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  1. Ulisaax640

    How about confessions on a Dancefloor re entering the charts??
  2. Ulisaax640

    American life is private?
  3. Hoping one day we get a soundboard quality of the Reinvention tour. Something similar to IGTYAS. 

    1. Sprk


      It already exists: Lisbon is a soundboard recording of the full show.

    2. Andymad


      Oooo I would LOVE Slane Castle. Or Toronto with the marijuana banter.

  4. Ulisaax640

    Thanks for that... didnt realize it was neopolitan....
  5. Ulisaax640

    Chocolate, French Vanilla... Neapolitan.. ooh and caramel... Ughhh i want icecream now 😭
  6. Ulisaax640

    Honey.... Why do u want that if we already got confessions on a Dancefloor?
  7. Ulisaax640

    Speaking of jazz and blues...... Does 'im breathless' count?
  8. Ulisaax640

    Perhaps synthpop? Give us a reason to dance once again..
  9. Anyone have any suggestions on any dating sites?? 

    1. Strays Of The World

      Strays Of The World

      None of them. They all suck.

    2. professormouse
  10. Ulisaax640

    Has to be played loud. Hung Up Is for the shower. La Isla Bonita Makes you sad. This Used To Be My Playground Makes you horny. Justify My Love (Music Video) You know every word to. I know most of them by heart Reminds you of someone. Take A Bow Has a great music video. Vogue Relaxes you. Has To Be Makes you want to boogie woogie. Into The Groove Makes you want to fall in love. Deeper & Deeper You listen to on repeat. I Don't Search, I Find Excites you. Get Together Makes you think about life. Wash All Over Me Helps you through the tough times. Cherish Helps you celebrate. Vogue
  11. Its been 15 yrs since coadf was released and so i have a few things i made that will be shared on this forum soon. 

    Little by little i will add what i've made.

  12. The 90s was so magical, especially for madonna. The house mixes are playable for friday night. 

    Happy to have a 90's playlist lol

    1. rlittler81


      Absolutely! You can not beat the House mixes from the 90s!

  13. Ulisaax640

    I think she should stop using autotune. She has such great vocals. Maybe if she had more vocal training and trained her voice to sound stronger and powerful, she would kill the stage without any autotune tho...
  14. Ulisaax640

    Throw the whole album away and start fresh...