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  1. Please don't say you're sorry 🎶
  2. Ulisaax640

    it's remixes of madame x plus one unreleased song from MDNA (JK)
  3. Ulisaax640

    Sorry but i'm still here waiting for a Chromatica EP, and the Haus mix for babylon
  4. Babylon was playing at the market yesterday. Almost had an anxiety attack 

    1. R3B3LH3ART
    2. emanon


      You mean the new Vogue? 😂

  5. Ulisaax640

    well pop is "dying". will madonna re-invent pop? maybe mash up genres like COADF?
  6. Ulisaax640

    but isn't this pecados ajenos? 🤔
  7. Ulisaax640

    none. but i do need a... MANiCURE
  8. Ulisaax640

    on an unrelated topic..... whats with the "Shanti" demo?
  9. Ulisaax640

    honestly, idk why she didn't just make a documentary of her everyday life, in the studio working on music.... coming home to her kids....
  10. Ulisaax640

    wait but didn't she also refused to work with RedOne because of lady gaga?
  11. happy to say '911' is the official 3rd? single of chromatica....


    what happened with free woman?

  12. I've been waitin' 

    Until Midnight

    Slowly dying

    since the sunrise

     CAUSE I---🎶🎶

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Fighter


      :Madonna025: for once I'm in the know

    3. emanon


      @Fighterwhat it is? Madonna related?

    4. Fighter


      No hahahaha it's from ava max album :sis:

  13. anyone heard the album yet?? 

  14. Ulisaax640

    all i saw was bits and pieces of the tour on her instagram, facebook and youtube/and other fan recordings. I really don't know how to feel about this. the autotune really kills it. i know she can sing. but the use of autotune is horrendous. also if she wants to impress her fans, she should make an album singing as if she was singing ray or light or like a prayer... bring her voice out.. show some growling...
  15. 🚨Emergency Announcement 🚨 

    911 film to be released tomorrow🚨