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  1. Ulisaax640

    Justify my love & Erotica mixed with Rescue Me & I dont search would sound amazing Meshed up, but if she performs IDSIF alone, count me out. I would prefer vogue over a bootleg cheap sounding cover of Vogue mesh with erotica. 😒
  2. Ulisaax640

    Seriously? That one had its appearance on the MDNA Tour. She should really do songs she has never done before like the power of goodbye or nothing really matters. Rescue me would also be great and to be intimate with her fans since its a theatre tour after all, she should do either of these to end the tour: The Power Of Goodbye Take A Bow I'll Remember take a bow only made a few appearances on RHT so as frozen but frozen should also come back as it's actually a highlight of ray of light.
  3. Ulisaax640

    When she passes away, you'll here her music all over the radio playing every album 😑
  4. Ulisaax640

    The MDNA World Tour (Celebration World Tour 2013-14) 2013 Set Act 1: Transgression VIRGIN MARY INTRO 1. Girl Gone Wild 2. Human Nature 3. Papa Don't Preach 4. Bang Bang Boom (W/Excerpts from 'gang bang') Act 2: Prophecy BEAUTIFUL KILLER/ DIE ANOTHER DAY (INTERLUDE) 5. Express Yourself 6. Gimme All Your Lovin' 7. Open Your Heart/Sagarra Jo 8. Masterpiece 9. Turn Up The Radio 10. Hollywood Act 3: Feminine/Masculinity Revolver Interlude 11. Justify My Love/ The Beast Within 12. Vogue 13. Rescue Me 14. Forbidden Erotic Love 15. Bad Girl Act 4: Redemption EASY RIDE (INTERLUDE) 15. Drowned World 16. I'm Addicted 17. I'm A Sinner/Shanti Ashtangi 18. Hung Up Encore 19. Holiday 20. Celebration Extras: Jump, 4 Minutes, Into The Groove, Live To Tell, One More Chance, Music, Secret _____________________ 2014 Set Act 1: Transgression VIRGIN MARY INTRO 1. Girl Gone Wild 2. Revolver 3. Papa Don't Preach 4. Bang Bang Boom (W/Excerpts from 'gang bang') Act 2: Prophecy I DON'T GIVE A (INTERLUDE) 5. Express Yourself 6. Gimme All Your Lovin' 7. La Isla Bonita 8. Masterpiece 9. Deeper & Deeper 10. Sorry Act 3: Feminine/Masculinity NOTHING REALLY MATTERS INTERLUDE 11. Erotica 12. Super-pop (Contains Excerpts Of Vogue) 13. Love Tried To Welcome Me 14. Like A Virgin 15. Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Love Spent Act 4: Redemption EASY RIDE (INTERLUDE) 15. Time Stood Still 16. I'm Addicted 17. I'm A Sinner/Cyberagga 18. Nothing Fails (With Excerpts Of You'll See) 19. Lucky Star 20. Like A Prayer Encore 21. Holiday 22. Celebration/ Give It 2 Me Extras: Fever, Spotlight, Burning Up, Beautiful Stranger, Ray Of Light, Paradise, Frozen
  5. Ulisaax640

    Hard Candy (2008) Act 1: Pimp 1. Candy Machine Intro 2. Candy Shop 3. Miles Away 4. Where's The Party Act 2: Oldschool DANCE 2NIGHT (VIDEO INTERLUDE) 5. Into The Groove 6. Heartbeat 7. Dress U Up 8. She's Not Me 9. Burning Up Act 3: Gypsy HERE COMES THE RAIN (CUT INTERLUDE) 10. Rain 11. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You 12. Frozen 13. La Isla Bonita/ Le La Pala Tute 14. You Must Love Me/ Don't Cry For Me Argentina Act 4: Rave VOICES INTERLUDE 15. The Beat Goes On 16. 4 Minutes 17. Material Girl 18. Hung Up 19. Boderline (W/Elements Of Lela Pala Tute) Encore 20. Give It 2 Me
  6. Ulisaax640

    The Confessions Tour (2006) Act 1: Equestrian 1. Future Lovers_I Feel Love 2. Get Together 3. Everybody 4. Jump Act 2: Bedouin CONFESSIONS INTERLUDE 5. Live To Tell 6. Forbidden Love 7. Paradise (Not For Me) 8. Sorry 9. Isaac Act 3: Glam Punk LET IT WILL BE INTERLUDE 10. I Love New York (With excerps from 'im so stupid & hollywood') 11. Ray Of Light 12. Like It Or Not 13. Drowned World 14. Push Act 4: Disco Music Inferno 15. Music (With Excerpts of 'Where's The Party) 16. Erotica/You Thrill Me 17. La Isla Bonita 18. Deeper & Deeper Encore 19. Lucky Star (With Elements Of 'Hung Up') 20. Hung Up/ Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) MASHUP
  7. Ulisaax640

    Drowned World Tour Act 1: Punk Rock 1. Drowned World Intro 2. Drowned World/Substitute For Love 3. Runaway Lover/Impressive Instant 4. Beautiful Stranger 5. Ray Of Light Act 2: Geisha PARADISE NOT FOR ME (INTERLUDE) 6. Nothing Really Matters 7. Frozen 8. What It Feels Like For A Girl 9. Sanctuary 10. Sky Fit's Heaven/Mer Girl Medley Act 3: Cowboy/Country I WANT YOU (INTERLUDE) 11. Music 12. Don't Tell Me 13. Candy Perfume Girl 14. Open Your Heart 15. Gone WHO'S THAT GIRL (INTERLUDE) Act 4: Spanish 16. You Must Love Me/One More Chance 17. Veras (You'll See Spanish Version) 18. La Isla Bonita 19. Love Don't Live Here Anymore 20. The Power Of Good-bye ENCORE 21. Holiday 22. Amazing ________________________________ The Re-invention World Tour (2004) Act 1: French Baroque/Marie Antoniette 1. The Beast Within (Intro) 2. Vogue 3. Nobody Knows Me Act 2: Military/Army AMERICAN LIFE INTERLUDE 4. American Life 5. Swim 6. Express Yourself 7. Live To Tell 8. Material Girl/Dress You Up Act 3: Circus/Carbaret HOLLYWOOD INTERLUDE 9. Hanky Panky 10. Deeper & Deeper 11. Die Another Day 12. Lament 13. X-Static Process Act 4: Acoustic 14. Nothing Fails 15. Like A Virgin 16. Love Profusion 17. Like A Prayer 18. Mother & Father Act 5: Scottish-Tribal 19. Into The Hollywood Groove 20. Burning Up 21. Human Nature 22. Crazy For You 23. Music 24. Holiday
  8. Ulisaax640

    Plzz be clear for my OCD... Is this the 1994 version we are talking about or the 2005 version?
  9. Ulisaax640

    I just hope she doesn't perform holiday, celebration, and candy shop.
  10. Ulisaax640

    The tour would pretty much have highlights of each decade... Celebration Tour (2010) Act 1 1. 30th Anniversary Intro (Contains Elements of Vogue, Express Yourself, Like A Prayer & Ray Of Light) 2. Like A Virgin 3. Don't Tell Me 4. Secret 5. Holiday 6. Sorry Act 2 7. Oh Father 8. Human Nature 9. La Isla Bonita 10. Music/4 Minutes mashup Act 3 11. Justify My Love/Erotica 12. Revolver 13. American Life 14. Bedtime Story 15. Hung Up ACT 4/Encore 16. Celebration/It's So Cool 17. Where's The Party 18. Open Your Heart/Lucky Star (Transition) 19. Drowned World - Substitute For Love 20. GHV2 Megamix (Bonus) 21. immaculate Megamix (Bonus) 22. Take A Bow (Ending Credits/Alternate Version)
  11. Ulisaax640

    If Ray Of Light had a tour... A Frozen World Tour 1998-1999 Act 1 1. Has To Be (Intro) 2. I Want You 3. Promise To Try 4. The Power Of Goodbye Act 2 BEDTIME STORY INTERLUDE 5. Nothing Really Matters 6. Secret 7. Take A Bow 8. Skin SHANTI ASHTANGI INTERLUDE ACT 3 9. Frozen 10. This Used To Be My Playground 11. Little Star 12. Sanctuary 13. To Have & Not To Hold Act 4 YOU MUST LOVE ME - EVITA INTERLUDE 14. Sky Fit's Heaven 15. Drowned World - Substitute For Love 16. Open Your Heart 17. Everybody Encore Beautiful Stranger (Added in 1999) Ray Of Light
  12. Ulisaax640

    MADAME X World TOUR 2019 Act 1 1. The World Of Madame X Intro 2. Vogue 3. Crazy 4. Future 5. Drowned World - Substitute For Love SWIM - INTERLUDE Act 2 6. God Control/Hung Up 7. I Rise 8. American Life 9. Looking For Mercy 10. Rescue Me BATUKA INTERLUDE Act 3 11. Medellin/ Bitch I'm Loca (Mash) 12. La Isla Bonita 13. Human Nature 14. Faz Gostoso DARK BALLET INTERLUDE ACT 4 15. Crave 16. Joan Of Arc 17. Extreme Occident/ Easy Ride 18. Nothing Fails (Replaced With Don't Tell Me in Europe) 19. The Power Of Good-bye I'LL REMEMBER - INTERLUDE Act 5 20. I Don't Search, I Find/ Love Profusion 21. Nothing Really Matters 22. Music 23. Physical Attraction/Into The Groove Medley Encore Get Together
  13. Ulisaax640

    I feel like IDSIF doesn't have much to it then all of her other songs. It sounds like a rough demo to me, she repeats 'i don't search i find' throughout the whole song and the verses are short. I did like the spoken part of the song and the harmony at the end but i don't have any feelings towards the song as whole. with Erotica it pretty much has different point of views & meaning: Love, Sex, One night stand, hookup, Ect.... it has sexual meaning and pretty relatable... so i choose Erotica to be my favorite, and also because it has Sick beats.
  14. Ulisaax640

    Rebel heart is my least favorite. And like i've said before, i can listen from her old stuff to confessions
  15. Does anyone have These Luke Extended Album versions: 

    Like A Prayer

    American Life