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  1. Can anyone clear out this whole avril/melissa conspiracy?

  2. I feel 'Let's Get Weird' would've been better on the album than 'Hello Kitty' 

    It is a pretty good experimental album tho...

  3. Does anybody have madonna promo tours? Looking for all from 1983 til now…

  4. Better RIT soundboard (Lisbon one doesn’t cut it for me)
  5. Thats good to hear. This forum was technically my second home as of 2017…
  6. OMG she’s in her 60’s for heavens sake… who did you expect? Bea Arthur?
  7. Why’d ya have to go and make things so complicated???? 

  8. Can someone repost the rebel heart tour studio versions?

  9. ‘’You're on your knees
    Begging, "Please, stay with me"
    But, honestly I just need to be a little crazy

    All my life I've been good
    But now I'm thinking, "What the hell"

  10. So happy avril lavigne is back making music! So far im digging it!


  11. RIP Betty White. Such an Icon…

    1. cedric


      R.I.P. Betty White... You're still HOT!

  12. Can someone repost the rebel heart tour studio versions?

    1. Angelo


      You can find them in the audio section 

    2. Ulisaax640
  13. Gitchie Gitchie Yaya here! Mocha chocolata ya-ya 

    Creole lady marmalade!

    voulez vous coucher avec moi? 

  14. No one knows where my mind goes

    I keep you on the low

    I must confess....

    1. Shoful


      When someone turns their back on you.... Let Them Go! 

    2. RUADJAI


      When someone turns their back on me I eat they booty

    3. Shoful
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