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  1. will madonna sing a line from "Dance 2night"? -Hard Candy
  2. Ulisaax640

    GHV2 would've been way better... IF IT WAS EDITED LIKE THE IMMACULATE COLLECTION!! like seriously, why release a compilation album of "Radio Edits" here is what i would've done: after the release of music, she postpones the DWT for a while and works on GHV2, being different from the album versions using Qsound technology ALSO Releasing a non-stop megamix by thunderpuss here is my initial Tracklist - GHV2 (Standard Version) 1. Erotica 2. Fever 3. Deeper & Deeper 4. Secret 5. Take A Bow 6. Bedtime Story 7. You'll See 8. Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Miami Mix) 9. Frozen 10. Ray Of Light 11. The Power Of Goodbye 12. Nothing Really Matters 13. Beautiful Stranger 14. Don't Tell Me 15. What It Feels Like For A Girl (Deluxe Edition) 16. American Pie 17. Liquid Love (Single - Unreleased Track) 18. Little Girl (Single - Unreleased Track) GHV2 - Thunderpuss Megamix 1. Thunderpuss (Long Version Medley) 2. Don't Tell Me 3. Erotica 4. Secret 5. Frozen 6. What It Feels Like For A Girl 7. Take Bow 8. Deeper & Deeper 9. Music 10. Ray Of Light 11. Beautiful Stranger (Bonus Track) 12. Thunderpuss (Radio Edit)
  3. he's only kissing up to her for the paycheck...
  4. i just thought of a remix for living for love a la chromatica style.

  5. Ulisaax640

    Well here is my Initial Tracklist of what i feel could have been Confessions 1. Hung Up 2. Get Together 3. Sorry 4. Future Lovers 5. I Love New York 6. Super Pop (Icon Version) 7. Let It Will Be 8. Forbidden Love 9. Jump 10. History (Land Of The Free) 11. Isaac 12. Keep The Trance Deluxe Edition 13. How High 14. Like It Or Not 15. Super Pop (Mirwais Version) 16. Push
  6. Ulisaax640

    it was intentionally done. "I did all of that on purpose, I mean, if I'm going to plagiarize somebody, it might as well be me, right? I feel like I've earned the right to rip myself off. Talent borrows, genius steals, "Let's see how many other clichés I can throw in there. That's exactly it. I was only hinting early on, but then I tell it like it is. It's like, now that I have your attention, I have a few things to tell you."
  7. since it seems like this years music brings disco, why don't we bring 'Confessions On A Dancefloor' up the itunes charts?

  8. Ulisaax640

    love the blonde 🥰
  9. finally after so much stress, already settled in staten island.... i hadnt gotten a chance to explore yet.

  10. who knows? maybe if she does collab, she might turn towards this direction and work with stewart price again with a disco influenced album... confessions 2.0 😂
  11. Ulisaax640

    you can dance also have a mistake on itunes. the albumversion of physical attraction instead of the ycd version
  12. Other than london’s performance and some other soundboards of the confessions tour, does any other ones exists? 


    1. mevolution


      I know that on Youtube are 3 tracks of the Confessions Tour soundboard from Rome.
      (Live to Tell, Like it or not, Paradise). But seems that nobody else knows from where/who those audios are coming.