Dancer/Old School 1. Welcome to the world of Madame X 2. Vogue 3. I Don’t Search, I Find 4. Like A Virgin (contains elements of billy jean) 5. God Control Act 2: Political 6. Looking For Mercy (Interlude) 7. Batuka 8. Killers Who Are Partying 9. American Life 10. Swim Act 3: Equestrian 11. Medellin (Intro) 12. Medellin 13. Future/Don’t Tell Me 14. Impressive Instant/Burning Up 15. Human Nature Act 4: House Of Love 16. Rebel Heart 17. Like A Prayer 18. Crave
  6. Iconic World Tour (Shows in Oceania, New Zeland, U.S, Russia & South Africa) Act 1: Religious 1. M.A.D.O.N.N.A (contains elements of like a prayer, Isaac, & Drowned World) 2. Like A Prayer 3. Virgin Mary (Interlude) 4. Like A Virgin 5. Express Yourself/Vogue 6. Sky Fits Heaven 7. Nothing Fails (short orchestra instrumental) Act 2: Hinduism 8. Shanti/Ashtangi (Video Interlude) 9. Bedtime Story 10. Fever 11. True Blue Act 3: Geisha/Ninja 12. Joan Of Arc 13. Nothing Really Matters 14. Ghosttown
  7. Boyfriend is coming down this Thursday im so looking forward to it!

    1. Andymad


      Ooo gurl u gon get ur pickle tickled?

    2. Ulisaax640


      Lol thats up to him if he’s up for it. In the meantime........







      NO. :Madonna003:

  8. Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball 1. Chromatica I 2. Alice 3. Free Woman 4. John Wayne/Love Game 5. Just Dance 6. Enigma 7. Chromatica II 8. 911 9. Replay 10. Edge Of Glory 11. Aura 12. Artpop/Dance In The Dark 13. Rain On Me 14. Chromatica III 15. Sine From Above 16. Sour Candy 17. G.U.Y 18. 1000 Doves (Piano Version) 19. Million Reasons 20. Paparazzi (Intro) 21. Paparazzi 22. Telephone 23. Alejandro 24. Stupid Love Encore: 25. Babylon Vogue Medley
  9. Sharyn Maceren - The Dream Queen World Tour 1. Always Dreamin’ Acapella Intro 2. Hard To Get 3. Can U Wait 4. God Only Knows 5. Everybody (Madonna Cover) 6. I Just Wanna Party (Party Interlude) 7. All Day! (All Night) 8. In My Nighttime Land 9. In Just One Night/ The One (Mashup Medley) 10. One & One Dance Mix 11. She Lives A Glamorous Life (Interlude) 12. Sweet Nothings 13. New (Planet Hype Mix) Encore 14. In My Nighttime Land 15. Endless Summer
  10. Stacey Q - Baby One More Time World Tour (The Cinnamon Ball) 1. Let’s Take A Trip Pre-lude (contains elements of “trip” & We connect” 2. Two Of Hearts 3. Insecurity 4. Below The Surface 5. Boy From The Wrong Side Of Town (Interlude) 6. We Connect/Candy Apple Medley 7. Euphoria 8. Love Or Desire 9. SSQ Medley (Contains tracks: Jet Town, Synthicide & Big Electronic Beat) 10. Return Of The Living Dead Interlude (Contains Elements of Going Goth, More Brains & We Don’t Need Forever) 11. Voices In My Head 12. Holding On To Earth
  11. I'm hoping the full show gets released. Other than the DWTLA, i'm pretty much hoping the full rit gets released.
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