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  1. Hmm... Ghosttown, Ghosttown, Ghosttown, Ghosttown... oh And.... Ghosttown
  2. Guys before requesting any official released Files or Demos, look for where pin threads in the Audios/ Lossless section. 

    We don't want to overflow the thread with requests.

  3. It sounds like a karaoke instrumental to me.
  4. Any news on the rebel heart tour studio versions other than one we have right now

    1. Andymad


      I would love some rehearsal footage/audio

  5. @dead or alive, please, can you reupload the Hard candy promo tour rehearsals? 

  6. My top  picks as singles from Madame X - 

    1. I Rise (Promo Single)

    2. Killers Who Are Partying (Promo Single)

    3. I Don't Search, I Find

    4. Medellin

    5. Crave

    6. Extreme Occident (Easy Ride as a B-Side)

    And maybe re-recorded candlelight version of rescue me as promo for the madame x tour.

    Edited by Ulisaax640
  7. Til this day, i never realized the type of man i had in my life. A beautiful young person who gave his all to me, and my family. He was amazing until i fucked up. 

    Its been almost a year and yet i still have feelings for him. 

    Well.. off to bed. Goodnight everyone

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ulisaax640


      Maybe but i highly doubt so. 

      Thank you for for your wonderful comment though 🙂


    3. Andymad


      Everybody makes mistakes. Nobody’s Perfect. 

    4. Voguerista


      I'm so sorry Ulisa! I hope things get better soon. Hang in there. 

  8. Is the 4.38 instrumental of wheres the party official?

    1. Ryder


      Remix Edit Instrumental = YES

    2. Ulisaax640


      @Ryderthank you for confirming love ❤

  9. Ulisaax640

    Beautiful scars because its about being accepted no matter who u are. No matter what ur scars are beautiful
  10. Somebody please post the Rebel heart tour studio versions. 

    Pleeeeasssseeeeeee madonna the power of goodbye GIF

    1. Enrico


      Somebody please the RH instrumentals!!!

  11. I Can Not Choose 😭😭😭
  12. Her autotune on madame x is Cringe worthy. STOP USING AUTOTUUUNNNNE!
  13. Ulisaax640

    Really?? I cringe at the Spanish version
  14. This song is good to be played at a bar, while getting hardcore drunk til a morning hangover. Quote "WHY DO FOOLS FALL IN LOVE" 😭