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  1. Hope to put in 38 hrs into work soon!

  2. CIAO BELLA - An Intimate Night With Madonna (Italy) - 2021 Segment One: Intimacy 1. Dress You Up (Reprise) 2. Oh Father 3. I’ll Remember 4. Crazy For You 5. Nothing Fails (Short Acoustic Version) 6. Borderline 7. Take A Bow 8. Open Your Heart 9. Frozen/The Power Of Goodbye (Interlude/Costume Change) Segment 2: Dance 10. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (Orchestral Intro With Miami Mix) 11. Music 12. Where’s The Party 13. Beautiful Stranger/Amazing 14. Rescue Me 15. Like A Virgin 16. Lucky Star 17. La Isla Bonita
  3. I want a Madonna Reboot. Go full on pop with disco elements but more house (unlike confessions more towards the erotica era
  4. Cher - Classic Diva (Supporting 26th Studio Album) 1. The Music’s No Good With You (Intro) 2. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) 3. Love & Understanding 4. Dressed To Kill 5. For What It’s Worth/All I Really Wanna Do (Interlude) 6. Classic Cher Medley: Prisoner/Rudy/Walking In Memphis/I’ve Found Someone 7. Dancing Queen 8. Mamma Mia 9. If I Could Turn Back Time 10. Womans World (Intro Interlude) 11. Womans World 12 S.O.S 13. Half Breed/Gypsy’s, Tramps & Thieves/Dark Lady Medley 14. Just Like Jesse James 15. Take Me Home 16. Red/Walking In Memphis (Orchestral Reprise) 17. Bang Bang! (My Baby Shot Me Down) 18. The Shoop Shoop Song 19. The Name Of The Game 20. Dové Lamoré 21. Cher Medley: A Different Kind Of Love Song/Believe/Alive Again/You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me
  5. What a day…. I needed those drinks

  6. Living proof is the bomb! So addicting!!

    1. Shoful


      PREACH!!!! I can't stop listening to it!

  7. I have these albums digitally but haven’t listened to them yet I shall start listening to these albums. so far i love Take Me Home, Prisoner, Heart of stone & love hurts, ect…
  8. Anybody who is a huge cher fan, please inbox me? I’m looking for some cher hard-to-find stuff…

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    2. Enrico


      @Shoful That's why I suggested a Greatest Hits album, too. Her albums are probably less cohesive, less "a project" than Madonna's, but the body of work and its evolution - from "Indian" songs to disco to 80s poprock to dance - is stunning.

    3. Shoful


      @Enrico You are definitely right her albums really confuse me too… like why are there 5 albums with half of the same songs. Also I was looking on Wikipedia and there are like 5 of her albums missing from streaming services. It looks like they were all commercial failures but why are they not on there (Bittersweet White, Stars, etc)

    4. Shoful


      @Enrico @Ulisaax640 @brank000 @DickTracy

      Apparently Stars is coming out on digital media for the first time ever on July 16th!!! 
      How weird that we were just talking about that haha

  9. Dress Rehearsal & studio version of DWT, High quality studio versions of RIT & Live Paris soundboard… Hello suckers & Lic Besson demos 2004 acoustic version of DWRY Madame X Demos American Life Demos Confessions On A Dancefloor Instrumentals
  10. Ulisaax640


    We need a new album! Just wondering if it’s one of her original projects or another cover album… She did say she was working on another batch of abba covers back in prob 2019… idk if she scrapped that to work on her own stuff since there are rumors Mamma mia 3 is in the works…
  11. Ulisaax640


    Why isn’t this thread active? Give it some life
  12. 🎶🎶 They say it's better to love and to lose it all I didn't learn how to fly without a heavy fall I went from A to Z, blew off reality 🎶🎶
  13. Any info on cher’s new album?? Is she working on original material or is she working on another set of abba covers?

    1. blondebenji


      Im sure it originals because I saw the other day she has down a track featuring Sawweetie. Wonder if she will cop the ageist crap madonna did when she worked with nicki

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