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  1. does anyone know if cher is releasing a new album? perhaps abba covers volume 2?


    1. Love Is The Groove

      Love Is The Groove

      She (along with every other artist) may be delaying releases until the Covid pandemic in the US is situated. Nobody's able to properly promote their projects right now.

  2. did she troll us? 

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    2. PaperFaces


      It’s probably a playlist, or her boyfriend’s track. At best, it is the Madame X DVD.  But also, yes.

    3. PaperFaces


      If she wasnt trolling us, I will eat my shorts.

    4. emanon


      @PaperFacesBart Simçson, are you here?

  3. they are playing 1000 doves 😳

  4. oh the feeling when something wonderful happens and then something horrible that just makes you loose faith. #Fuckit

  5. i'm so happy!! GO BIDEN!!! American Dancing GIF by INTO ACTION

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    2. Ulisaax640


      let him speak his mind. 

      at the end of the day, it's what a certain person thinks or feels.. 

    3. Fighter


      I know he's just joking, but MAGAs will take it seriously looool:party:

    4. RUADJAI


      This is my motivation. 


  7. is 911 a sequel to john wayne?? 

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    2. Monsieur Hugo X

      Monsieur Hugo X

      in flop of course :Madonna017:

    3. Ulisaax640


      well because of there was a car accident in john wayne, maybe it could have leaded into 911... i have the feeling lady gaga was daydreaming while on a bike acting all bitchy, wanting danger or at least its what her meds are doing to her... once she has a card accident she goes unconscious, waking up in a dessert..... and so on...?

    4. deathproof


      She wakes up in a desert because the last things she sees before going unconscious is a poster for White Sands, New Mexico. All of the visuals in the dream come from things she sees in the real world right before going unconscious 

  8. AMEN FASHION+++++

    On the runaway

    Work it 

    +++++BLACK JESUS

    1. MadgeSlave


      I love how you post Gaga's lyrics on a Madonna forum lol :lol: 

      Good taste btw! Love that song + Heavy Metal Lover + Hair

    2. Ulisaax640


      Heavy Metal Lover is the Shit!

  9. Babylon was playing at the market yesterday. Almost had an anxiety attack 

    1. R3B3LH3ART
    2. emanon


      You mean the new Vogue? 😂

  10. happy to say '911' is the official 3rd? single of chromatica....


    what happened with free woman?

  11. I've been waitin' 

    Until Midnight

    Slowly dying

    since the sunrise

     CAUSE I---🎶🎶

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    2. Fighter


      :Madonna025: for once I'm in the know

    3. emanon


      @Fighterwhat it is? Madonna related?

    4. Fighter


      No hahahaha it's from ava max album :sis:

  12. anyone heard the album yet?? 

  13. 🚨Emergency Announcement 🚨 

    911 film to be released tomorrow🚨 

  14. AVA MAX's album gets released tomorrow!!! who is streaming??? i know i am!!

  15. another breakdown... i can feel my mascara coming right off

  16. I created a Non-stop DJ mix of "artpop" 

    of course i left out Gypsy & dope since i feel they both seem not to go with the flow of the album.... 

  17. what are the Madonna fans called?? Wannabes or rebel hearts???

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    2. vesalii


      Madders? Iconers?

    3. Rory



    4. discohub


      Do we really need a childish army name ?

  18. what drum stems are used for Babylon? the closes i got is the 909...

  19. does anyone have a non-stop/Extended version of Future nostalgia?

  20. I need the Chromatica instrumentals so badly :hyper:Sad Cry GIF

  21. happy b-day Madonna

    lady gaga thank GIF by The Academy Awards

  22. Start it, pump it, wash it, bump it
    Rub that glitter and grease, he loves it
    Me so grimy, make her shiny
    There's more glitter and grease behindy 

    oooh Nasty 🤗

    1. R3B3LH3ART


      Rub that glitter and grease around

  23. any better audio recording of nativity of a monster aka born this way ball? the so called soundboard is trashy..?